Monday, March 31, 2008


I woke up thinking about the bourbon pecan pie at Hill Country Barbecue. Bud Royer, of Royer's Round Top Cafe, would not like to hear this -- BUT, the pie at Hill Country is better than Bud's and Bud has made a fortune shipping his pies around the country every Thanksgiving. Half the population of Round Top, Texas must be employed on account of those pies. Granted, half the population is related to Bud; nevertheless, it's a lot of pies. They also come with Blue Bell on top.

Goode Company has good pecan pie, and they too ship those pies all over creation in wooden boxes branded with the slogan, "You might give some thought to thanking your lucky stars you're in Texas."

Hill Country's bourbon pecan pie is better than this famous pie also. With or without Blue Bell.

My mom always gets Blue Bell mini ice cream sandwiches when we visit Houston. Granny the Ho can't eat them, though, because she's diabetic. Diabetes doesn't stop her from chowing down on enchiladas, however.

The last time we were down there, she and the man child had the following conversation:

Man Child: How're your enchiladas?
Granny: Yes, I'd like some water.
Man Child: Okay, but how are the enchiladas?
Granny: No. No ice.

Everyone should have such a conversation with his great-grandmother whether she's a Ho or not.

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Kitty said...

Ha! Conversations like that with more mature relatives have been commonplace in my life. Wonderful stuff.

You're really taken with Mr HCW aren't you? ;-) x

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