Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thing of Beauty #066-101

My friend from Roundtree7, who writes under the name Krell, made this video all by himself.

It's kind of depressing, rather like waking up on a Monday morning and dragging your ass to work especially when somebody switched the clocks on you.

Some time ago, I realized that blogging for me is like throwing a message in a bottle. Krell lives in Oklahoma, a peacenik environmentalist surrounded by people who are hell bent on fracking the world to shit and then selling water to people after they've destroyed the water supply. He sent an SOS to the world, like Sting sings about in a song I reference all the time. We don't need another hundred million bottles washing up on the shore anymore. They're floating like giant islands of plastic soup in the oceans already. But sending a message out into the ether and finding a world filled with people reaching out to grab and hold onto each others hands? That's a thing of beauty

 So is this idea:   Recycled Island

As it happens, I learned about Recycled Island from Krell too.


Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

assasicEvery mol;ecule of every plastic ever created STILL exists today, unless it has been reclaimed and recycled. It IS possible--albeit not cheap--to turn plastic BACK into the petro-chemicals from which it is derived. I like the idea of using millions of plastic bottles as private islands, too...Cool vid...

Krell said...

Yes, wouldn't it be great if they just had this huge scoop that would scoop up all the plastic bit in the Pacific Gyre, melt them into to bricks of some sort, and build an island.

Thanks for the vid post as well, PE.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Beautiful .... said well buddy. Ain't it the truth?

Anonymous said...

".....people who are hell bent on fracking the world to shit and then selling water to people after they've destroyed the water supply....."

Sounds like a bunch of good, god-fearin' Capitalists to me.

Ain't Democracy great?

Actually, I think North Americans only go through the motions of democracy. In reality, however, the Southern North Americans walk around armed to the teeth and spend their time shooting passers-by and Indians.

Cali said...

Hey, I'm only a single day late this time! Go me!

I gotta agree with you on the Krell vid. But then again, it's just the same old shit that's been overwhelming and depressing me for years.

Recycled Islands are a great idea-- at least until one considers things like hurricanes and how they are becoming both more frequent and more intense. Inhabitants would have to be prepared to evacuate to nearby solid ground pretty quickly.

I'm not loving all your new commenter(s). First off, I'm not sure it's actually more than one person because much of it doesn't make sense-- it's word salad and it's all very similar. Then they make some weird assumptions about most "Southern North Americans," don't they? Whatever that is. I'm assuming they mean US Americans rather than those south of the Mason-Dixon line, but who the hell could tell? Additionally, their sexualized discussions with each other (or his or herself as the case may be,) here, on someone else's blog of all places, feel creepy, verging on abusive-- at least to me. If this were my blog, I'd ban them, but since it's not, I'll just skip reading their comments as soon as I recognize them. Somehow, you've attracted a really strange person, or group of people. I had a stalker once so I'm going to fervently hope that's not his or her game.

PENolan said...

Cali, According to the stats, the individual(s) are far away so I'm not worried about stalkers coming from that direction. I've wondered if it's one or two people myself, and really have no idea what the whole thing is about. I am aware that some folks think the pair is kind of creepy. I just figured the episode would play out somehow - and as long as they're not rude to others, then I don't see any reason to block him, her or them.
Rex Visigothis might have experienced Aquarians as rude, but since he himself was an internet character who was chatting me up in real life, that was okay with me.
It's an odd phenomenon - this creating internet characters who buzz around blogs. Not something I've ever been into myself, but like I said, I just figured it would play out somehow. And besides, there's something in the attitude that reminds me of someone I used to be friends with. He cut me and another friend out of his life, I think because I hadn't included him in a party that was more like a professional courtesy than a social occasion. He and his partner liked for me to set up my bedroom as sort of a VIP lounge where he could hold court and make catty remarks about the other guests as necessary. It was fun at first, but by the fifth or sixth time, it had become burdensome and difficult to explain to other guests. So I didn't include him in what I considered a professional situation where people who my other friend really cared about could have been offended.
That was years ago and he never spoke to me again. He aspired to be like a dowager in an Edith Wharton novel, and was very judgmental but very, very witty and insightful. I miss him a lot, but once an Edith Wharton dowager cuts you, there's no turning back.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Cali,

I am truly sorry you perceive my attempts at humour as being something nefarious.
I write clever dross that is meant to be sarcasm - or that is at least my ONLY intention.
As has been always the case, and to my great misfortune, I am clever, but not actually funny.


Perhaps a visit to my blog, and that of Sterculian Rhetoric, might convince you I mean no harm or disrespect.

Anonymous said...

I too wish to apologise.
I was introduced to your blog by a good friend, a New Yorker it turns out, who discovered you when your post, "Cast of Characters" posted on SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 2013
was the current post. I read this post and thought to myself, "Here is a woman who has the delicious sense of humour that might appreciate mine."

I have endeavoured to keep this sense of play in all my comments. Unfortunately I tend to express ideas and concepts as one might expect Jon Stewart or that Colbert person to express them. Some folks just can't deal with this sort of rhetoric - unless it comes from those two television stars.

We, Dr. M, aka ALT-F, and I, mean only to be funny.

ALT-F's 'response' to Rex Visigothis was in no way what so ever meant to be rude. I am at a loss as to how it could have been construed that way. Sheesh!

Cali said,

"......Additionally, their sexualized discussions with each other (or his or herself as the case may be,) here, on someone else's blog of all places, feel creepy, verging on abusive-- at least to me......."

You have grossly misunderstood us and I am very sorry you feel this way. The verbiage to which you refer as 'sexualised' is actually the exact opposite and meant to mimic, for the purposes of humour, the interaction of a typical hapless Patriarchal male and an enlightened and independant female. And this for the entertainment of PENolan. We assume that our 'audience' is intelligent, well educated, and Liberal - both politically and philosophically. I think PENolan is the epitome of this.

Ms. PENolan?

I will leave if you wish, but I did believe that you were not only 'getting' my jokes and sense of humour, but also enjoying it.

PENolan said...

My goodness. I am thoroughly impressed by your conscientious and deep sincerity. Personally, I've always known you were playing and, as I said, you two remind me of a very dear old friend.
He would have detested those knobs on my kitchen cupboards too. The only reason I bought them is that I was tired of prying the middle drawer open with a kitchen knife and they were only about a dollar a piece. I will be getting hand painted ceramic ones - but I didn't want to commit to any particular design until the backsplash was installed. I do love cobalt blue and its derivatives, but I'm a Gemini not an Aquarius. Virgo rising. Actually, I kind of wanted handpainted ceramics for the backsplash too - but I not only ran out of money since I overspent on the bathroom, but I was also concerned about installing a shelf for open storage on top of such nice tile.
In any case, I've been missing my old friend Rhet terribly since I started rennovating the apartment. A friend we had in common even suggested to him that we all get together, and he absolutely answered every other item in her email, ignoring the reference to me so entirely it's like she never even said it.
Maybe I should have gone with subway tile.
Anyway, you two remind me of him and I consider it a blessing of some sort. He fully appreciated sexual deviancy in all its glorious forms and was the one who swore my exhusband was not a bit gay but simply needed a woman with a strap on - preferably with swarovski crystals to remind him of his mother, Vagina Dentata. If memory serves, it was Vagina Dentata that instigated our bloggy association which has never alarmed me in the slightest (although sometimes when I'm tired I don't quite know how to respond). Some of my far away friends have expressed concern for my welfare, worrying about stalkers and rapists and such. As much as I appreciate their concern, to me it takes more than a few bawdy comments or an intimate vignette to arouse suspicion of stalkers or pervs.
As for Rex Visigoth, aka jollyroger, if he did feel insulted because he took Aquarian's advice to ignore him personally (since that's exactly what I did) and took himself off in a pout, then I should express my gratitude. I mentioned the episode because it is absolutely the only instance I could remember that could have been remotely considered rude.
No one ever looked at him as a threat, however, and the fact is that we met at a "meet-up" of political bloggers and although we barely spoke that night, he found my blog, went to my profile and found a personal email address, and began chatting me up. Even though I explicitly refused to give him my number on the grounds that I didn't want to encourage him, he proposed Argentine Tango lessons. Frankly, I'm not worried about him either for several reasons - but he provides a useful illustration of what serious stalkers and pervs do when they're motivated. No disrespect to the man since I think he's probably harmless for all his big talk about his big penis - and if he would have come out of character for a nanosecond, I may have met him for drinks. He also provides a nice opportunity to use one of my favorite phrases: Fuck him if he can't take a joke.
I've only blocked a couple of individuals from this blog. Some were coworkers who eventually got me fired for stuff I said about them here (the boss included). Boundary issues, they said. And I've blocked a Wallstreet Banker with a mean streak who used to troll.
People are free to come and go as they please. I just hope that anyone who may have been stunned by any of your comments, Aquarians and SecRhet, will receive your comments in the kind spirit in which they were offered and consider a shift in perspective.
It's the New Age after all, and we're here to learn from each other.
Carry on . . .

PENolan said...

Dang, wish I had an "edit" button because I would change the second use of the word "comments" in that last paragraph to "apologies"
But you get the idea . . .
And PS: ALtoF is not only clever but often very funny. Just look at the time I made the typo and she responded with Burt Friedan. THAT was funny.

Anonymous said...

Thank you PENolan.

" exhusband was not a bit gay but simply needed a woman with a strap on - preferably with swarovski crystals to remind him of his mother, Vagina Dentata......."

Now this is why I came, and would like to remain, here.
That is funny.
A strap-on godemiché without Swarovski crystals is akin to what that famous Pro-Gay Liberal Anita Bryant would say: "Like a day without sunshine."

If any other readers are possibly confused with my, "Pro-Gay Liberal Anita Bryant" quip, it is meant as pure sarcastic rhetoric and should be understood only that way.

Post Scripta
It was a commenter named 'Smelly' who offered her/his opinion on your kitchen décor, not me. Though I must confess, those drawer pulls, to which you refer above, were a tad, je ne sais quoi?

Rex Visigothis went off in a pout? Oh dear.
Perhaps the offence he perceived was rooted in being reminded that he is not an Ostrogoth. The Ostrogoths being much more effective barbarians than the Visigoths. At least that's what my Roman friends tell me anyway.
Perhaps he feels inadequate because of this? You know, like the way a Dallas Cowboy fan feels in the presence of a New England Patriots fan? It could be worse, he could have been 'King of the Vandals' - New Orleans Saints fan - everyone looks down on them! They're pitiful!

PENolan said...

Well, it may be a bit unfair to say he went off in a pout - but either way, he is no longer suggesting tango lessons or anything else. You may be correct about the variations of goths. I can't tell a Goth from an Angle or a Jute.

Smelly said...

I stand by my original opinion of those knobs.

PENolan said...

Smelly, I hope you'll drop by frequently enough for me to consult your opinion before I order the permanent ones. I've been looking at Mexican Talavera

Cali said...

As a long-time fag hag there's nothing more entertaining than an old queen with delusions of grandeur. There's also nothing more judgmental or tiring. Worse, they usually have all the depth of a business card. BUT, if you can get them to go shopping with you, you will come home with clothes you NEVER would have chosen in a hundred years. And those clothes will be the most flattering damn things you've ever owned.

In my case it was a tangerine (I HATE orange) mohair (I HATE mohair) sweater dress with three-quarter length sleeves. (I HATE three-quarter length sleeves, too.) It could be worn frontward with a jewel neckline, or backward with a plunging V-neck. But when I wore that dress with black stilettos with an ankle strap, a V-shaped belt and a push up bra, well, va-va-va-voom! The first time my then husband saw me in that dress I actually had to tell him to close his mouth. He followed me around like a googly-eyed retarded puppy all night.

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