Monday, September 14, 2009

An Award, A List and Some Links

Liberality gave me a blog award which is a great way to end a great day. I love reading her blog because she's a compassionate, thinking woman, a wise grandmother who does yoga, takes classes and reads non-stop at her job as a librarian so I take it as a high compliment that she likes to read this blog.

My task is now to make a list of seven things I like that does not include people.

In no particular order:
  1. Wine. All kinds, especially with good food. Perhaps I should just say I like Sensual Delights.
  2. Parties, especially at my house since they include wine, punch, tasty treats and lots of lovely and talented people. The other good thing about parties at my house is that I can wear my pajamas if I want to, and I have very nice pajamas. 2a. Pajamas
  3. My job - great colleagues, fun kids, excellent facility, smart directors.
  4. The concept of HCW which doesn't count as a person right now because he's become a character that lives in my head, providing endless hours of distraction from tricky real life situations as well as opportunities for introspection and reflection.
  5. My Great-grandfather's 1912 Remington Shot Gun (that I mentioned my gun directly following HCW is strictly coincidental)
  6. Velvet's school: SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Brilliant kids and wonderful teachers working diligently together to create a more sustainable modern lifestyle. He'll be off at their campus in the Adirondacks next week on retreat with the other Environmental Resources & Forest Engineers. Here's the view from the webcams at Huntington Wildlife Forest.

  7. Blogging. I appropriated this item from Liberality's list because I like blogging, too. Not only is it a satisfying creative outlet, but through blogging I've developed connections with lots of interesting individuals. I'll mention Woody here since he's not one of the four blogs I'll be passing the award to. Like many bloggers, he's an accomplished, intriguing character. He got my attention with a great line about finding my consciousness attractive. My consciousness? I'm still impressed by that line even though I'm pretty sure his neighbors duck when they see him coming - but that's just because of the uninhibited way he expresses himself.

As for the four - first I have to say that all the blogs in the sidebar are "creative" since bloggers are a creative bunch. Following the links to discover new connections is one of the best things about blogging (besides getting awards). All the links in the sidebar merit multiple clicks - as do the links on their blogs and their blogs and so on and so on.

Since four must be chosen, however, I'll go with:

Utah Savage because she's got an ongoing writing project at her blog that is outstanding

Realia, for great stories and a bit of inspiration

Banquet of Consequences Too since JadedJ never fails to amuse and needs to change the award in his side bar

To Someone Likeminded. Pondering Life, The Universe and Everything from Tulsa.

**Special Thanks to Intelliwench at Post-Raphaelite Sisterhood. JadedJ passed the award on to her, as I hoped he would, and she had the good sense and manners to correct the spelling. The original spelling bothered me and Utah too.


Anonymous said...

I'm honoured. Now if kind isn't some kind of motivation...

And I share your feelings in that blogging is not only a rewarding creative outlet, it is really wondeful to meet such smart and talented folks and kindred spirits.


(ps - loved the creativity/schools/kids post today. I could go on and on about that...)

Utah Savage said...

My my, you are the sweetest person! I will give this a lot of thought before I respond. I love Lib and appreciate that this comes to you from Liberality. And I want to be sure that I really think about my answers and about the bloggers I'll pass it to.

Plus, this is a pretty award. I love pretty awards. Smooch to you for this honor.

jadedj said...

Stopped very quickly in response to your comment on my blog...but am bogging down due to the fact that my brain is mushified this morning...and I am in a rush to boot.

It is amusing that I am amusing. But I am honored that you think so, and I do not take it lightly. Just won't really be able to respond on my blog til much later this evening. Thanks again pal. Your friend in weed, JJ.

Gail said...

Hi Trish-

Nice award! :-) And I so enjoyed reading your things about yourself that you love.
And I too loved the post on creativity in education -
I am quite distracted as I prepare to head out to the neurologist.

Later then
Love you

Liberality said...

hey, I like wine too!

PENolan said...

Now I'm too pooped to say anything besides "thanks for your support, gang." And thanks for keeping me thinking

Courtney said...

You are so sweet to tag me! I saw this yesterday and it gave me a lift through my day. And now that I see it again, I still get a lift! I'm so so happy to know that you stop by my blog!

And I also really love your blog and links; thanks for doin' what you do!

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