Thursday, August 1, 2013

Klingon Birds of Prey, We're All Going to Die and Burning Man

The other day, I was trying to use the camera on my new phone and discovered that there were a ton of pictures in my phone that came from the blog.  Hundreds of them, and I didn't want them on my phone at all whatsoever.  So I deleted them, and somehow, through the mysteries of wireless internet, all the pictures disappeared from my blog.
At first, I was annoyed because the blog was fucked up, but once I started replacing a few photos, I quickly saw that it was a big, fat drag to go through five years of entries on back onto the internet to search for replacement photos like this one:

Or this one:

I do need to get the photo of me and Granny the Ho back up there in the sidebar, but there's an issue with my scanner connection, so it's just going to have to wait until I sort that out.

Meanwhile, it occurs to me that the fucking NSA probably has all the blog photos in my permanent record.  You would think that as long as they're collecting data on everyone and storing it in big buildings out in the flyovers, they might as well arrange to sell us back our data when photos and personal documents disappear into internet black holes.

Honestly, the world is so fully fucked up right now that no matter where you look, there's more evidence that we're fucking fucked.  The weather's been lovely this past week in New York City, so at the moment climate change is working for me, but I still think it won't be long before rising sea levels start fucking up my commute.  We passed the Carbon Dioxide point of no return two months ago, as reported by the New York Times (NYT, 5.10.2013).  By the time something is in the New York Times, it's old news to anyone who was paying attention.  Lately, though, some people have been flipping out about NTE (Near Term Extinction).  NTE may have a lot of numbers and science and all that supporting the notion that all life on this planet will be dead in a few decades - it's just that everybody knew the world was heading toward this fate when all those international environmental summits turned out to be  giant circle jerks.

Severn Cullis-Suzuki gave this speech in 1992 at the UN's Earth Summit in Rio:


Certainly things have gotten worse in terms of endless war and ecocide since 1992, so as much as I appreciate the math to show we're all going to die in a decade or two, I don't see how NTE is news.  Richard Duncan was talking about how all this industrialization cannot be sustained back in 1989 when he introduced the Olduvai model.  He was off by some decades about the permanent blackouts, which haven't occurred at all yet, but he laid out the trajectory clearly.

In any case, many people are of the opinion that it's time to start planning seriously for NTE, and I suppose that's reasonable if you want to spend your last days on earth planning for your last days on earth.  My personal objection to that course of action is that some of those same people get bitchy when you tell them you'd prefer to spend your last days on earth living your life instead of planning for the apocalypse.

Facebook friends were lost - not as many as during an election year, but friends unfriended, nevertheless.  If we're all going to die in a decade, the last thing I need is somebody telling me I have no imagination about the impending apocalypse as if the impending apocalypse is new information.  I settled on top of this hill in Harlem because I figured that with all the displaced people looking for shelter - whether they were displaced due to the economic or the environmental situation - I didn't want to live in an area where overpasses could become contemporary Hoovervilles.

My understanding of NTE may be limited, but the way the Facebook threads were going, you'd think that instead of a few very unpleasant decades where so many dead bodies are laying around that there aren't enough people to bury or burn them, humanity was going to be extinct in one swoop.  It would be like the earth got hit with something as major as the genesis device from The Wrath of Khan - but instead of a lifeless planet springing to life, the life would all dehydrate into dust or something.

Again, Guy McPherson himself may not think NTE will play out in a couple weeks like folks on Facebook who cite his work seem to believe - so I don't want to attribute an attitude to him that is exclusive to his disciples. However, I will continue to avoid people who troll around the internet saying that somebody like Lee Camp is full of shit simply because he doesn't focus on how we're all going to die on account of the environment.

Lee's more focused on how we're all getting fucked by the government and the corporations that own it due to endless war and ecocide - as well as a cultural dedication to consumerism.  Somehow that's full of shit to the NTE tribe.

Near Term Extinction zealots have harshed my mellow.  It's very ugly when someone you've respected for his/her good sense suddenly starts calling people climate deniers just because they think there's a chance humans and the planet could survive for a couple of hundred years no matter what some environmental mathematician has determined with a few new equations.  Further, as any committed existentialist will point out, we're all going to die anyway.  The important thing is to decide how you're going to live your life - and that goes double for those of us who believe we're all energetic beings and only bodies die.  We all have one shot at this life, so make the most of it.

Pinko said that the whole thing reminded him of the song Save the Hammer for the Man. 

In other news, Pinko and I have been dating via Skype. It's similar to back when I was telephone dating with that Preacher from the Mountains - only Pinko is smarter, more witty and doesn't believe he speaks with God-given authority.  Actually, I'm pretty sure that if I had had more of a visual of that preacher when we first started talking, I probably wouldn't have ever said he could stay in my apartment if he ever came to New York.  Now - that was an example of a Nice Girl being nice to a simple, well-intentioned fellow who seemed to need a friend. Pinko is no longer under the impression that my attention fell into that category. Now that we've been skyping, he has become more aware of my Klingon tendencies regarding romance. Velvet made that connection a few years ago (Stonerdate 11.29.10) and Woody improved on it with the observation that I'm often like a Klingon Bird of Prey when it comes evaluating a man as a dating prospect.

In one of the marathon conversations via Skype, Pinko decided it was time for me to clarify my agenda.  It's common knowledge that I always have an agenda even it it's inscrutable.  I explained Woody's Klingon Bird of Prey analysis, and since everyone on the internet knows I haven't found a man within 200 miles that I'll talk to - much less consider for potential physical contact - it makes perfect sense that this Klingon Bird of Prey would be swooping in on Burning Man to take a closer look at Pinko.

Between taking this last birthday harder than usual on account of being so old now, and the reality of being fucking fucked no matter where you look in the world - going to Burning Man to meet Pinko seemed like the only sensible thing to do.  Seize the day, and all that.  Besides, I'd rather dance around the fire than boil with the frogs any day.


Oso said...

Hey Trish glad you and Pinko gonna hook up, whether it's to have a few drinks and discuss the state of the world or if you are gonna share cab driving shifts - you're both good folks.
looking forward to see you and Stelll-aaaahh soon, my big girl in town that afternoon but can pick you guys up and kick it with you, have breakfast or early lunch and just enjoy some RT7 time.
hear you on NTE, my head is in the sand for all big picture things, just work police terror stuff - yet the trauma similar, cop just blew away a young chicano at a santa ana mcdonalds yesterday. just to share how cop terror is equal opportunity this was a female cop felt threatened by an unarmed mentally disturbed man, she exhibited the same behavior as male cops do - u don't wait for backup, you just blow them away. Media and the mindless public always happy to see young PoC die.
Fuck I'm a downer huh.
i sort of segue into my own 'local shit' same as NTE folks do the shit we all face.
cya soon!

PENolan said...

Oso - seems like the best thing to do is focus on local issues and personal passions right now since all that works toward the greater good.
The way the MSM ignores the routine murders of PoC by cops across the country - even when there's a splashy opportunity like the Trayvon verdict - is nauseating and mind boggling. But there it is.
So looking forward to depressing ourselves over a good neighborhood breakfast with you AND taking a walk about East Oakland to see some of the shrines and sites you've shared.
I have to confess that I'm a bit smitten with Pinko at the moment even if he does remind me of Woody sometimes - like how when he's going on and on about Noam Chomsky, that IS romantic ;)

Diane said...

PE Nolan, just wrote a revisionist hit piece about one of my dear friends, and founder of Earth Matters, Jenelle Green. I read the threads in which "Trish" (who had to take a psuedonym by court order for slandering people) denied that climate change was "all that bad" - which she now claims she "knew all along."

In the end? Her article concludes hedonism is the answer, which doesn't surprise me.. I mean, for the last 5 years, her blog has all been about her conquests in meeting men online, then getting stoned with them and fucking. Her latest sexcapade plans are downright nasty.

Hey, we are sorry that some of us take the very real possibility of Near Term Extinction seriously. A lot more seriously than, say, some 50 year old guy who lives in Mommy & Daddy's basement, and works only a couple weeks a year to make money to build his S&M themed tent at Burning Man....

I long ago left the incest nest called Jury of Trustfund 7.. or something like that. Yeah, because Trish and her ally the G-witch wannabe, freaked out because Socialism is too frightening to be mentioned on a supposedly "liberal" page - because as children of Very Rich People, they judge it "mean" to think that they might lose their Goddess-given right to their financial white privilege. Did I mention the G-witch thinks she can "pray" Global Warming away by aligning her DeBeers mined crystals and smudging them with a few herbs? Yeah. Seriously. And if you're convinced, she will sell you some too, marked up over the slave waged blood diamond prices only 300%!

Ok, to be fair, I should say Trustfund 6. They keep their leftiness creds by having one man of color who is not rich on board. But the rest of them? Are gatekeepers, rolling in dough. We are talking limousine liberals to the max. They bemoan with faux outrage the cause d'jour, but really oppose anyone who speaks truth to power and wants to do something to change the system. I mean, leave their McMansions in gated communities, or leave the loft Daddy bought you in NYC? And DO somthing? No way!

Read serious articles? Too depressing! Quote Chomsky, sure... but never hear him when he ridicules the anarchid of the US playing smashy-smashy, but unwilling to work to ensure the most at risk do not fall through the cracks with no social safety net. Vote 3rd party? Too risky. After all, its ok when a woman, or black drone bombs!

The net is full of them. Self-reaffirming circle jerks, with no audience beyond their safe echo chambers of 1st world problems, like not being able to vacation in Europe this summer, or being fresh out of pot for the weekend.

I myself, never look back when I find these pocket pustules of exceptionalism.

But when they go after my friends for daring to work hard at spreading, you know SCIENTIFIC DATA, when they ridicule them as doomer trolls for daring to call out their hypocrisy?

Hers will not be the last word on the subject.

Of course, they won't read me, but my friend who got hurt will. They all blocked me when poor Trish threatened suicide if I ever spoke about Socialism again on their Trustfund Page. (no amount of explaining would convince them that their inheritance was safe)

But I have had it with the fucking Gatekeeper Class telling us what we may, or may not discuss. NTE is real. And a little more important than their "Weiner / Holder" memes.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

When there's nothing else to bring to the party, you bring NASTY. It's why so many people vacate the places you go or live in . Jealousy and pettiness just sucks the oxygen out of the room.

But Tricia, you are not that woman. You're kind, you spend you life teaching children, you donate yourself what is positive and good in life and the world around you. Some folks don't understand that. For whatever reason... they feel denied because they are unable to feel the way you do about the world. In point fact, they see a world in death. So sweetheart, let them have their world ... lets keep ours.

Krell said...

Well Diane... before I get into all the characterizations that you seem to be so snug about, not having a clue as to what you are talking about... let me get this out of the way. Fuck you and fuck that high horse you think you ride on. You know the horse, that one that has "I interviewed Noam Chomsky" bumper stickers all over its fat horse ass.

TrustFunders??? Do you even know what the fuck that means? Or is that just your label to stick on anyone that you think has a functional life? You don't know my life or anything about me. But I can almost guarantee that I had a poorer childhood than you, that you didn't have to run from your alcoholic moms boyfriends as they chase you out of the house when you where 10 years old, that you didn't have to work 3 jobs just to pay enough to get to and stay in college, that you didn't have to come home that summer to bury your mom because she got drunk once again and got beat to death. Nothing was given to me. NOTHING! So you can take that TrustFund label and shove it right next to that stick you seem to have jammed up in your ass.
I can tell you that EVERYONE at RT7 takes climate change seriously. But we also think about other things and we don't insist on beating down anyone and everyone that doesn't talk about climate change 24/7. Does that take away from our concerns? No. Does that diminish our zealotry? Probably so.

NTE may be a possibility. But until the 370,000 other scientists review the information and support the data that has been presented, it's still just a theory proposed by a few. THAT IS CALLED SCIENCE. And just bring up evidence of climate change DOES NOT necessarily support NTE. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Your shrill harping is not going to change that process. Oh and one other thing.... FUCK YOU!

Diane said...

Teaching children while stoned. You forgot the wake and bake part before work. How's Daddy's money holding out Gwen?

Diane said...

Aw Krell, does my friendship with Noam bother you... or the 5 intervews he has had with me... or is it the 5,000 a week average listens you don't get? Fuck you and your jealousy. I get listens because I do my homework, am smart and am not some new age handwringing flunkie.

What you do do, is beat up anyone who challenges group think. So fuck you and the mentally disturbed pack you run with.

SOCIALISM! There, I said it. Wanna borrow a razor?

Anonymous said...

"let them have their world ... lets keep ours." that is no doubt part of the problem in this world.
as for kind? Tricia's piece was not that and she told Paul she wrote it because she felt hurt, that I attacked her, called her "a denier". C'mon people. I've only been the messenger and I too live my life with joy and love...teaching children. It's unfortunate that this is the turn a group of ppl take to cast out what they don't like. Shame on all of you and your hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Climate change is not the only consideration in this discussion. It also includes deforestation, ocean acidification, 80% corals gone, 85% fish gone, 50% bees gone, over abundance of trash and plastic, drought, gmos, species collapse, heat specific juniper collapse in TX, ......and OVERPOPULATION of humans. There is no way to support infinite growth on a finite planet.

Krell said...

Diane.. I really don't care if you get 5 or 5000 or 50000. More power to you.

But when you attack me or other people personally with your "Trust Fund" circle jerk BS, what do you suppose my reaction is gonna be? Am I suppose to just cover up and take it?

You should know about that group think though. You were always at the ready to enforce it. How many people have you block or kicked to the curb at a moments notice. Quick to block or condemn anyone that dares challenge your dogma. Your comments here prove it. Yep... better agree with the Diane "group think" or suffer the consequences. Your anger from that "socialism" thing has been so distorted that you have forgotten even what it was about. In your mind, it's just "Socialism" and our group is against it. Not a clue.

Krell said...

And the worst part about this whole thing. We all concerned about the same things. A prime example how fragile any sort of social media "friendship" or coalition is in reality. The slightest slight will fracture all that illusion. We will all rant about the same things and the world will be destroyed while we all hit each other with sticks.

Anonymous said...

Yikes....let's not forget that everyone one of us is dependent on fossil fuels...all of us. We don't support war but we live lives dependent on it. Collapse is surely coming...cherish life everyday...that was my message all along...problem is none of you like the details.

Diane said...

My reaction here is nothing but a response to trish writing an article specifically to get back at Jenelle. Who is petty here? Jenelle? Me for defending Jenelle against this smear piece? As always, you defend it when one of yours start the nastiness, and jam anyone who gives it back in kind.

Anonymous said...

I guess you have to look at the two approaches here. There seems to be JR7 who interviews comedians which makes it pretty clear JR7 is more interested in celebrity worship and nothing really that serious. I mean come on! One of your members is a loon hocking crystals to save the planet. JR7 is more of a circus act than anything. And there is the other approach exhibeted in Ms. Gee and Ms. Green, who take the time to do deep analysis and connect with the likes of Noam Chomsky (Which clearly has evoked some jealousy in Mr. Krell - Mr. Krell needs to get over that shit. Noam Chomsky should be a hero to all of us and Krell needs to shut the fuck up. The more Noam we all hear, the better.), and I see Ms. Green has connected with not only Guy McPherson, but a team of brilliant scientists who, some of which, ACTIVELY work in the north pole (The Arctic Methane Emergency Group), as well as the Arctic News team(filled with brilliant scientists).

I understand that Facebook and Blogger are a great medium to be silly and have fun. I can see now that goofy and silly is really the realm of JR7. It is unfortunate that JR7's inability to be serious and truthful about important issues such as climate change has caused them to be angry and deffensive, and attack our queen bee at Earth Matters. Earth Matters has become an important communications point between scientists and the general public. It gives the climate scientists great hope that the general population can accept this frightening yet vital information. JR7 is hardly this type of important information dissemination tool. But as I said before...JR7 has proven itself as nothing more than a circus side show. It is not benneficial for JR7 to continue its attack on our queen. Angry hives will sting. The Nolan hack does write some ammusing things. I think she should stick with ammusing us with her disfunctional life. As for the Gwen....Hey if you're gonna have a circus, you gotta have a freak show... right?

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Diane, et al.
The dinosaurs didn't all die out on the same day. Extinction is a gradual project. A massive die-off seems now relatively well-nigh inevitable. The irredeemable degradation of the environment already well past being reversible seems at least probabilistically a fait accomplis,
So the issue seems to me to be what is the meaning of the terms over which the discussion began. Mainly: what counts as near-term.
Human extinction within 100 years
from now, day one? It's possible, under some models I've seen.
But if it is, given things like social momentum, religion, capitalism, corporatism and the Oligarchz and Plutocratz, then the jig is ALREADY up.
The NTE vs LTE/NE (Non-extinction) debate bears an alarming (nad painfully ironic) resemblance to the New Earth vs the Old Earth creationists.

Trish's not a climate catastrophe naif. We've been discussing Duncan's Olduvai theory an d Amory Lovins and Ed Abbey and the whole rest of the canon for at least the last two or three years.

The comment about Trish going to school stoned, teaching stoned--wake'n'bake?--strikes me as potentially libelous...
Diane's personal voluble distaste for "Trish" is the main point of her comment, once the language is clarified.
That's what makes horse races, my daddy said...

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Well said, Doc.

Diane said...

Libel? She would have to delete a LOT of FB posts, and morning essays on this blog to have anyone find it to be "untrue" or "damaging" - because there are a hella lot of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday posts than mention smoking before "work" to face the day.

In the meantime? Jenelle saved every one of the threads from JRT7 - so the collective brow-beating of her is safely recorded. Whether or not Pe admits it privately to you, Woody, in pillow talk, is irrelevant.

This article was nothing but a slash piece on Jenelle. It was petulant, mean spirited and should have been left unwritten. Its been weeks since the argument happened. But slash and burn is her way. I'm just calling it what it is. WRONG.

Diane said...

And Gwen? Interviewing an astrologer? LOL. Now, thats journalism! (not)

Mike said...

The person crying revisionism is being rather revisionist.

First of all, Diane, I suppose you wouldn't know this but your friend left our Facebook group after a discussion thread wherein she and a pal commented repeatedly on a Lee Camp video about the George Zimmerman verdict by saying Camp had no credibility because he's "not informed" on climate change and near-term extinction. Which is like saying a guy has no credibility on football because he knows nothing about golf.

I made one interjection in that conversation, to suggest the discussion maybe turn to, you know, the topic of the video - but to no avail. The discussion went on and on about Camp's (lack of) knowledge of global warming and NTE, and as a side dish there was some badgering of a Roundtree7 teammate for her supposed reluctance to "talk about climate change."

Your own exit from Journey seemed nothing at all like the way you have portrayed it. Seems to me that you wouldn't just acknowledge that people can disagree with you, and you wouldn't acknowledge other people's feelings as worthy of consideration, and you wouldn't just turn to another discussion on Facebook. Instead of doing those things, you escalated the conflict and then left when everyone didn't cave and just agree with you.

But enough about you, and enough with the personal attacks. Really, enough with the personal attacks. I have a couple more things to note, then I'm done.

Not only is "socialism" not a forbidden word in the Journey room, I use it there frequently. Furthermore, climate change is a frequent topic.

And, by the way, I'm most certainly not a trust funder. I wish I were (cuz who wouldn't want financial security?), but I'm not.

Anonymous said...

Well Woody, you just might have figured out the answers to most of your questions if you had read the relevant information, including NASA, NOAA, even msm now reporting including WashingtonPOst and Huffpost. AS for NTE, we don't really know and I agree it won't happen over night. I also said this over and over to my former compadres.

"Duncan's Olduvai theory an d Amory Lovins and Ed Abbey"
Really? Time for you to evolve.

"Well said Doc" LOL

Diane said...

I have copies of those conversations, Mike, so I have revised nothing. What I tried to do is assure Gwen that they wouldn't take her Daddy's riches away, nor endanger her trust fund nor take her small business. I tried to assuage Trish's fears about her inheritance, and told them Socialism would not take away their stuff. They went ballistic on me, and the admins told me to back off, and shut up, because Trish was "fragile." She used abusive language, not me.

Its funny, yes Socialism can be discussed - by "certain people" and when others are in "the mood to hear it."

It was a ridiculous discourse. Which I would be more than happy to publish with commentary, on my own blog. Including her "Talking about socialism makes me suicidal" comment.

Rather than here, where, of course, you all made it all about me (the great satan) rather than reprimand one of your own who obviously acted bad publicly (yet again) by making an infantile call out post ridiculing Jenelle.

I'm no one, and you all mean absolutely NOTHING to me, you are a joke. But Jenelle is someone to me, she does great work, and Trish's post is pathetic, your defense is even more pathetic.

Go back to your little cult, and skype and whine about me more... and IM Jenelles's friends to have them whine on your behalf.

I had my say, and your lies are not even woth my time.

Anonymous said...

Mike, this is from the original thread...
"Sorry, but Lee Camp needs to face that there are issues beyond politics and social inequities. Dude has no clue about the implications of Climate change. If influential people like him weren't so ignorant on this subject, more people might wake up."

Are you the "on topic" police? Well my point was "about" Camp (regardless of the specific video idiotic rant) who Gwen interviewed the week before and he has no clue what eco-cide is and knows very little about the effects of climate change so giving him cred in that area was absurd.

I didn't attack anyone until Gwen repeatedly attacked me AND my husband and it was my closing sentence. Now Trish writes this crap? You all SUCK.

Anonymous said...

JR7 spouts openness to opinion and awakening social conscious...but my opinions were not welcome and most times the rebukers didn't even read the material. The message I was delivering is much much deeper than Climate change Mike and the posts in JR7 are tepid and generic. You all should practice what you preach.

Mike said...

'... admins told me to back off, and shut up, because Trish was "fragile."'

And yet, Diane, you didn't just "back off". You didn't just let it go. See what I mean about showing consideration for other people's feelings?

"It was a ridiculous discourse." One that you took part in and prolonged. One made ridiculous (or at least more ridiculous) by your refusal to just let it go.

I'm not going to respond to your name-calling with more name-calling. I'll content myself with knowing you don't have the time to bother with us. Goodbye, Diane.

Mike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike said...

Are you the "on topic" police?'

No, not at all, JG. But I do expect that the comments in any conversation might be at least mostly on topic. I don't think hat's unreasonable. You didn't like Lee Camp cuz he knows little about climate change. Fine. Say that and move on, or just ignore his rant. Easy peasy.

"Now Trish writes this crap?" You mean the 'crap' about a falling-out with a friend who isn't mentioned by name? The person who named you was Diane.

Look, I think it's sad that people should have falling-outs over things like a disagreement on the merits of a comedian's thoughts (or a "ridiculous discourse" that went too far).

You feel hurt, and I am truly sorry that that's the case. I certainly never meant to contribute to that feeling; if I have, I am sorry for that too. Sometimes discussions get too heated, online and IRL. Whether online or IRL, the sensible thing to do is step back and give things time to chill. Seems to me that some person or persons didn't do that. Which really is a shame.

PENolan said...

It's true that I made an impulsive reference to suicide in a thread in the Journey room long ago. I deleted it right away because it was gratuitous, but to clarify: I didn't threaten suicide or anything. After reading something Diane said, I wrote that it was no wonder I felt suicidal.
All water under the bridge, until Diane herself so masterfully illustrated the very point I was making in the post.
Live long and prosper

Anonymous said...

"You didn't like Lee Camp cuz he knows little about climate change. Fine. Say that"

I did and I was berated. So the convo went on to more evidence and discussion. Some ppl are to overwhelmed and to take it all in is difficult to do when we all live a lifestyle dependent on fossil fuels, we are faced with depletions, drought, overpopulation and climate change. When I discussed those topics, I was ALWAYS shot down mostly Gwen and then the bandwagon piled on. It is sad indeed. And worse is that this blog post, yes it is crap was written as a catharsis for Pe with no regard for others or even discussing how she felt "attacked" by me no less. She and I never even had a discussion. Whether it's planetary collapse or political's going to be ugly but ppl don't want to face that. Oh well, I'll get over the loss of a group that I thought I could trust and supported my contributions...I'm glad that I know the truth now. Better late than never.

Mike said...

I'd say your perceptions are way off if you think your contributions to the group weren't appreciated and supported. Way, way off.

Mike said...

Plus, my advice was "Say that and move on." You didn't move on. But if this is "moving on" for you now, then what can I say? It's sad that you've come to such a sad conclusion about people who did indeed appreciate having you around. I know I did.

PENolan said...

I always respected and admired your contributions, particularly in the area of environment because of your commitment not only to the planet but to all the people on it. Then one day, the tone changed dramatically. I remember Tesha reaching out as a friend, since it was clear to all of us that you were beyond distressed. Tesha was agreeing with you, and you said she was uninformed and were done trying to help her. Gwen dedicated a blogtalk show to NTE even after Walton dismissed her spirituality with contempt and called her a climate denier - when she's cleaned up beaches in Florida after the Deepwater Disaster and has been cataloging the impact of Fukushima.
So I think we were all listening and taking the situation very seriously - not only the information about the climate but also the depth of the despair and anger that information seemed to generate in someone who had always been one of the first to reach out in compassion to others. Any time anyone made a comment after that fateful thread, the response was the same (1) we don't know the half of it and (2) it's too bad we're unable to face the truth and have a discussion - all when everyone in the group agreed about the coming die off and was trying desperately to find a way to connect with you. Maybe Gwen won't say "extinct" and I prefer to think humanity will evolve - like the dinosaurs evolved into birds - and David insists on finding further supporting documentation about NTE instead of accepting the time frame determined by a couple of scientists - but we all agreed about the coming collapse. We just thought other topics were worthy of discussion like killer cops, health care, poverty, endless war, capitalism and the incentivisation of greed, propaganda in the press - all the things we talk about. And yeah, we do like to fool around and lighten up occasionally in the Journey room. It helps to establish connection through humor as opposed to isolating in despair, or clinging together through fear instead of friendship. Sometimes people would prefer to forget about the coming collapse for a few minutes - and some enjoy satire.
You two chastised us for being too chicken or too frivolous and dedicated to our consumerist lifestyle to accept NTE - and then went on to spit on Lee Camp in the chat room during the interview on Here Be Monsters.
I never told Paul I was hurt. I told Paul I was done talking to people who kept telling me I was fucked up. And yeah - I wrote a post on my personal blog about how I felt, without naming names. I needed the blog because my reaction to your behavior in the Journey room and on HBM was too large for a Facebook chat, and because you and Walton had made it abundantly clear that you both thought we at Roundtree were douchebags because our views didn't precisely match yours.
You made your choices, and I made mine. Just like Diane made hers when she chose to name your names and to pull professional and personal accusations out of her ass - like I have pillow talk with Konopak, for heavens sake - and she is so excited to jump up and down on me that she posted professional accusations all over Facebook until group moderators saw she went over the line and removed the threads. She's always been like that, though, and I used to be afraid of her. We all choose our friends too.

I continue to see this whole episode as more evidence of Jay Gould's boast that he could pay half the working class to kill off the other. The 1% have always divided and conquer. And now, another group has been divided. A little one, to be sure. Meaningless except to those of personally involved - but then, I'm an existential absurdist, first and foremost - and believe we all make our own meaning.

Diane said...

Thats really the rub, Mike and Krell.

Like with me, you tell Jenelle she should "stop." I should have "stopped." In other words, to not debate, to not reply to comments made to us. To let Gwen and Trish have the last word always. You never tell them to "stop."

Somewhere in the unwritten rule book, some of us are not allowed to debate, even when what we are discussing is under direct (and often personal) attack, and others can pile on.

So when someone says that Socialism will close small businesses (which is factually untrue), or someone says, there is little evidence that climate change will be that bad, and we'll all be fine, (again factually untrue) ... we have to let those gross inaccuracies stand as the final word, because someone Popular with the admins said it?

Your rule book blows, and that is the truth of it. Unless you are inner sanctum, then you can comment, berate and bully all you want. You can force silence on some, and allow others to run over them with a torrent of comments... and never tell them to "stop."

Anonymous said...

Good for you Pe! You have your narrative all worked out to support you delusions. That's how it's done. Nice work.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

This is all you have to do? Be cruel, judge and jerk off to each other? I'm speaking to Diane Gee of the wild wild left... and Jenelle Green who admins Earth Matters on FB ... TRicia never mentioned any names or places because to be creative she had no need to. Being so narcissistic, the further this spills out the better you like it because this is how you fill you life. Nasty, cruel, calling other women cunts' for lack of substance to hurl and feeling superior whatever reason blows up. You've been doing this for "a dear friend"? Yeah, sure. This is all mother's milk to you. You feed on this kind of nasty... and so many folks have blocked you out for it. That's truth. All this absolute BULLSHIT about me and trust funds and my father who has been dead since I was 7? My gosh... you don't even have the creative necessities to make good lies! No one cares how many listens you are getting. I don't feel any need to compete with you. I love what I do. If it bothers you... too fucking bad. Your resentments and self esteem issues are spread like butter all over these comments. It's sad.

And Jenelle, do you forget that you wrote to me on FB messages after the show I did featuring NTE saying that Dan jumps into your feeds to defend you when he feels that you're 'being picked on' ...something he professes to enjoy doing to others... and you APOLOGIZED for it? .... Really JG, is this the basket you wish to be tossed in to?

girls... find a new place and purpose. It's spun out here. No one is hurt or upset by your insults and lies. You're consumption of rope has to be getting non digest-able.

Mike said...

No, Diane, "the rub" is that you can't ever accept what other people say if it differs from your dogma. Alternatively, it's that you always have to push yourself as the smartest, most dominant person in the room.

I've seen plenty of instances in Links of you being rude to other people and kicking people out. Often it was deserved, but sometimes not. So don't go pretending that we in Journey are heavy-handed and you're not.

And actually, I have quietly communicated with other Journey admins when I've seen them go off the rails. That's one big difference between you and me: I don't try to make everything a big open conflict. I don't try to escalate conflicts all the time.

I tried reaching out to you to de-escalate things, but you responded with still more anger and confrontation.

You really do need to work on being a better person.

Mike said...

This discussion thread is a great illustration of your destructive style, Diane. You went and made an open conflict instead of taking the time to find a better way.

Plus, it bears repeating, you named JG when PE hadn't. I do hope JG has noticed that.

Diane said...

JG alerted me to the thread (which I never would have seen) so you are way off the mark.

Its hilarious that in your mind I alienated so many, yet I have 5x the membership you do.

I booted Brad because despite the many time I reiterated that his newfound religion of anarchy was not the "goal" of my page, he insisted it should be, Overnight, while I slept, he would inundate my page with don't-vote neuvo-anarchist propaganda.

I booted the rest of you because of your double standards.

Despite your false accusations, I have a thriving page and radio show, and since I got rid of the drama queens, there are no flame wars. Its not about "agreeing with me" - its about disagreeing with respect. Something I demand of myself and my community, something you expect only of others, while you let your inner circle cuss people and freak on them.

My style is not destructive, and it is hilarious how you all changed the conversation to the "evil that is me" from your double standards and Trish's childish hit piece - which face it - everyone on RT7 knew exactly who the fuck it was about.

No, I wont allow anyone to redefine the purpose of my page. No, I won't entertain little bullshit personality conflict, or ego trips. My page, and show is proof of that. Rather than play with the petty, I cut them out and talk to the grown ups in the word who are willing to not be childish.

Hence why I gut out you.

I have bigger things to deal with than who likes me, who I am fucking and my pathetic popularity. Hence why I am relevant and you are not.

You are the cult of personality gate keepers.

When I make VALID criticism? No one here addressed one. Instead, all you have is personal attacks.

You can unite together under "Meanie Diane" without even a modicum of self-introspection. That is the difference between us.

When I left RT7, I re read the thread I saved 100 times. to see if I acted bad. None of you ever considered you may have been wrong.

I have world to save.

You just keep on circle jerking ok?

Anf cyver-bullies, Gwens rant d'jpur? I s exactly what people on LWL said is why they left you.

BTW? NO ADMINS "REMOVED" my post. I told Jenelle, and decided myself that meta has a shelf life... and it was a waste of energy ad removed it myself.

Go fuck yourselves. Or grow up and be part of something bigger. But if you cannot see your the log in your own eye, get the fuck off the mote in mine. LOL

PENolan said...

My gift to you, Diane:
The last word

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