Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Room with a View

When I look out my window and the sun is coming up or going down, it hits those white marble gravestones and reminds me of a song:

from Enjoy Yourself, Guy Lombardo
You work and work for years and years, you're always on the go
You never take a minute off, too busy makin' dough
Someday, you say, you'll have your fun, when you're a millionaire
Imagine all the fun you'll have in your old rockin' chair

Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think
Enjoy yourself, while you're still in the pink
The years go by, as quickly as a wink
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think

I like that song every day, but it seems especially appropriate today on account of the biopsy - which I'm happy to say says that my shoulder situation is the result of some unnamed inflammatory process. I'm cool with that since if there had been an infection, I would have certainly believed my former surgeon, the Ass-Whole (complete and total asshole) was responsible.  I'd be terminally pissed and unable to sue since it would have been highly unlikely that I could prove anything.  Now it's just another autoimmune mystery which could, conceivably, go away on it's own with no explanation at all whatsoever. My morphea scleroderma improved mysteriously years ago, and now it just looks like I've got an old motorcycle burn on my leg or something instead of an incurable disease.

Appearance is everything.

Today I went apartment hunting with my friend Jamie, an actress/real estate agent.  She's lovely and talented on stage, and she's the best kind of real estate agent since she's fun, realistic, energetic, practical and wants me to be happy.  We've seen several apartments in my price range but none, so far, can beat a little cutie she sent me to see at an open house last weekend.  It's a fully renovated two bedroom in a restored Arts & Crafts building just north of the George Washington Bridge overlooking the Hudson River.  The view of the river from the apartment itself is pretty lame, but that's why I can afford the place.

This little scenic overlook is across the street from the building.  This photo is from the NYTimes article "On the Fringe with Benefits."  I would be very grateful indeed if that all worked out, but there is another apartment closer to where I am now that might be more practical.  Or it could suck balls - you never know until you go look.  Something feels right about Little Cutie, though.  Even though the views themselves are unremarkable, the sun still streams in the windows since the apartment is on the top floor.  My room would get the morning sun, and I'm pretty sure I can arrange the furniture so that the afternoon sunbeam would directly hit Velvet's bed.  He'd have to get used to the idea of me napping in his room when he was gone, but I figure if he's too comfortable in the new place - no matter whether it's Little Cutie or The Practical Choice - he might live at home forever.  That would be unfortunate for everyone.

In any case, I'll know by Friday which direction the wind is blowing us.  I'll call that Thing of Beauty #39-101 (Explore Beauty Challenge, from realia).


Oso said...

Trish, glad you're gonna be ok and good luck with the room.

Man 'it's later than you think' sums it the fuck up don't it?

PENolan said...

Guy Lombardo? Who knew?

Jenelle said...

Thanks for the shoulder update...whew, on to the next condition of aging. Moving is a bitch so I hope whether its the little cutie or the practical choice, you get through it unscathed! Great read as always. Thanks!!

Jim said...

I so wanted to post a link to Jolie Hollands' version of this, but it doesn't exist on youtube. It's friggin outstanding. In any case, yes, it's definitely later than any of us think.

PENolan said...

Jenelle - I'm happy to say that I have barely unpacked from the last move, so I'm expecting the next one to go very smoothly.

Jim - I have to tell you that Buzz Kill's real name is Jim and he's all into riding his bike these days, so that photo of you which I typically associate with The Badger made me do a double take. Whew! I'd shit bricks if Buzz Kill left a comment.

Cali said...

I'm really glad to read that your shoulder merely feels like it is killing you, not actively KILLING you. That's good news! This is a good time of year to have something like this to be grateful for.

My grandfather used to sing this song to me when I was little. (Kinda seems like a song the .001% might wish to heed?) He was a singer back in the day. When he was in San Francisco he worked at the "It House at the Beach," their semi-affectionate name for the It's It stand at an amusement park at the west end of Golden Gate Park called Playland at the Beach. It's long gone and condos stand where Playland once stood. But at night he sang with some rather legendary bands like the Dorsey Brothers, Guy Lombardo and Glen Miller. If he hadn't been such a booze hound he could have turned out to be Bing Crosby instead of a "whiskey tenor" selling bathtub gin out of the rumbleseat of his car between sets.

In case you don't know, It's It is an ice cream sandwich made of vanilla ice cream between two oatmeal cookies and then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate. They've been challenging diets in SF since 1928, coincidentally, the same year my grandfather moved to SF.

P.S. My grandmother always told me she never met a Jim who was worth a shit. Her first husband was a Jim. I have to say, with a very few notable exceptions, I'd have to agree with her. I know the one I dated was a waste of my time and energy for the better part of two years.

PENolan said...

Cali - What a great comment all together.
Makes me feel like heading straight to your newly activated blog

mbarnato said...

Guy Lombardo, New Year's Eve, a great song to remember to sing! Sounds like you'll have a new place (and new, improved shoulder?) for the new year too. Best o' luck with all of it!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Good luck with the apartment hunt. I hope you find your own little slice of Paradise, complete with morning and afternoon sun.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

You will have to bless your new home! Don't forget you THE blender! LOL You are a bright moment in the day Tricia. Happy to know all is, well... OK... and that the chance to heal is large on the allopathic, but on the holistic; All The Way!

Gail said...

HI TRISH - so glad all is ok or manageable with your shoulder and there is NO infection. "YAY', and ya, good line about "later than you think" - Good Lrd! Great window/view. I am struggling to be spirited. ick.
Love you Texas

rraine said...

that song has been going through my head for quite a while now. it's a great reminder, isn't it? and there is so much enjoy, even the batshit crazy, makes me grind me teeth stuff.

mac said...

We could all Enjoy Ourseves more, I think. We get stuck in the rut of our everyday lives (jobs, ungrateful disrespectful children, exwives/husbands...etc). Fuck all that, it's mac time!

I know it's my bullshit ego, but I'd rather something be wrong due to a dr's neglect than my bodies own failings. You see, I have bullshitted myself for 46 years, thinking I was a great physical specimen, not pretty, but strong and immune to most ailments of mere mortals. Why stop now(even if I do know better) ?

Good luck in your housing search. If you find a place with a laundry closet, I'll find you something that fits.

Mr. Charleston said...

I don't know Trish. Tombstones. Guy Lombardo. Maybe you aren't smoking enough.

Susan Tiner said...

I'm happy to hear the shoulder is ok but sorry it's still inflamed and painful.

The Cutie does sound awfully tempting. Who wants to live in The Practical Place? I never do.

Rubye Jack said...

I vote for the art deco place.

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