Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This is What Democracy Looks Like

Since there's little chance that the man who took me out for drinks Saturday will ever find the blog, I feel I can safely say that he reminded me of a garden gnome.  I went out with him in the first place because I was impressed when he told me on the phone that back in the early 1980's, Townes Van Zandt convinced him to move to Austin years ago to try his hand in the music business.  He lived in Stevie Ray Vaughn's old apartment while he played his guitar around town with lots of bands I recognized.  He's picked up his guitar again now that he's an old poop.  I can dig it.

He left Austin after a year, returning to the East Village to pursue painting or something like that.  He wound up going into digital design and dot com stuff, and made a comfortable living.  Some years ago, he and the woman from whom he is not fully divorced bought their dream house in Nyack.  Hudson view, jacuzzi, deck - he's stuck with it because it's a bad time to sell that sort of property.

If you have to be stuck in the suburbs, Nyack is a reasonable commute, but it's still the suburbs and the man himself is short and stout. Like a Lawn Gnome or a Smurf.  He didn't have a full beard, though.  He had a skinny soul patch which I guess makes him JazzMan Smurf or something.

He asked me to suggest a place to meet, and all I could think of was the bar at  Fish Tag.  I like it because of the white pinot noir and smoked salmon pastrami.   Nevertheless, I wasn't going all Smurfette on a man who was not fully divorced and said he was looking for the love of his life before I had even got settled at the bar.  He made me nervous.  And besides, he really did look like a Lawn Gnome  A horny Lawn Gnome.  I guess that's what makes him JazzMan Smurf.   Naturally, I ran up a bar tab, but when I reached for my wallet, he waved it off very nicely.   As a rule, I prefer men who pay my bar tabs over those that don't so I did give him a perfunctory kiss when he dropped me off at my apartment.

It never occurred to me to ask him up for a night cap.

He wrote me the next night, saying I was attractive and fun, but he was not convinced there would be a romantic connection.  I wrote back to say he was right to be unconvinced since I was in no way interested in having sex with him at this time.  However, I did not hate him and I was willing to let him touch me.  In my book, that's major progress.

In the morning, I received a note from him via MatchMail saying that he'd had epiphany after two therapy sessions.  The love of his life was his guitar and he was committed to pursuing his passion.  He'd be willing to try again with me if I wanted.  I said: Thanks but No Thanks.   I was not getting mixed up with JazzMan Smurf's mid-life crisis in Nyack.  Honestly, I"m glad he likes to play his guitar and for all I know he's as wonderful as he says he is.  Some suburban matron will be glad to sit in a bar and watch him play.

Me?  I'll be down in the drum circle on Wall Street.  I was there Monday afternoon.  I didn't find Malcolm but I found Jesse LaGreca surrounded by young men in their late teens and early twenties. He was giving them on the spot media training for dealing with malicious reporters who try to trick you into looking stupid for their own purposes.  He was gathering a little posse in case they needed to record and/or shout down the reporter Geraldo Style, like the Occupiers did the other day.

I hung out with Jesse for a while, talking to bloggers similar to myself who wanted information about him.  I happened to know how to spell his name and his twitter address, and fell into the role of Personal Assistant with my handy note pad and pen.

Jesse listening closely to a woman's question.
The fellow on the right is a Senate Intern listening closely to Jesse.

Sadly, he didn't remember Malcom at all.  But I'm sure he'll remember the conversation we had about his own self being single.  He's a nice boy.  I noticed some other attractive men in my demographic hanging around on Monday, and I've got a feeling that the Men of the Occupation are not Patriarchal Dickwads.  I'm under the impression that the Lawn Gnome from Nyack and the Yoga Master are both Patriarchal Dickwads.

After I said Good-Bye to Jesse, I stood at the periphery of a group around Amy Goodman and Democracy Now.  Amy Goodman's boots were fabulous.   Then I went down to the drum circle for about an hour.   I haven't been able to get to sleep ever since because I've been too excited.  I was dancing with a couple of young, black men.  Everybody chanted together:
I like the way the rhythm gets the energy of the Occupation flowing in my veins.  It's very stimulating.  I've been waking up with the chant in my head, and can't wait to get back down there on Friday again.  It's supposed to rain, and I'm thinking about bringing a bunch of jingle bells.  That way I can hold my umbrella and still play along.

There are so many beautiful things happening at Occupy Wall Street that I don't even know how to list them for the Explore Beauty Challenge.  While I'm pondering that, I'll declare The People's Library to be #34-101.

The People's Library
Many of the books were donated by authors who came to speak or give a class to the Occupation.


Jerry Critter said...

Beware of a man who is not completely divorced and says he is "looking for the love of his life". There is something wrong there. He may be looking for love, but it is not "of his life".

Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

Sorry the latest guy didn't work out. Hang in there girl, your man will turn up.

mac said...

I can't say I'm saddened that the date with the gnome didn't go too well. He should know, if one looks too hard for the love of ones life, one will never find it. One gets too focused on minutiae and cannot see their potential partner as a whole.

Besides, you can't judge such things after one semi-failed date, even if you are Gnorm the Gnome or a smurf.

Thanks for giving us a human perspective on Occupy Wallstreet. That angle is sadly absent from most media coverage.

Cali said...

Thanks, Trish. The human perspective on Occupy Wall Street IS definitely appreciated. I have begun to gather my notes for a speech I intend to make at Occupy Chico. I doubt I'll be offering anything they haven't already heard. My main points will be how wide the separation between the 99% and the 1% really is, and not to become so discouraged by the electoral process that they avoid voting. If they don't show up next November we will surely end up with whichever crazy Rethuglican is nominated next year. That could mean anything from protestors being jailed for conspiracy to overthrow the government to a theocracy bent on killing anyone and everyone who opposes their regime. We can't let that happen.

Sorry the gnome didn't turn out to have been worth the trip to the bar. I hate it when that happens. Why can't people learn that they have to have their shit under control (if not actually together) before attempting any sort of relationship? It really doesn't make sense unless they are just looking for a "mommy" to take care of their needs-- laundry, food, sex, shelter and etc. I hate that crap. I already have a kid, thank you. I don't need some man's crap slopping over onto my own, thankyouverymuch.

PENolan said...

Cali - the man may have been less than ideal, but I love that White Pinot Noir so much it's always worth a trip to Fish Tag. Now I can go again soon since the gnome picked up the tab. God bless him and his mid-life crisis.

Good luck with the speech - and no matter what you do, have FUN with it. "They" hate it when we're having fun giving them shit.

mac, Gnorm the Gnome? Good one!

Jerry, I'm always skeptical when they aren't completely divorced. This guy's explanation had to do with his wife's health care - which makes sense, but also says to me that they could be married for years and years. But even if he'd been divorced for five years - or never married at all - this guy was a douchebag.

Dr. Monkey, I'm leaving no stone unturned.

Rubye Jack said...

That is so cool you are able to be there. Plus, you're probably find many more interesting men there than you will on some match thing.

Gail said...

HEY TRISH - gnomes are fickle as a people! So ya, best to not get too close. phew. :-)

Dolan went down to Wall street - loved it!

and I so love following it all thru your eyes, heart and mind.
Love Gail

Susan Tiner said...

Dating truly sounds like hell, hang in there!

Once Known as The Badger said...

You're going to laugh (at me) for this, but up until now I thought Nyack was like, "I'm from gnarl-ins, where are you'all from?" "We're from Nyack, Nyack City, Nyack." Say hi to Gnorm for me!

Cali said...

The next time I have occasion to make a wish, I shall wish that gentle, loving men find us. Guys who are nice (but not too nice, if you get my drift) to restaurant servers, kids and dogs. Artisan men! Perhaps, tie dyers, glass blowers, potters, furniture makers, bread bakers and etc. with lush ponytails and trust funds! Not big enough trust funds to put us into the 1%, just enough so we won't have to worry about comfort in our "golden years"! ;-D

Patricia said...

Your coverage of OWS is truly inspiring and am planning a trip myself. I'm thinking they made need some donations etc. Sorry about your date. I'm single too and I pretty much just enjoy my own company anymore. You are so brave to get out there! Don't give up! He's out there. All in all I find you quite an inspiration!

PENolan said...

Cali, I'll drink to that!

Patricia, they always need granola bars, trail mix and other nonperishable snacks. They need cold packs, arnica, rescue remedy - the medics can't distributed OTC medications, but they can use herbal/homeopathic remedies. Socks and gloves, too, since it's starting to get chilly. You can usually find a list of suggestions at
Have fun!
(and thanks for the compliment. I'm blushing)

Rubye Jack, I'm counting on it.
Gail, all I have to say is OY!
Susan, again: OY!

OKatB: the worst thing is that now, Bill Maher is appearing in Nyack. Sheesh.

Once Known as The Badger said...

The struggle continues, then! This is what they're saying about it in China, and it's actually a good analysis:

okjimm said...

It would be nice to b in NY for the OWS gatherings. Occupy Oshkosh, Wi doesn't quite make it.

Smoked Salmon Pastrami sounds excellent. Used to make a great dip with Lake Michigan smoked whitefish.

and who needs a lawn gnome.... when you don't have a lawn.... funny stuff.

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