Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I had to share this clip Woody Konopelli had up on his Facebook wall from Cult of Dusty

There's a post of mine up over at Roundtree7.com called In Defense of Barbie. I have been pondering the relationship between Barbie, cognitive capabilities and masturbation for a while, but thought I'd put it all in the blender and give it a whirl for the Menopausal Stoners Guide to Parenting.

One of these days, I may actually write that book.


Once Known as The Badger said...

Yeah! This just reinforces my lack of television watching. I haven't watched television (voluntarily) since sometime in the ...what, stone age (i.e., the 60s)? Especially since there's nothing on but corporate messaging. Thanks for yet another great post.

PENolan said...

My pleasure - with a hat tip to my buddy Woody.

Mr. Charleston said...

One thing old Woody seems to have missed... the 1% own the internet and will someday pull the plug. That means we've got to work fast guys.

PENolan said...

You know what, Mr C?
This weekend a lot of people - including Dennis Trainor who is all over DC getting arrested with Cornel West and stuff - were experiencing internet difficulties.
Since I was one of them, I naturally became suspicious.

The government can turn off cell phones too.
The funny thing, though, is that where opposition to the draft was a key component back in the day, I had to wonder if fucking with the internet, especially coming over iPhones and Androids, would cause this generation to flip their shit.

I can already imagine the propaganda mill/MSM blaming the shutdown on the demonstrations - and half the country believing it since half the country is willfully ignorant and terminally stupid.

But I LOVE it that you said, "we've got to work fast . . ." That word WE makes all the difference in the world, to everybody.

Cali said...

Damn it! I just lost a long diatribe about the owners causing shortages of all sorts of things, and things they wouldn't want us to run out of and why. It was an error I'd never experienced before. Makes me wonder. REALLY makes me wonder. You can bet I'll be copy/pasting comments from now on.

PENolan said...

Drag, Cali.
I love your diatribes!

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