Saturday, October 31, 2009


Some say Samhain is tonight. Others say next weekend.
Sounds like a week long party to me.

It might be New Year or it could be Old Year.
The end of one cycle and the beginning of another.
Either way, the Celts mark the occasion.
Just not with a pole in autumn. The pole is for May.

I probably should have gotten an afternoon job by now, but I've been busy. And if I'm not going to the shrink twice a week, I don't need an afternoon job at all.


Punch said...

I'm am 5th Generation Floridian and before that Irland and not gay and that flick is the reason why.

Jesus, even the broads are queer. No wonder great,great,great granddaddy Elisha left. Damn.

My dick won't be hard for the next month.

PENolan said...

I can only suppose that it was Mr. Charleston was hoping.

Actually, before the war my dad's side of the family was in Georgia. Like many, they settled in Texas after the war. I'm not sure how my great-great grandfather begat the black side of the family. Or maybe he didn't. Maybe the black side came along at the same time and settled down the road. Who knows. My mother's side came from Ireland and became bootleggers in North Carolina. Souped up cars to outrun the revenuers. So we got the hell out of there too.

Gail said...

HI Trish-

I love that you "don't need an afternoon job at all". Good for you. Write, play, nap, walk, yoga, whatever - enjoy every afternoon!!

Interesting 'up beat video'

Love you

PENolan said...

It's a silly little song that makes me smile.

I love it that my ends will meet without another job - but with one, I could actually manage to be a fully responsible citizen. How's that for a new year challenge?

intelliwench said...

How about a safety word for that vid?

(My viking ancestors raped & pillaged y'alls Irish ancestors --we could be related!)

PENolan said...

Intelli - I'm sure we're cousins.

themom said...

Geez thanks, now I have that song in my head! It will take hours to remove it. LOL Thanks for sharing.

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