Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rain on a Tin Roof

There's an apartment building going up next door. Lots of girders, cranes and stuff. In some ways, it sucks, but right now there are floors and floors of bare, corrugated steel. The falling rain lands on that steel, and when I'm snuggled under my lace sheets and quilt, it's easy to imagine being out in the country listening to rain on a tin roof.

It's been pouring rain all springtime here in New York City. All over the country, apparently, and unseasonably cool. Someone told me years ago that the seasons blending together was a sign of Armageddon. Maybe so - but every now and then, I like to have rain washing over my face and dripping from my hair.

It's summer solstice today and new moon tomorrow. Time to let go of old BS to walk fresh into the new season. Maybe Armageddon is around the corner, but for the moment things are getting better by the minute in my happy, little world.

And hopefully, things will be better soon for the people of Iran, and for a dear friend whose family lost a brother/uncle/son last week. He died of a heart attack at 41.

It's a good thing I found my own Light over the winter (Stonerdates 12.27.08; 01.01.09) Having that light makes it a little easier to face uncertainty with confidence and gratitude. I suspect it's that Grace thing, again. I still don't know exactly what Grace is, but I'm glad it's here early on a rainy, summer morning.


Gail said...

Hi there-

Do you know that today you can balance an egg on its end and it will stand up!! Go ahead, try it!!!

We do it every year, twice a year, summer and winter solstice.

Surrender to the rain.

Love to you

jadedj said...

Rain on a tin roof is an old friend.

Oh, Gail...splat is what I got. Sorry.

PENolan said...

Grace, Splat. Same thing.
That's a Bokonist for you.

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