Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kellogg - Phelps = Bull Shit

Menopausal Stoners has always taken the position that smoking weed should not be any more illegal than having a couple of cocktails. To me, it's bullshit for anyone who drinks to condemn marijuana since smoking weed doesn't cause near the trouble that alcohol does.

Ergo: it's wrong for Kellogg to gladly sponsor Michael Phelps, who served 18 months probation for drunk driving in 2004, to drop him for blowing dope. Nobody asked them to put his picture on a Frosted Flakes box toking on a joint saying, "It's Grrrrreat!" But if he was good enough to go on a Corn Flakes box with a DUI conviction, he's good enough to stay there with a skunky cloud around his head.

I'm going to stop eating Special K right now.

Yesterday, I had only seen the brief internet article on MSN when I logged in saying a photo had been released of Michael Phelps smoking pot from a pipe at a party near a university in South Carolina (I think). The article went on to say Michael Phelps apologized for his regrettable, youthful mistake. No surprise there since America is still uptight about a lot of things.

I was a bit surprised to find that Michael Phelps smokes weed at a professional level if this photo of him is any indication.

When a person is caught on camera smoking a bong like that, he should stop trying to apologize. He should be saying, "Hell Yeah, I Smoke Weed."

I was glad to hear Michael Phelps gets high because weed might explain why he acted like such a dope on Stephen Colbert. I'm sorry to say the man was definitely slow on the uptake and couldn't keep up with Stephen at all. Doubtless, Stephen Colbert couldn't keep up with Michael Phelps in a swimming pool, but Michael Phelps was promoting a book. You would think that someone who had just written a book would be more entertaining.

The only conclusion one could logically make is that either (a) the book was ghostwritten or (b) the book is as boring as Michael Phelps himself.

Michael Phelps has stopped himself from boring everyone into a coma by hitting a big, ol' bong - but it would be infinitely more interesting if he'd stop apologizing and say he likes to smoke weed responsibly.

Many heavy-duty, serious problems face America today so it's no time to call for a Million Stoners March on Washington. In a couple of years, though, it will be HIGH TIME to stop this War on Drugs foolishness. Maybe by then, Michael Phelps can stand proudly at the front of the parade.

There's a good, reality based piece over at Huffington by Sen. John V. Santore: Michael Phelps, Hypocricy and American Drug Policy

Stoners of the World, Unite!

*Note* My dyslexic son, Velvet, has a T-Shirt that says Dyslexics of the World Untie!
I love that joke.


Utah Savage said...

I love this post. Stoners of the World Unite indeed! Michael has certainly seemed smarter to me since I found out he smokes weed. But I'm perverse that way. Until then I thought he was about as interesting as a fish.

Tell me when you organize the million stoner march.

Anonymous said...

LOL, poor guy, to get taken off the Kellog sponsorship like that. But it is kinda stupid to be celebrity and get caught smokin up like that in a country where it's illegal. Come on now, have the sense to do it where ur not known, or where people won't care. I definitely find him more human now :)

Kimberly M. Wetherell said...

I blame who ever had that fucking cell phone/camera and thought it would be funny to trash someone's career.

Just leave the poor feller alone and let him do as he pleases.

Also - I agree. He was awful on Colbert. But there are few who can truly keep up with our good friend Stephen Colbert at The Colbert Report.

But god-almighty can that boy swim.

Kitty said...

HI Trish - I've been having trouble accessing your page lately, so now I'm here will read the posts I've missed.

I didn't know that about Michael Phelps, but whatever he does is his business. I think it's outrageous that Kellogg's can overlook a drunk driving offence, but not a photo of him smoking dope. Double standards!


Gail said...

You are by far, still - always was - always will be my favorite MSNBC news anchor!!!

Love Gail

and the "dyslexics untie T-short is the best ever!!! :-)

Gail said...

opps! T - shirt, not short!!

PENolan said...

Y'all I have nothing to say today in response to your comments because I'm too sniffly. I am glad to see you, though.

Liberality said...

damn camera phones are everywhere. no such thing as a bit of privacy really.

yellowdog granny said...

i agree...and in all the interviews i have seen with mp i never saw one where he actually sounded like he had a brain..think the kid is dumb and can swim really well.

dissed said...

I don't care who smokes, so long as their brains are clear when it's MY time.

MY GOD, people. Party time should be party time. Put your damned phone back into your damned pocket and LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE.

Suzi Riot said...

Nice post!

Of course it's bullshit. But until public policy regarding illicit substances is changed, the bullshit will continue.

Freedom Now said...

Marijuana legalization is about human rights. Write to all your state representatives. Write to your President. Join peaceful protest. Talk about it. This is an issue we can resolve, so lets do it and not leave it always for tomorrow.

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