Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Preacher and The Pagan

Remember when that Preacher named Jack Daniels came down from the mountains to my living room a couple of  years ago?  Well, if you ever wondered what actually happened - from my point of view anyway - the story is up this morning at RoundTree7.  It's close to the version I'll be reading this weekend in the East Village at Bad Date Great Story.  As I mentioned earlier, Gwen is giving me time for a Dress Rehearsal tonight at 6:00 on her blogtalk radio show Here Be Monsters.

You can get straight to the show by following this link:
Straight to the story by following this one:
and straight to the bar on Friday by taking the 4,6 or F train.


Gail said...

HI TRISH - I will be at my daughters at 6:00 munching on apps and ready for the kick off. I know your reading will be amazing. :-)
Love Gail

PENolan said...

Glad you'll be having fun wherever you are, Grrlfriend

mac said...

I think concepts of sin get in the way of truly enjoying sex. A lifetime of repression surely will.

God's not watching. And, if he is, he's seen it all before. One might as well enjoy oneself.

I'm sure glad I don't have any of those religious hangups getting in the way. The thought makes me shudder ;-)

PENolan said...

I don't think he was hung up on account of God. I think he was just dick centered and clueless - but then, I'm harsh that way.

rraine said...

i concur with your assessment, dick centered and clueless. i would add, and likely to stay that way.

editor said...

Seems to me the preacher was a relatively inexperienced man who was open to change. He seemed to have a reasonably decent heart and he was not mean-spirited. A doofy, largely out-of-touch character who sensed his need to improve himself.

On the other hand, the narrator seemed sarcastic, condescending and constitutionally unable to experience personal growth.

Stories with unreliable narrators are generally interesting, but it helps if the narrator stays within the small world of the story. I had no idea why there was a shift to a political diatribe in the final paragraphs and the lurch into this seemingly unrelated world took me out of the story's setting.

PENolan said...

Thanks for your input.

PENolan said...

editor, I want to thank you again for your input. I made some revisions and re-wrote the ending, and I think the piece was much more well received as a result.

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