Sunday, November 8, 2009

Marijuana and Mercy

My visit to Tree Hugger U was pleasant and productive. It looks like Velvet simply needed a bit of parental support and encouragement. When he said that he wasn't cut out to be an engineer and thought he should be a DJ for raves, I told him that the next ten years of his life were meant for exploration and as long as he got some kind of degree and a day job, he should follow his bliss.

The next morning over a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's he announced that he and his buddy Mad Max want to go to Cannabis College in California. I said that was fine by me and that when it was time to sell this place on Central Park West, I'd be happy to stake him.

Years ago, when I lived in Austin, my vision for the future involved being a cool old lady with a long, gray braid sitting on my wrap around porch in the country. My biggest problem would be keeping my horses out of my pot plants. At the time, I figured on living in Bastrop or Gruene. Since I'm pretty sure the Baptists will still be in control of Texas when it's time to sell HQ, maybe we'll move up to Lake Tahoe with that side of the family. Then again, Vermont might have medical marijuana before long. I always liked it up there, too. I found this video in my inbox this morning from a dear friend who shares my enthusiasm for hemp. He didn't even know Velvet wanted to go to Cannabis College.

We must all remember that life in America today would be very different if it weren't for the corporate interests that banned hemp production. I think it was the cotton growers, but I may have the story wrong. I refuse to speculate on any changes that may or may not occur in America now that the health care reform bill passed the House. There's still the Senate, and plenty of BS will be served up in the meantime.

Who knows? Maybe it's time for all those Insurance Company execs to get behind Medical Marijuana.

The original Cannabis College is in Amsterdam. I could go there my own self. People are always telling me I should open my own school. I could start a Cannabis Campus in Lake Tahoe. The funny thing is that I know for sure my mother would be proud. Hell, the Cannabis Campus could be a new family business. Stranger things have happened.

Driving home down I-81, just as I was passing the road to Ithaca, this song came on the CD player. Somebody I used to know went to school in Ithaca and the verse about the brother reminds me of him. He also seems to be trapped behind fear and doubt. He was weighed down by his baggage, for sure, and could use some mercy just like every single one of us.

Right now, one of my buddies is having the final stand-off with his parents because they are convinced he's going to Hell for being Gay. More "Good Christians," so entrenched in harsh, judgmental bullshit that they'd condemn their own child. Like other Good Christians, they are convinced they are right to be harsh and condemning. Like God approves of their fucked up attitude. Now that I think about it, that bastard Jehovah might have approved - but he was an invention of the patriarchy, if you ask me. Besides Cat's Cradle, I get most of my theology from Christopher Moore's book, Lamb: The gospel according to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal.

It all starts when Biff observes Joshua and his little brother at the village well. The little brother smites a lizard on the head and kills it, then Joshua puts it in his mouth and brings it back to life. Then the brother smites the lizard again, and Joshua brings it back to life again. Biff thinks that's a fine game and decides to make friends. Joshua and Biff eventually set out in search of the three wise men. It's a well-researched, satisfying, funny look at what Jesus was trying to accomplish.

Sadly, there are plenty of folks in every religion who are judgmental, unhappy, critical, self-righteous and isolated which brings us back to Mercy and, quite possibly, a future as a marijuana grower.


Liberality said...

Time to get the post toasties and get myself in the mood for this post ;~)

Gail said...


Happy Sunday - oh such a wonderful visit for you and Velvet - I get goose bumps when thee fruits of one's labor (literally) has good outcomes. :-)

And I like that word, "Mercy". I need to have more coffee and think about it's vast meaning. huh.

I am off to be with my Mom and sister - Mom is 86 tomorrow!! And my sister is facing the 7 year anniversary of her oldest sos death - AND her first year 'remembering' without her husband of 40+ years. I am bringing stuffed shells, and home made meatballs and sauce - flowers and gifts - phew.

love you

PENolan said...

Toastie is right, Libs.
Hope all goes well, Gail. You can't hardly go wrong with Stuffed Shells.

Dusty said...

This was magnificent m'dear. Thank you.

Sadly, I can not get stoned as I am still sick..and that sucks ass. So think of moi the next time you partake ok? ;)

PENolan said...

I'll be thinking of you before you know it, Dusty.

Anonymous said...

"Who knows? Maybe it's time for all those Insurance Company execs to get behind Medical Marijuana." -- Christ: No! They'd make a killing!

... and perhaps this ultimate profit for the corps (pronounced with a hard "p") would see Huxley's *Brave New World* come true ... except the drug that keeps the masses quiet is not Soma, but pot.

All things considered, sounds possible. People who are irredeemably greedy will continue to raze and wreck the world, and heap up their piles of money and stuff. There is already an ethos of surveillance and control in governments and other institutions ... and which, now, are larger but corporations?

All things considered, too, marijuana is a merciful substance. I've seen people in harrowing pain, such as with cancer; in the unstoppable spasms of MS; in a noose of panic; vomiting their stomach lining from chemo. All of these agonies were softened and relieved by marijuana.

Like any psychoactive substance, moderation in use is the key to receiving the plant's highest (hee hee) benefits.

I can't think of any other substance that has a *merciful* effect on pain ...

jenmorrison said...

Apparently we've got lots and lots of people in this world today who sit at the right hand of God, and can tell us what he *really means* in those holy books. What I always wondered is how come God tells some of those all-knowing souls to lie, cheat, steal and murder when the rest of us peons are told something else altogether?
What's the rub, God? Is it true that if I wave your name around I get to do what I want?

In the meantime, I look forward to the book.

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