Monday, February 7, 2011


Okjimm from okjimm's eggroll emporium left a comment the other day. I clicked over to his blog, and low and behold, he'd given me an award. He'd gotten it from Sherry at A Feather Adrift.

The best part is that he didn't even know I was suicidal when he gave me this award, so it cheered me up all the more.  If he'd have known I was having a bad day, I would have thought he was blowing sunshine up my ass just to make me feel better.

For a while now, I've wanted to say, "Thank You," to a few bloggers who found their way over to Menopausal Stoners one way or another when I first started blogging. They were particularly instrumental to my process there in the beginning giving me respect, encouragement, affection and support. To me, they are Trailblazers because I was following them on the path they had cleared in Blogtopia.*

Comrade Kevin
Yellowdog Granny
Dusty, Hell's Most Vocal Bitch
and, last but not least,
Utah Savage

They each have their own stories to tell.  They tell them strong and they tell them well - and because of them, I've found the courage to tell mine.
 Photo swiped from here

*Note* Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, Blue Gal and Jon Swift (May he Rest in Peace) who established Blogroll Amnesty Day, coined the term "Blogtopia" years ago.  BAD has passed for 2011, and since these bloggers came before me, I'm not sure that sharing these links meets BAD criteria. And besides, I'm thinking of Trailblazers because I consider these folks to be role models not only in blogging but also in Life in General.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I certainly know that Yellowdog Granny is a trailblazing hellraiser! Must check out those other links too -- love some of those blog names!

Lisa said...

We hang around with some of the most interesting people. I'm glad Jim passed this on to you. You deserve it!

Liberality said...

Thank you for this award. That is really sweet. I am honored. You know, I think everyone has a story and some of them are boring (lucky them) and some of them are hell-raising indeed. Most people are somewhere in between, at least in this country.

And Okjimm is one great guy! Maybe someday we can go visit him and have a beer. I wish I could go hang out with you and smoke a j. We should all go hang out at Lisa's too and eat some chocolate! :)

okjimm said...

well, gees, ain't no big deal...glad I caught you at a moment when you could use a moment...or something like that. I have a theory about blogging and connectivity... and someday I may write about it.... but that would require thinking. I have given up thinking for 2011.... possibly 2012. I have decided to go with beer and doughnutz rather than thinking.

Comrade Kevin said...


okjimm said...

oh.... and I hope you are being very loose with the word 'suicidal'

remember ... it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

of course.... all my problems are permanent.... but the doctor said that is the least of my problems.....gees, I love shrinks!!

Susan Tiner said...

Congratulations! I am glad to hear you're feeling better :-)

Mr. Charleston said...

Dang, I wish someone would blow some sunshine up my ass. No, not really, but it did remind me of liquid sunshine and the great trips.

PENolan said...

Hi kids
Debra, I adopted YDG when my own granny died. Hopefully I'll get to meet her in real life at Spring Break.
Yes, Lisa, we do hang around some very interesting people. Liberality, it would be a heck of a road trip!
Comrade, thank YOU
Okjimm - it's all behind me now, but you've gotta love shrinks (sort of).
Susan, I am feeling MUCH better, thank you.
Mr. C - I would have loved to see that kind of sunshine. Still loving that video about God Fucks You Up at your place.

mac said...

I love the stories.
You seem like a decent role model yourself :-)


well, ain't you sweet..
I do like setting fires under trailblazing is a nice name for it...thanks so much...

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