Monday, October 10, 2011

Chasing Malcolm

I'm off to Occupy Wall Street in a little while.  After physical therapy.  I'm pretty sure this appointment will be my last at this location.  The therapist is perfectly fine, but I believe my situation has moved beyond his skill, and since my benefits ran out and I'm paying for this treatment out of my own pocket -
I believe my treatment needs to include more massage.

There's a guy down at OWS named Malcolm.  He's my age and attractive.  I'm not sure if he's single or not. I met him the other day after I noticed this guy in the computer station and went over to say hello.  He's a blogger named Jesse LeGreca (@jesselagreca). He went to kiss me hello and if I'm remembering correctly, the kiss landed on my neck. Apparently he's getting a lot of attention lately,  but I'm looking for Malcolm.

Now that I'm officially Chasing Malcolm, it's come to my attention that Malcolm has already taken on such symbolic significance that it really doesn't matter if I meet the man again in real life or not. I'm not sure exactly what I'm chasing right now, but I've been chasing it my whole life. Could be Malcolm has the key.

Could be that I've found my tribe and it's down in Liberty Park - although I hear the occupation has spread to Washington Square Park, which I have to say is infinitely cooler. I'll stick with Liberty, though, because it's a straight shot down the Westside on the 1 train. I don't like going down to Chambers street much on account of the World Trade Center, and all the damage that has been done on account of that bullshit. Like the War and the erosion of our civil liberties in the name of Homeland Security.

In honor of Columbus Day

Liberty Park, known as Zuccoti Park on Google Maps, is in the shadow of the construction site down there at the pile. I don't know who was behind the WTC situation, but whether it was an inside job, Al Queda or Mossad - I can see why somebody wanted to fly a plane into those banskster motherfuckers. I personally don't see a hell of a lot of difference between flying a plane into the World Trade Center and drones hitting neighborhoods in Pakistan while Obama is aiming at one cleric, but I digress. What do I know? Obama is the one with the Nobel Peace Prize.

Anyway, it's easier for me to get to Liberty Park than Washington Square Park even though Washington Square is a nicer park. The main thing is that I've gotten my ass out of the bar at Bergdorf's.

I'm thinking that if Chasing Malcolm has to do with finding my tribe, then this whole fiesta must be related to first chakra stuff and Kundalini rising.

Speaking of Kundalini, the Yoga Master turned into a great big Zero.  He asked me out to dinner last Saturday and said he would call to tell me where to meet him.  Our date was set for after 9:00. When he hadn't called by 9:30, or texted to say he was tied up, I was pissed.  When he called at 9:45 on Sunday morning to ask me out again, I figured I had enough insight into why his wife wanted a divorce.  I had a date with a different fellow from Match this weekend.  He paid the bar tab, and I didn't hate him.  I'm not sure he likes me, though. I hung on his every word just like I was supposed to, I told him he was wrong to confuse the Way of the World with Human Nature.

Which brings me back to Malcolm.

Aside from being a straight man in my demographic - we still have to see if he's single, half-way sober and somewhat employed - the thing about Malcolm is that he's fully involved in The Revolution.   I want to be fully involved also.  I'll be calling in this afternoon at 4:00 to Gwendolyn Holden Barry's blogtalk show, Here Be Monsters.  Gwendolyn has been working non-stop to share the good news from Wall Street and Washington ever since the occupation began on September 17.  I like calling in because it's a simple way to stay connected with a lively group of progressive bloggers who are scattered across the country in real life. I'm going to do the show myself on Wednesday - maybe with the help of Woody Konopelli since he's perfectly capable of talking to himself for an hour and I am not.

Maybe I'll find Malcolm.  Maybe not - but either way it's great to be in the middle of that energy.  And for the record, the New York Times' interest and focus on public toilets in the area is Bull Shit.  Lee Camp addresses that issue in his latest Moment of Clarity.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Wish I lived closer, either 4 hrs. to NYC or 3 hrs. to DC, and try to do that around a 5 day work schedule. Oh well, protest on my behalf! I support the cause.

ellen abbott said...

And he had nothing to say about standing you up on Saturday night? So much for being enlightened.

So yeah, I'm about as far from NY as one can get so go represent me too.

When you find Malcom ask him how he feels about standing a gal up.

Dr. MVM said...

Kick some ass for me down there.

Gail said...

HI TRISH - I am so excited about this Wall Street movement. And I am so grateful that folks like you are involved. I applaud the activists - and support as I am able.
Now about Malcolm - rooting for you to find him!!

Love you girl

Rubye Jack said...

It seems like finally a bit of justice is taking off with the protests. Thanks for being there to represent us.

PENolan said...

Holy Moly - I had no idea I was representing all y'all down there. I'm going to have to take more granola bars.

Really, the drum circle is so fun I can't wait to get back even though Velvet thinks it's pretty funny that his mom is bouncing around in a drum circle.

I'll remember my camera today. I got some pictures in my phone last Friday. Rev Billy was there and so was some Economist named Jeffry Sachs. Barbara Erlich too. But I'm still more interested in Malcolm.

Susan Tiner said...

I'm glad to hear you're still participating in OWS, pleased you've not had to deal with the hassle of an arrest, at least not yet.

Sorry to hear about the Zen master. Why am I not surprised.

I hope you find Malcolm and that he's a good guy :).

Shoulder work should always involve a lot of massage.

Amanda said...

My much younger sister and my niece (age 1) Occupied Wall Street last week, and may have done so again since. My mother, if she knew, would have been certain my sister was placing her daughter in the line of Horrendous Police Brutality.

Me? I just wish I were close enough to go, too. Represent, Trish!

Sandy White said...

It seems there are a lot of us that wish we were close enough to go. But, events in solidarity with OWS are springing up all over and giving us a way to show our support (besides chat). I am glad that you are representing us! I check livestream everyday to see what is going on in NYC. It's my new addiction. Drum circle sounds like a good time. I wish the livestream media team would have people from some older age groups. Watching it makes me feel like it is a movement for young people, but the 99% includes all age groups, etc.

Once Known as The Badger said...

These times are the best of times, and the worst of time, to plagiarize a well known author. After decades of indifference, the world, even us in the U.S., are finally awakening and rising up. I'm pleased to once again be a part of it. I'm really pleased that the people of NYC are, at this moment, at the forefront of what is a part of the Arab Spring, the Wisconsin spring and summer, and all the protests that have come about world wide against corporate greed and power. As one well known writer said, "Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!" Maybe this time, for real.

Cali said...

Please consider yourself as representing me, too! Know that for every person in Liberty Park there are hundreds and maybe thousands that wish they could be there, too.

The video at the end was reminiscent of Bobcat Goldthwait doing a classic George Carlin rant. I realize that he is trying to express outrage, but the yelling is kind of a turnoff for those of us who prefer not to express ourselves that way. Still, it could be persuasive to a certain segment of society, I suppose.

PENolan said...

Cali, I hear you on the shouting thing. It's off-putting before you've had your coffee, for sure.
But I think it's perfect in certain situations, such as the one Dennis Trainor Jr went into yesterday at Hart Senate Office Bldg.

we really should be Facebook friends.

Amanda, you can tell your mom from me that it's totally cool for little kids down there most of the time. In a march after dark? Probably not. In the afternoon at the drum circle? Absolutely perfect.
Sometimes moms don't recognize nuance, however ;)

Sandy, those live stream cameras do seem to be managed by kids for kids. There are older folks all over the place. Cute Male ones too. I'll be down there again Friday looking for some.

Susan, Thanks and you're right on all counts. Right now, I'm most interested in the massage part.

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