Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Hot Date, Sparkling Rosé and Brer Rabbit

I'm in a bit of a quandary because of Jon-El Williams.  I'm not entirely satisfied with that name, but at the moment the trouble centers on discussing him at all.  I don't know how he feels about stuff like that, and I find that I care about how he feels about stuff like that.  With The Narcissist, I didn't give a flying fuck how he felt about anything I said or did, but that was only after I was pissed.  I was definitely respectful on the blog about The Preacher from the Mountains (Stonerdate 03.05.2010) and about The Artist from the South of France because they were both decent individuals.  I had plenty to say about The Preacher privately, but because he was a regular blogger himself - with the knowledge of his superiors in the church hierarchy - it would have been wrong of me to say anything online that was damaging to his reputation.

I didn't care if I damaged that damn Narcissist's reputation online because he was such a ___(insert perforative)___ that the public at large deserved a warning.  Kind of like when the Starship Enterprise runs across a contaminated planet and launches a warning beacon.  After I saw that the man had left an eight page google trail of posts by Bluestar727 on various adult websites in his quest to find a flaming red bush, I figured there was no reason to be discrete. However, I was always aware of legal ramifications if I got too close to his real life identity.

I'll admit it was bad of me to fuck with the keywords so that the post Ass-Wholes Great and Small (Stonerdate 01.30.2010) came up in the search results when his little books about investing were published - but that's what happens when I try to be reasonable and peaceable and somebody acts like a complete asshole, hence the term "Ass-Whole"(h/t Woody Konopeli).  And besides, Google didn't have an issue with anything I said even after he apparently reported me, so it couldn't have been as bad as all that.  Certainly that episode - even before I took down the post where I linked to the most extreme example of his asswholery on Attraction Forums - wasn't nearly as tacky as what Dan Savage did to Rick Santorum (Rick Santorum's Anal Sex Problem, Mother Jones), but then, those guys are professionals.  In any case, it's not like I didn't give that Ass-Whole fair warning and ample time to respond in private.

The reason I'm worried about all this today is that I have a steaming hot date with Jon-El Williams tonight.  Normally, I don't pay much attention to New Year's Eve and it's not like Jon-El and I have plans to go out. We have plans to stay in which is why this date is significant.  The fact that there are any plans in this direction at all is significant because typically, I'm a woman who considers the consequences of certain activities only after we've reached the point where all I can say is, "Too Late Now."

If I had been the boss of the trajectory with Jon-El, it would already be too late - but Jon-El has been doing the driving.  I'm not sure if he's been moving slowly on account of he's cautious about getting mixed up with a lunatic or if he's unusually perceptive so that he can tell when a woman is 100% ready for action.  I've never waited until I was 100% ready for anything except getting pregnant with Velvet.  Getting pregnant is not something anybody should enter into lightly.

Before Jon-El Williams became an Emmy Award winning producer/writer/director with a bunch of programs on his IMDb page, he was an entertainment lawyer.  I like it that he has emmy awards and stuff - but it's the lawyer part that concerns me.  By the time the Narcissist threatened to sue me, I was secure enough in my position - and drunk enough during that phone conversation - to say, "Let's go."  I believe I may have mentioned getting the court to subpoena his estranged wife.  The point is that I wasn't a bit afraid of or intimidated by The Narcissist.

I am, however, thoroughly aware of Mr. Williams' credentials as well as his generally astute character and level of practical experience which means I would think twice before pissing him off.

It may be that fretting is premature, as it were.  The outcome of tonight's date may be such that I'll be sending him on his way by midnight, in much the same way that I made that Preacher go sleep in Velvet's room for the duration of his visit.  

Considering the way my head hit the wall during that good-bye kiss the other night, though, it would be nice if Mr. Williams had a recurring role in the sitcom of life here at Menopausal Stoners Temporary Digs. And we all know that if has a recurring role, then there's no way I can help talking about the man on the internet.  It would be too bad if he felt it were necessary to squash me like a bug especially since he has that capability.  Consequently, I'm minding my Ps and Qs.  I'm also shaving my armpits, and I think I'll get a nice bottle of sparkling rosé.

I'm pretty sure that if Jon-El really does get a recurring role, I'll give him creative control of his character and, especially, his name.  Meanwhile, I'm not sure why, but this whole thing is reminding me of Brer Rabbit.


intelliwench said...

Exciting news there! I hope you have a wonderful evening, the first of many. My NYE date is with intellikid, but since it might be the last time she deigns to spend NYE with her mom, that's cool with me.

Vis-a-vis Mr. Wisdom's role in your online chronicling, my only words of advice would be to never try and work something out on the blog before you've addressed the issue in real life, in person. (That's why I have a paper, private journal...some things just need writing to get figured out, but not every bit of writing needs to be seen by everyone!)

PENolan said...

Intelli - words of wisdom, indeed.
Have a wonderful evening with Intellikid.

Diane said...

OMG - we are running parallel lives with different characters.

Its killing me not to write about it, about him, and he too is making me wait overlong for that 1st meeting. Its certainly working in his favor in the meet-n-breed department, but is frustrating as hell to the Queen of Immediate Gratification.

I wrote about my ex (or whatever you call a dead spouse who was both beloved and an utter ass-whole) freely. I didn't give a fuck what he thought, and he kind of liked the attention.

It like my 1st date in a century or two too.

Heh. I shit thee not.

PENolan said...

Hey Girl!
I love parallel lives. All the best in the cumming encounter. You deserve it.

mbarnato said...

hmmmm ~ a stay-in date on New Year's Eve is a pretty big deal. I had my first ever such date 29 years ago on NYE and we're still together, so be careful... Oh that's right: "I'm a woman who considers the consequences of certain activities only after we've reached the point where all I can say is, "Too Late Now."" (hehe ~~ great line!)

So, a little thoughtful awareness is a good thing; so is the fact that you know he could squash you like a bug... It's a good counter-balance to "Too Late Now." And hopefully, sufficient mutual respect & fondness develop to the point that you don't even want to skewer him on the internet... It's an active universe and we're going into a new year, you never know what can happen... Enjoy!

Diane said...

I love the stonerdate link part too.

You are freaking hilarious.

Life As I Know It Now said...

He is a lawyer, so yes, it is good to be a little afraid of that. However, he does sound like he is strong enough for you and secure enough in himself to continue to fascinate you as well. Happy New Year!

Amanda said...

This was awesome, and I almost choked on the pizza I shouldn't be eating. My NYE will be of the "The Kids Are Youngish and I am Tired" variety. I'm good with that.

Happy new year... enjoy!

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