Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time for Tea

I want to crawl under the covers and read a book, or maybe listen to a Carolyn Myss CD on Spiritual Alchemy, but I'm avoiding my bedroom.  Buzz Kill came over this afternoon and busted out some bookcases that my dad built for me some years ago.  Buzz Kill hadn't moved out of the apartment yet when my dad came up from Texas to help me with some major chores - like getting the Faux Queen Anne dining set that I always hated out of my apartment and over to the Goodwill.  I'm pretty sure Buzz Kill got the message that the next thing to be tossed out of this apartment was him.  It may have been a full year between the time Dad was here and the time Buzz Kill finally left.  During that time, Buzz Kill mostly he slept on the couch during that year, but he figured out ways to weasel himself back into the bed.  Illness and Injury, for the most part.

The shelves are gone now.  They were on either side of a very big window.  The room itself is the color of bluebonnets, but the bookcases were cream.  The walls behind where they used to be are cream, too, and there are white stripes showing where the shelves used to be.  My curtains had to come down, too, because the rod ran across the window from one bookcase to the other.  A duet shade covers the window itself so I don't have to hang a sheet over the window, but my embroidered silk organza sheers are waiting to be laundered and packed in preparation for my move to Austin.  Buzz Kill had those sheers made for me in India years ago, when he was trying to use gifts to convince me of his eternal love.  He brought me cabichon emerald earrings too.  I was obnoxious about them at the time because gifts wouldn't make up for decades of financial deception - and in fact buying things like emeralds when the electric bill is past due was part of the problem - but they're nice earrings for sure.  Granny the Ho would have loved them.

Granny's ashes are packed away too  So is The John Robert Powers Way to Teenage Beauty, Charm and Popularity.  Things are getting serious here at HQ.  The apartment won't officially go on the market until February, but it will take that long to tie up all the loose ends - like fixing the ice maker and putting new caulk around the bathtub.  Velvet's bathroom needs a new sink.  That sink was always ugly, if you ask me, but it's trashed now since the kids used it for an ashtray when they were hotboxing the bathroom.  Little burn marks everywhere.  Ruffians.

Cupcake is visiting Velvet at Tree Hugger this weekend.  I looked at the Tree Hugger website today on account of it being Global Work Day according to  I meant to pay more attention to this environmental fiesta, but I haven't paid much attention to the news this week.  And besides - those fat checks we keep writing to Tree Hugger ought to be good for some environmental brownie points.

The kids at Tree Hugger aren't even doing anything to mark this Climate Change occasion, so I feel vindicated.  I was also very proud to see that the Sierra Club has named Tree Hugger one of the coolest schools in the country.  It made some other fancy lists, too, but I liked the Sierra Club best.  It would be nice if Velvet got off of academic probation.  He's working very hard.  Well, he's working anyway, which is an improvement over this time last year when he was working on being King of the Halloween Party.  I better send that child some glow sticks.

As diverting as it is to think about Velvet, and Cupcake since yesterday was her birthday and that's why she went up there this weekend - sooner or later, I'm going to have to go into my room and see this tangible new reminder that part of my life is nearly over. 

I think I'll have a cup of tea.


Lisa said...

I hope you don't mind that I giggled at the John Robert Powers reference. I know this is serious.

Jaliya said...

I'm having a tea too.

PENolan said...

Lisa, a perfect example of why I can't stay serious very long. The minute we drift into VERY serious, it becomes absurd.

Jaliya - it's a life saver.

intelliwench said...

Oh, good...the title had ms worried that you were going to write about the Tea Party wackos. Glad that wasn't the case, and I can certainly appreciate the immense energy suck that the coming transitions mean. But it sounds like it is all going to be worth it. Just keep the kettle on...

PENolan said...

I'm sick to death of teabaggers.
But you're right: It's going to be good. I'm looking forward to having my own washer and dryer so I don't have to be nice to neighbors at 6:30 in the morning - which is exactly what I have to do now.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Ah, youth. I went to see Junior at his college this weekend. I don't know how's he's functioning. He admitted to severe sleep deprivation. I suppose the hammer will fall when the grades are out. *sigh* Sounds like a lot of tearing up, packing, painting and repairs to be done at your place. I know it's an upheaval, but I love home fix-ups and I'm way past ready to move away from this backwater. So I envy you this change in your life.

Blueberry said...

Amazing how dealing with "stuff" helps us deal with the stuff it reminds us of.

Gail said...

Hi Trish-
tangible matters of the heart - they are everywhere. recently, my heart was pulled by a mention of macaroni salad, cake and mowing the lawn. such is life.

love you girl

Jennifer said...

It sounds like you're feeling the pain of living somewhere in between, both feet in your old house but compass pointed west. It also sounds like you can bring yourself back into the moment. Think I'll have a cup of tea too.

Bungy32 said...

Oy. Packing and breaking up a home. Such a pain. But also, as you note, liberating in its way. Sounds like you lowered your footprint by 10%, whether or not intentionally.

So. "Busted out." As in just took? Or is Buzz Kill a jerk in a more conventional sense?

PENolan said...

Oh, Buzz Kill is not a jerk at all. Just another Dysfunctional Joe. He means well.
We had to take down the bookcases so that the room looks bigger once it's painted off-white

Blueberry, that's exactly it
Jen, the moment's where it's at
V.V. - it is pretty exciting.
Gail, you must have been remembering some outstanding macaroni. Comfort food

MRMacrum said...

In a token gesture of defiance, I would not make it a cup of "green" tea.

But then that's just me.

PENolan said...

Actually, MRMacrum, lately I've been thinking about Menopausal Stoners American Herb Tea, cures what ails ya.
I wish VeryMissMary and I could sell it at select stores and make a fortune.

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