Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Intersection of the Political and the Personal

I'm settling in, waiting and wondering when I'll hear from Jon-El again.  While there is ample evidence to suggest that he will call sometime this week, there is also plenty of experience that suggests he'll drift off into his own shit and reject the idea of a relationship at this time.  People do that every day.  It's part of that eternal cycle of Anticipation and Disappointment which brings us to Barack Obama.

There is a distinct correlation between dating/romantic behaviors and the big, wide world.  That was the whole lesson I learned during the Narcissist period.  How can we confront Major Assholes, such as The Supreme Court, if we roll over and play dead when dealing with assholes in our personal lives?

The opposite may well be true, however, so that we should not let our disappointment in public figures influence our personal relationships.  I may have been filled with hope when Barack Obama got elected, thinking we'd have someone in authority to get decent regulations in place on banks and businesses - particularly the Oil & Gas industry which seems hell bent on destroying the whole planet for a few bucks because they can't think beyond the length of their own little dicks - and it turned out that Barack Obama is essentially Bill Clinton in Black Face (Glen Ford said it in Black Agenda Report) so that we have yet another president who works for corporate and military interests -
well, that doesn't mean that I'll hear, "You're an amazing woman, BUT . . . " from Jon-El Williams.

Maybe Barack Obama is on my mind today on account of Woody's segment on a recent Worldwide Hippies News.  He's at his spitting mad best at about 4:40

The man in this still from WWH News is Ed Croft NOT Woody Konopelli, aka John Konopak - unless it's Joe.  Can't always tell what youtube will post.

Woody's vision of the 2016 Republican ticket - Jeb Bush and Liz Cheney - is infinitely more alarming that any of those goofballs in the clown car so many established Democrats keep holding up to justify the Lesser of Two Evils approach to voting.

Anyway, I'm formulating my personal position on how I intend to manage discussions of electoral politics this year and haven't quite got it together yet.  The gist, though, is that I'm not discussing the presidential elections with anyone who doesn't concur that the differences between our two corporate parties amounts to the same amount of difference as there is between GM and Ford.  Or Budweiser and Coors, Skippy and Jiff, or more to the point: Exxon and Shell.  If we can agree to start from that point, then maybe I'll talk about electoral politics.

Meanwhile, I continue to manifest a relationship with an intriguing man who comes back again and again.  I sincerely hope it manifests with Jon-El Williams because the other morning when I was indulging in one of my all time favorite activities - getting high as hell and going to the grocery store first thing in the morning - I had a revelation about the Revolution.  Specifically, the very best way I can support the Revolution in America.  As it happens, Mr. Williams has an idea that involves the bell tower in the church where I work.  I'm not sure if he's had this idea ever since he was a youngster growing up in Harlem where that tower is a prominent feature of the skyline.  Actually, it's a prominent feature of the full New York skyline because you can see it for miles and miles, even from an airplane.

It occurred to me that if Jon-El and I stirred up some energetic alchemy up there in the tower - the tower of the very same church where Martin Luther King, Jr delivered his sermon, "Beyond Vietnam: Time to Break the Silence," (American Rhetoric) - we might very well be able to wake up the spirit of MLK himself, as well as a few other great American ghosts, so they can lend a damn hand in the coming year.  It's kind of like how Aragorn had to wake the spirits of his ancestors in order to win the battle against Sauron and secure the future of Middle Earth.

Here's my favorite view of the tower. When you're on the West Side Highway, you can see the tower connected to the chimneys that release the gas from the landfill out into the atmosphere by billboard reading Wicked.  The way institutional religion has been connected to the ruination of our environment and our society is very wicked.  Some practical magic may very well be necessary to push this paradigm shift into high gear.


mbarnato said...

But the beginning of a potentially good relationship has that snap, crackle, pop that's so appealing! It exhilarates and generates a lot of energy; such a rush to ride that wave, and that's the tricky part -- harnessing the energy without getting barrelled in a huge wave...

At least for future political candidates, Barack Obama has taught me a big lesson: delve into the background. Maybe these days, the same goes for men one is dating. Either way, time reveals the truth, and unless we put steel around our hearts, we get disappointed. Who was it that said "trust but verify"......?

ellen abbott said...

I hear ya. Our political system is a joke. There is no one to vote for. Obama supporters keep telling me he's better than the alternative but I sure don't see it especially now that he has signed away another of our civil rights.

Here's another joke, the petition going around for the new amendment regulating congress. Ha ha. Like congress is really going to vote for that.

America. It was a nice idea, too bad it turned out to be a myth.

Patricia said...

It's seems as if you and I are in a parallel universe. Disillusioned with Obama. Also, I met a guy on Match, we went out for a month and a half, he asked me to be his girlfriend! Sweet right? Then guess what? He's been on match the past month trolling for chicks buh-bye. I think the next time I go to the store I'm going to get high. Your dinner sounded amazing. You deserve everything you want and more this year.

PENolan said...

Thanks, Patricia - and you do, too!

ellen - that's exactly what Woody says about Congress.

Maureen, all I have to say is, "Your mouth to G*d's ears." Or the dog's ears. Much the same, really - but you get the idea.

Mr. Charleston said...

Screwing in the bell tower won't stir up anything except a few pigeons and the feeling of so what, the pigeons were doing it before we got there and will again after we leave. Same with politics.

PENolan said...

Maybe so, Mr C - but the pigeons don't have to worry about the security cameras.
Ooops - same with politics again!

mac said...

Woody does have a way of geting it out there. He's dead on here!

I think if your Jon-El knows a good thing when he sees it, he'll call :-)

PENolan said...

It was absolutely one of Woody's better efforts, for sure.
And I'm pretty sure I can relax on the JLW front, but you never know . . .

Susan Tiner said...

JLW sounds like an interesting guy, I really hope he calls!

PENolan said...

Susan - I'm happy to report that he called. I am officially smitten.

Cali said...

I really love that you've given him Superman's family name. Whether he lives up to it or not we shall see in due course. I certainly hope that he does. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want a world full of menopausal stoners to rip his throat out because he hurt their friend.

Describing the Republican't field this election year as a clown car is perfect. They are all nuts, near as I can tell. It doesn't seem like a single damn one of them can even tell the difference between reality and the cartoon that's showing on the screens that are up the Koch brothers' assholes to provide them entertainment while they... prostitute themselves. (I was going to say something much raunchier, but I changed my mind at the last second.)

I wish voting didn't always have to be the lesser of two evils. Frankly, I can't tell that there is any difference between the right and the left anymore. Well, OK, one group of them is slightly more religious than the other, but all that means is that one wants to make birth control (pills, condoms, diaphragms, whatever) illegal. One of them (I think it was Santorum, AKA Frothy Mix) actually said that birth control gives people license to "do things." I kid you not. Riiiight. Because we can sure put the sex genie back in the bottle. NOT. The jackass's probably just worried that his wife might die (of embarrassment for being married to such an idiot) and the next wife will be more experienced than him. Then she'll know what a loser he is when he can't find her magic button.

World Wide Hippies News is wonderful, but wow, they REALLY need a sound guy. I had to turn the volume all the way up to hear half of what the second and third corespondents said. Then Blue Bayou about blew my head off. My kid has experience with that, and I'm sure I could convince him to do it, but the problem is that we don't own a soundboard-- yet. Maybe you could talk to them about this sound issue? Perhaps someone already associated with the production already has the programs (like Garage Band) or equipment? It would make these videos much more professional sounding and easier for the viewer to watch.

PENolan said...

Cali - I didn't know that was superman's family name, but somehow it still suits him. And a posse of angry menopausal stoners does my heart good to imagine.
I still think we should be camped out on K Street, or C Street, with weapons and weed - but I'm not eager to get detained. I guess that's what Obomber was thinking when he signed NDAA . . .
As for WWH, in my view they'd be easier to watch if they were less than 10 minutes and I know what you mean about the sound. It's a steep learning curve.
I've been thinking about doing some videos for Roundtree7 linking current events with our past, referencing Alexander de Tocqueville's Democracy in America. Sort of like a Menopausal Stoners Take on de Tocqueville . . ..

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