Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two Workers for the Price of One

The other night while everybody else was at the Astros game, my mom and I were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking wine and talking about teabaggers. As a resident of a border state, Mother is more informed about immigration issues than me. She thinks we ought to be financing a revolution in Mexico instead of patrolling the border particularly since The Catholic Church and The Twenty Three Families have been running Mexico for generations. I had never heard of the Twenty Three Families, but I am familiar with The Catholics. I brought up Anchor Babies, and she made me watch this video.

It's about Legal immigration as a result of Congress changing the laws back in 1965. Although this fellow mostly talks about infrastructure, to me the chart shows precisely how Corporate Interests have fucked with the work force so they can get two or three workers for the price of one.

His point: Don't get mad at Immigrants; get mad at Congress. Although the video itself is long-ish, he proves his point in a couple of minutes.

I still say that the Teabaggers represent the last dying angry breath of the American Middle Class, and that Propaganda in the Main Stream Media stirs up racial shit about Mexicans and Muslims so Whitey doesn't notice the class war. Nevertheless, this guy's chart presents compelling statistical evidence that Congress sold us out to Business yet again. Since the law went into effect back in the sixties, it's as irrelevant to the general American public as anything else that happened before Star Wars - and I mean the movie, not Ronald Reagan's great defense scheme.

Like everything else, looking at this information leads to other issues - such as what we could finance easily if we weren't spending mountains of money on War, and what we might do as a society if we weren't dedicated to being ignorant consumers of crap, or how it could be possible that so many Americans are so completely fucking stupid that Sarah Palin could actually become the president of this country.

They say we get the elected officials we deserve. I'm not sure Sarah Palin wants to be president because it would be a pay cut for her, but she likes publicity, and her husband could always get a job. He could run an organization like Liberty Central, the teabagging policy group started by Clarence Thomas' wife.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, you know if the media would quite reporting every bit of nonsense that comes out of her mouth, and feeding the other nuts out there. She just wouldn’t have a platform or audience. What does a person think John McCain might be thinking, wow was that a stupid choice?
pat from ny

corticoWhat said...

Man that keyboard is probably still smoldering! :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah--the very sound of her voice is like grizzly claws on an iceberg.You should go to Max's Dad blog and check out"Sarah's Homer Moment-D'oh!" in his article "Levi,You Dodged the Bullet" Ripdamnwrinkle

Liberality said...

Good point, it is class warfare pressures scapegoated onto issues of race.

Every time someone in the republican wing of my family starts spouting off about illegal immigration I ask them what they would do if they were starving and needed to feed their family? They always admit they'd be illegal too if it came right down to it. Then I point out how illegal immigration benefits the employers and that is why it will always be a problem. Until employers get more than a hand smacking when they knowingly break the law, illegal immigration will continue. They will even grudgingly admit that I have a point there too. Then they watch Fox news for hours upon hours and become stupid once again. (smacks forehead at the stupidity of it all).

MRMacrum said...

The key to illegal immigration has always been the employers. Yet, year after year we are duped into believing that more border enforcement is the answer.

I think your mom is onto something. I can remember arguing this with my finely tuned Republican hack of a brother back in the 1980s when immigration was a buzz word during his hero's tenure as chief traitor in charge. Only I did not consider supporting a revolution in Mexico, just support more efforts to build the Central American economy so there would be less of an incentive to move here. But I kind of like your mom's idea. What could be more American than dead bodies and wasted blood in other countries?

PENolan said...

Actually, I was more interested in the guy's chart that showed LEGAL immigration has overwhelmed the infrastructure and reduced labor costs as a result of the changes in immigration laws in 1965.

I can't seem to discuss anything about our country anymore, especially the economy, without thinking of trillions of dollars going to kill people in Afghanistan on account of all that lithium in the hills.

Oh well

I'm off to Austin on a pecan pie tour with my kid. You can depend on pecan pie . . .

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