Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cocktails at Cafe Lux

My date with Mr. Wisdom is supposed to be tonight.  I'm assuming that nothing has changed since I haven't heard from him, and if there were a problem, he would have contacted me.  I didn't make a reservation for dinner since I haven't heard from him either.  I'm thinking he's one of those people who don't RSVP to parties either since they think the hostess already knows they're coming. I also think that maintaining the social conventions of relationships has been his wife's job so that Mr. Wisdom has not been responsible for more than shaving and showing up on time.

When we confirmed this date via email a couple of days ago, he said we'd communicate before Thursday night.  I refrained from saying anything challenging, such as, "That'll be the day," or "Not if you have anything to do with it."  I have that sort of restraint unless I'm PMSing.

In the land of relationships, his communication style is not a deal breaker.  It suits me fine that he's not wanting to talk on the phone all the time because talking to him would interfere with my conversations with Woody.  Me and Woody talk three or four times a week - and in Woody's view, he's doing all the heavy lifting in the Triciasphere since he'll listen to me obsessing over real estate contracts and renovations, my wondering about Mr.Wisdom and any amount of cannabis driven discussions that wind up with one of us getting stuck in a High Loop.  What can I say besides, "It's Twue! It's Twue?" According to Woody, Jon-El Wisdom has it easy.  But then, Woody is fully in the Triciasphere and even though Mr. Wisdom and I have made strides and cleared hurdles, he's been back on the periphery for the last couple of weeks.

He's not a boyfriend or a lover.  He's a nice man and we're dating - end of story.  I find it disappointing, however, because I'm reading on February 10th for a series called Bad Date, Great Story and I would have liked to ask him to be there.  I still might, while I'm happy to read in front of total strangers, I'm not so into reading at a bar in the East Village in front of a "date" especially when the topic is bad date, great story.  In the Triciasphere, he could simply be the next story.

When I look the Truth in the eye, I have to confess that I identify with this song:

Nevertheless, Velvet will be home this evening and, as far as I know, Mr. Wisdom is on deck with his kids this week. I'm not sure I'd want to go back to his sublet with him tonight even if the apartment owner is back in Arkansas where he belongs.


Gail said...

HI Trish - really hot song/video, loved it and I love that it suits you fine girl. I hope your date is all you hope for tonight, I really do,
please stop by my blog as I would love your opinion on a part of my book I shared.
Thanks Texas
Love Gail

Susan Tiner said...

I hope your evening goes well. xoxo

Mr. Charleston said...

Come on Trish. You're pissed off before he even gets there. Who knows, he might show up with flowers and reservations to the Ritz. But then again,he might not show up at all, or be late, or track mud on the carpet or be carrying a bag full of Krystal Burgers... dammit you're right! Fuck 'em!

Jennifer said...

I hope you have a great date with that nice man. Sometimes you have to get used to certain, er, communication styles. I'm still getting used to one after a number of months. I suppose that could be called a good thing - keeps you on the edge?

Jim said...

Your remark about ... let me try to remember it, since I can't go back and re-read it once I've committed to a "comment"... all he has to do is show up? In that his wife took care of everything? I seem to remember that period in my life (ok, over twenty years ago, but whatever). I hate to be the downer here, but I have grave misgivings. (OK, so what. My misgivings are not yours and what do I know, anyway?) I love your writing, and by extension, you. So I'm hoping for a good outcome.

PENolan said...

I'll say it again: I swear I love you guys to pieces.

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