Saturday, November 27, 2010

Home for the Holiday

The boys are still sleeping, all seven of them.  I feel like it's finally Thanksgiving.  On Thursday, we had a lovely dinner with friends, but I didn't cook anything at all until last night when I made pot roast for Velvet and his brothers from Hookah House who had come into the city for a concert.  They ate every bit of mashed potatoes they could scrape from the pot, so I gave them saltines to mush up in the broth.  They loved it, and I was proud.

I feel a quiet sense of accomplishment watching kids wolf down food I have prepared.   It's satisfying from a nurturing, maternal perspective, of course, but I especially enjoy seeing Velvet feel like a king among his peers.  After the concert, the guys met Buzz Kill on Amsterdam Avenue for beers, darts and pool.  I'm not sure if he bought every single beer, but between me and Buzz Kill, the guys think Velvet is a lucky duck.  More importantly, Velvet thinks he's a lucky duck.

Once they wake up, some will head home to the suburbs. Others may stay until Sunday when they all head back to Hookah House.  I'm not sure which kids go to Tree Hugger and which go to Big Beautiful Private University - but I can say that they are all polite and well groomed.  The president of the Hookahs brought me flowers.  They all put their dishes in the sink and rinsed out their beer bottles for recycling.

I will admit to being a bit stunned when they were getting ready to go out because of couple of the boys are not only handsome but also surprisingly ripped.  Those young, strong, shirtless men, positively oozing testosterone, can be a bit overwhelming for an old broad, but I'm managing to keep my fleeting fantasies to myself. 

If there's one thing I've learned in all my years as a parent, it's that no one should be like Cartman's Mom who wound up on the cover of Crack Whore Magazine. Nobody wants to be Kyle's mom either.

Migas: scrambled eggs with bacon, spinach, cheddar cheese and steamed taco chips wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.  Coffee or Iced Tea.

If anybody passed a bowl around the living room, I wouldn't be mad.


Gail said...

Great post - full of Mother's love and secret desires. :-) I love your honesty beyond measure. We had a great holiday too - the bartender came and even slept over. ANd Dolan's new girlfriend was a delightful surprise dinner guest. She is Italian - only here 8 years. Her Italian accent and style and loving presence delighted us all. :-)
I love your pot roast and potatoes story - and that you felt so accomplished when the boys ate it all up - you are the best of all roles as a woman, truly, you are.

Love you Texas

Dr. MVM said...

Koo, koo, ka choo...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Down, girl!

PENolan said...

Gail, Thanks for the vote of confidence. Glad you had a nice time with your family.

Dr MVM, exactly
Debra, Looks like I made it through safely. Or the boys did ;)

AnnoyingJoe said...

Now THIS is a blog.

the Gods Must be Crazy. The sound that bottle makes as it careens off of a head....

PENolan said...

Hey There, Annoying Joe.
Are we neighbors?

Beach Bum said...

I feel a quiet sense of accomplishment watching kids wolf down food I have prepared.

Yeah, its cool when my son and his friends come over just as I am warming up the grill but not so much when they don't leave one freaking hamburger after I've shut down and cleaned up the grill forcing me to pull out the cold cuts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Trish, glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! I always enjoy feeding my children’s friends and family. We generally spend the day with one of my husband’s families. Their children were the same age as ours. Now the family is expanding with new births and more on the way. One of the new in-laws needed to make something for dinner, so she chooses to make mashed potatoes. I have to get with her and show her how it is really done. I use heavy cream, & butter fatting yes but very yummy. Also this year insisted that my family brought a turkey & stuffing, the year before someone decided that stove top for Thanks Giving was ok....The only reason for having turkey is homemade stuffing and real gravy. My youngest (25) has announced that she is pregnant. She has moved out, and taken 2 of her 3 dogs. Have been quickly, claiming her bedroom, and packing up stuff she has left behind. Am a bit miffed at her mostly because her choice in men leaves a lot to be desired. She likes the fixer up kind of guys. This one is no different. Am excited about this new little sole, another grandchild. However, she still has stars in her eyes, and is very blinded. However am keeping it zipped. That is hard for me.
Am at the nuthouse, 3 days off one would think that absence would make the heart grow fonder. NOT
Have a great week. Also was impressed to read the boys were trained in recycling, is Velvet trained in how & what to compost?
Pat from NY

Susan Tiner said...

Trish, it's always a pleasure reading about Velvet. We had the grown up kiddies here for the holidays too and it was a pleasure!

Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

Aw...a good time was had by all! Including cougar you! ;)

PENolan said...

Dusty, I am much too old to be a cougar. I feel much more like a beat up old lioness who can snap an antelope in a heartbeat.

Susan, It's my pleasure entirely.

Pat, he actually is well versed in composting from all those summers working the farm at summer camp in Vermont. He went to Farm & Wilderness where they not only have organic gardens but also a dairy barn. He also knows all about chickens as Meat Birds which is a bit unusual for a City Kid.

Great news about the grandbaby on the way. Stovetop for Thanksgiving? Get a rope ;)

What do you mean "nut house"?

Jaliya said...

"... a beat up old lioness who can snap an antelope in a heartbeat."

Ohhh, YES.


Don't fuck with a lioness, eh!

Anonymous said...

The "NUTHOUSE" is my place of employment for the part 31 years. Lockheed Martin. It has had several other names, IBM, LORAL..Some of the faces have changed over the years, but still a nuthouse.

Anonymous said...

Velvet's skills and knowledge may be quite benifical to him as well as community where ever he lands. Regardless if he is a city kid or not. As you proberly know, That is what my husband does for a living right now just veggies. He has in the past raised beef, pork, chickens and turkeys. Only one problem the dumb bunny, names the critters and then never wants to get rid of them. So I have to be the one to call and have beasts delivered to butcher. He does not hunt either. :) I have a lot of second hand knowledge.

PENolan said...

Oh! Work - that makes sense.
As someone who has spent a little time in the looney bin, I never know when someone has really been in the Nut House.
The one where I spent some time was positively lovely. Much better than work ;)

As for Velvet, I wouldn't be surprised if he wound up doing something like that, Pat. He loves being outside and using every muscle in his body building chicken coops, busting up beaver dams and stuff like that. I'm planning to take him up to F&W for ice cutting this February to start networking for good internships in Agriculture or Forestry. In his case, that means digging post holes, chopping wood and clearing trails.

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