Monday, July 6, 2009

Political Thought for the Day

It seems like folks are getting tired of waiting on the Change that was supposed to be coming to America when Barack Obama got elected president. Most everyone was happy to be patient for a while because the economy sucks so hard right now that it has to be the first priority.

Health Care, however, is a pressing concern since so many of us are without insurance. Then there's Don't Ask Don't Tell, Marriage Equality, Lobbyists and all those big ideas that haven't really gotten anywhere despite the fact that Obama certainly gives good speech.

If there is a similarity between political and sexual performance, then Obama's first six months are kind of like foreplay. I still have complete confidence in Barack's ability to perform, but eventually you have to move on passed foreplay and get down to business.

Perhaps America as a whole is not fast like a floosie when it comes to sweeping societal change. Some folks have to be seduced much longer than a garden variety floosie, so six months might not be enough seduction and foreplay time for some people - like Moderate Republicans and Contrary Democrats. And then we must consider that some folks are plain old whores and want to get the particulars of the deal nailed down solid before moving ahead to the main event. Negotiating a mutually beneficial arrangement can be tricky, especially with dedicated whores.

Not that I know anything about whores and johns in real life, but I'm not the first person to compare politicians to whores. It's common knowledge that until certain parties are assured something benefits them personally, nothing's getting done.

Given that Obama has to work harder to get some folks in bed with him than others, it seems reasonable to give the man until the fall to drive the deal home. That doesn't change the fact that for many of us, it's damn frustrating to wait around on a bunch of party poopers, slow pokes, nervous nellies and general butt heads. Eventually, Obama is going to have to ignore their yammering.

Being as Congress goes on summer vacation from the beginning of August until Labor Day, and we can be sure nothing major is going to happen in the few weeks before vacation. Since it always takes some time to get settled into work mode after vacation, that brings us to about October before Change really comes to America.

If Michelle is telling the truth, then we can have faith - but it would be nice to stop hoping and see the real deal.


Gail said...

Hi Trish-

Excellent over-view of the "state of our union" You and Kevin, seriously, need to write the speeches for the President.
I love the analogy of sex and whores and johns to the political arena - especially, as of lat, when,. for some reason, my mind is really focused on sex.
Good stuff, good stuf indeed.

Love you

PENolan said...

Maybe the upcoming lunar eclipse has put sensual vibes in the air.

Jaliya said...

Love the photos -- they say it all! ... Your commentary makes a lot of sense.

... Lunar eclipse? ... When?


Dusty said...


Damn your good woman!

I am very impatient. Always have been, always will be.

But The Big O better get his friends asses in gear..aka the Congress critters..because four years passes by oh so fast. And I know..I have been married to the current Mr. Dusty for seven-friggin-years..which btw is a record for moi. ;)

Where was I? Shit..

themom said...

I have faith in Obama. I want to smack those that chastise him for doing "nothing so far."'s only been five months folks...and it took six solid years for Bush to fukk it all up. My patience is wearing quite thin with these morons.

The Peach Tart said...


PENolan said...

Mom, I think this clusterfuck goes all the way back to Ronald Regan, but I still have faith.
Peach Tart - Welcome and glad you liked it.
Dusty, didn't you hold a gun on one of your husbands?

Dusty said...

Actually what I did was blow the door jam off and his head was a mere inches from the spot. He couldn't hear anything in that ear for quite awhile as I recall.

He had left his loaded gun in his nightstand..after I had told him repeatedly to put the damn thing up or put a trigger lock on it.

My son was trying to pick it up out of the drawer when I was taking a nap one Sunday. I gently took it from him, walked into the living room and fired off a round at asshole's head. Guess it's a good thing I was a lousy shot eh?

I did get a ticket for firing a weapon within the city limits. But the judge agreed with me on many of the finer points on why I did it.

We were divorced shortly thereafter...thankfully.

PENolan said...

You have to go to great lengths to get some people to pay attention. Thank Heavens it was a sensible judge.

Dusty said...

The ex tried to make it look like I was aiming for him. I told the judge the gun just went off as we argued about it being in the drawer in the bedside table with an inquisitive 4 year old in the house.

I was aiming for the wall actually. ;)

Dusty said...

Oh, I forgot..I come from a long line of tv dad shot the tv one year when the Rams lost the Superbowl.

PENolan said...

I'd have shot at the TV myself a few times listening to George W - which is why I don't have a working fire arm or amunition

You're cracking me up, Dusty

Dusty said...


Comrade Kevin said...

BG was talking about that today. He's a politician, quite simply, concerned primarily with keeping his own power base going.

Anonymous said...

I think Obama is more symbolic than anything else... he represents a hope, or a dream, of better days.. but honestly he doesn't seem to be doing much. I'm losing faith in him... :(

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