Friday, December 31, 2010

The Universal Reset Button

I'm happy to say that the malaise of the last few days has passed.  Walking through the neighborhood this afternoon, saying "Happy New Year," to the people on the street was pleasant.  The snow isn't completely disgusting yet, although it's hardly picturesque.  I got fresh flowers to mix in with the bouquets of evergreens I've had around the apartment for the last few weeks.

VeryMissMary is cooking free range duck for dinner with green beans. I'm glad because ever since we got back from Texas, I've been living on Trader Joe's Gingerbread men and watered-down red wine. Then we're going out for cocktails and coming back over here to wait for the kids.  For the most part, these are Velvet's buddies from High School and they're meeting friends all across the city.  Sooner or later, they will wind up back over here.  Maybe we'll light some sparklers on the terrace.

I've been remembering Gayle the Hillbilly Hustler, the woman with the infamous panties (Stonerdate 02.16.08) Back around Rosh Hashana, which feels much more like New Year's than tonight especially since it's near the beginning of the school year, I saw her walking down Broadway. .It felt as if a Universal Reset Button had been hit signifying an opportunity to repeat a pattern with improved performance.

Not long afterward, I got caught in that ice storm in the Catskills and decided to view it as the Universe telling me to slow down and reflect before I made any major changes.  That's the great thing about The Universe.  It's so nebulous and subjective you can interpret it to mean anything you want.  Tomorrow night, I'll get some peace and quiet because Buzz Kill is taking Velvet to see Pee Wee Herman on Broadway.  Buzz Kill has been treasuring a talking Pee Wee Herman doll for years and years which is still in the original box. 

After the show, Buzz Kill and Velvet are going to wait at the stage door so Buzz Kill can get Pee Wee's autograph on the box.  While they are gone, I'll light a candle and breathe and on Monday, we can all face the new semester.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Well said my friend.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I have a cleaning trigger from my childhood too, only it wasn't from renovating and flipping houses. When my mom was in control (manic) the house was spotless. When she was heading down (depressive) she would drink more, be home less, and things would begin to fall apart at home. To this day I get stressed if my house gets messy (I must be falling apart). I am calm after cleaning (I am still in control). Lovely the gifts our parents give us, huh?

Mr. Charleston said...

What if the Universe is a malaise? Maybe there is no such thing as the order of things. Terrifying free will that allows you to interpret it any way you like until you finally realize that there is no substance, nothing to hold on to.

Sorry, too much coffee. Happy New Year, Trish.

PENolan said...

Mr Charleston - that's just the existential absurdity we must all live with every single day. The only way to prove you existed is to make your mark otherwise, you were never even here. Could be we're all blogging just to prove we're here like all those Whos down in Whoville. It can make you suicidal sometimes, but then we find meaning in the nick of time - watching grandkids make snow angels, for example, and we carry on.

Doctor Monkey, let's talk soon.

V.V. What can I say? Shit trickles down hill. Good luck with Junior.

intelliwench said...

I don't have a 2011 calendar yet, so I'm cherishing a few more days' denial that another year has gone by already. Every day can be the start of a New Year, right?

PENolan said...

Intelli - If you can believe Weight Watchers, every minute can be the start of a whole new everything. That way, you can fuck up at breakfast and be on track for lunch. No Worries - ever.

Lisa said...

We were just watching Dr. Who and he said that the universe is ridiculous. I think yes it is. Thank goodness. As much as I like order, I don't know what I'd do without a little chaos. Create some, I guess.

PENolan said...

If we ever get together in real life, let's get tipsy and flap our arms as if we're butterflies in China. Don't they create monsoons?

mac said...

I like the idea of a universal reset button.
Do you think I could use it on the women I have been an ass to in my life?
When my ex she suggested maybe we should get back together, I told her, "I only want someone that doesn't think I'm an asshole"....her silence on that issue told me it wouldn't work.

PENolan said...

Funny, mac - I tried to tell That Guy Who Won't Talk To Me that the very best friends are the ones who know you can be an asshole sometimes and still love you.

mac said...

It would be nice to find someone who accepted me in my entire assholishness.

I wonder though if such a creature exists ;-)

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