Friday, March 30, 2012

Physical Violence is the Least of my Priorities

A meme is born -- Physical violence is the least of my priorities
I got this video from my ether-buddy Brad, Pinko the Bear, who does a blogtalk radio show: Up Late with Pinko the Bear
Lefty Leftist Ear Candy for the Vampire Nation.
Apparently, he runs a bar at Burning Man.  I may have to go this year, if I survive this real estate adventure intact and with enough money for a plane ticket.  I can visit my cousin, one of the original Menopausal Stoners.

I met Pinko through Diane of  The Wild Wild Left and the affiliated Facebook group: Links for the Wildly Left.  This is some drunk guy in Canada.

I will be forever grateful to all three of these individuals for restoring my sense of humor.

Actually, I laughed so hard at this surprisingly impressive fellow that I believe the log jam of negativity that's been clogging the sparkling, bubbling brook we could call my life is officially unclogged.

One good thing about The World is that it's always sucked, and sucked consistently.  Spanish Inquisition, Plagues, The East India Company, The War of the Roses - whatever.  It's sucked, sucked, sucked.  Terminally unsatisfying, according to the Buddha.  So as easy as it is to get pulled down into a pit a despair about current events, it's not like anybody ever had it easy unless they were rich.  And it wasn't so easy for Eleanor of Aquitaine or any other unfortunate wives or courtiers who wound up in the Tower.

Despite all that, we can still have fun and love each other.   Lawyers and others who focus on the Worst Case Scenario can bring you down, but you don't have to be stuck there.

My own lawyer is working out the last little stumbling block in the contract so if it's not signed today, it will be Monday and the sellers already have proof that the bank is behind me so they can confidently give their tenants notice to vacate.  And I'm feel 100% positive about Mr. Wisdom. It's still too soon to tell if he's Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now - but either way, he's going to be John E from now on instead of Jon-El. There were good reasons to call the man Jon-El, but if we're going to move forward for another 90 days, then I want to get to know that six year-old show off who clearly still lives inside him when he's not oppressed by adult responsibilities.   I got a glimpse of that fellow on New Years Eve, and I liked him - hence, Mr. John E. Wisdom.

Who knew a drunk guy singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the back of a cop car could accomplish so much?  But then, he knew the words to every verse and sang with such abandonment and gusto that I howled.  It was even more fun because Pinko and I watched it in the middle of the night together.  He was just going to bed in Reno, and I was up ultra early on the East Coast.  We synchronized our videos and shared a delightful moment, combining our consciousness in the ether.  Laughter burst forth, making me cough and spit so hard it blew that bummer of a log jam apart.  I felt so light hearted I remembered my inner Tinkerbell.  Evidently, if Mr. Wisdom does become John E., Peter Pan will factor in to the story at the intersection of Real Life & Fairytale.

Mercury comes out of retrograde on Wednesday, April 4th. As it happens, Velvet's 21st birthday is the 5th. I'm not sure whether he's spending it in town or going up to celebrate at Hookah House, but it's a milestone to have a 21 year old man child. He reports for duty at the Hippie Dippie Quaker Camp on June 8th, and I'm betting we'll be all moved in to our new home by the river before he loads up his backpack and heads back into the woods one more time.

Meanwhile, I think it's ultra cool that I blended consciousness with Pinko the Bear, an anarchist from Nevada who will certainly be on hand for the General Strike on May Day.  Not sure where Pinko will wind up for that - could be out in Oakland where the real action is.  I may get myself downtown that day to see who else is out in the streets that day.  I am sincerely attached to John E. Wisdom, and I love him as deeply as I ever loved any man who I've seen for maybe a total of 40 hours - but you'll never know who you'll meet when Workers of the World Unite.


norm magnusson said...

yes. a meme is born.

Diane said...

My brother, long ago, far away in another galaxy before jack boots and tasers got pulled over about a block from our house.

He stumbled getting out of the car, so to recover, dropped on one knee, and sang, arms spread, "Poooo-liiiice, release me, let me goooo"

The cop laughed so hard she did, and followed him home.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I tried commenting repeatedly today and Blogger just wasn't cooperating. Also, your blog post originally ended at drunk boy's video. Did you add more to the original post or was Blogger only showing part of your post?

PENolan said...

Yes, I did add more during the day since I've been sitting around waiting for the lawyer to call so I can go sign the dang papers.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Congrats on the property. Take pix when you get settled in. Will it be like a month or so from now?

Mr. Charleston said...

Damn right! The log jam is broken. The old Trish is back. Hallelujah. Time to change your profile photo to one that smiles and shows off your beautiful face.

Cali said...

That was an awesome vid! My son, his girlfriend and I watched it together. We had a great shared moment.

I'm starting to feel the overall "mood" of the family lighten a bit already, too. This is a good thing because when Mercury is retrograde my son and I can't have a simple conversation without getting into a fight. I can't ask any question or make any request using the right words during a Mercury retrograde period, and then he has to tell me about it. Usually I either over-explain what I want or ask too politely. Yes, you read that right, I ask too politely. As plain as the curl of his lip, it's because I'm walking on eggshells, but he doesn't seem to get that. Quite frankly, it's hell. It's been more hellish since he's come to an age where I can't really send him to his room anymore.

I knew I shoulda beat him more as a child.

Congrats on breaking your log jam.

PENolan said...

V.V. - If we ever sign the dang contract . . . grrr!
Mr. Charleston - the good mood is still kind of iffy.
Cali - I'm told by an astrologer that this Mercury Retrograde is worse because Mars and Aries are causing people to fight, fight, fight.

Susan Tiner said...

I disagree that no one had it easy unless they were rich. Rich does not equal easy. It may or may not. What I do believe is that poverty almost never equals easy.

Happy Belated Birthday to Velvet!

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