Sunday, March 10, 2013

Red Music

There's been discussion about Chavez lately. From what I understand, the general opinion in the US is that he was a brutal dictator. I've also heard that The Owners think of the South American continent as a US colony, and the reason the media calls him a dictator is that he presents the danger of a good example. I never thought of him until a couple of months ago myself, so I don't know much about him. I figure Obama and Bush both authorized enough killing of civilians so that the US has no business pointing fingers. I like this song by Rebel Diaz, though. Makes me want to dance. Could be I've turned fully red . . .


h/t Al Osorio at 4:09 in this video from POOR Magazine.
(trigger alert: graphic violence)

I know Al from, too.


Suzan said...

Welcome to the group!

Anonymous said...

"......From what I understand, the general opinion in the US is that he was a brutal dictator......"

No offence, but you have to remember, the majority of North Americans are deeply, deeply stupid.
If the West likes you(1), independent of what you might do to your own people - and how often, you are known as a "strongman" If the West dislikes you(2), you are known as a "dictator".
Simple really.

(1) That is, you let the West rape your country.
(2) That is, you don't let the West rape your country.

Anonymous said...

I cheered when Evo Morales was elected in Bolivia - 'cause he's indigenous.

I once had sex with a gaucho after touring Tiwanaku and Lake Titicaca - NOT seeing any of the famous toads thereof and imbibing a bit too much amaranth chicha.

¡Ay, caramba!
Muy bueno!

Anonymous said...

"......Makes me want to dance. Could be I've turned fully red . . ......"

Fully red?
As in "Red State" red or "The Internationale" red?
I've always been confused by the Yankee Colour Coding System.
In the Canadas, "red' implies left wing and "blue"; right.

Mr. Charleston said...

He's one of those guys I want to like because he stands up to western imperialism, but upon closer examination, it turns out that he really is an asshole. Not much of the billions of oil money ever reached the general populace and his jack-booted police enforcers were brutal to any opposition. But, like most things, whether you love him or hate him probably depends more on whose ox in being gored than anything else.

Leslie said...

Is it ok to comment here if I still get my period?

I love your bathtub. Drew Brees would look lovely stretched out in it.

Geaux Saints!

PENolan said...

As it happens, I still get my period myself and I comment all the time :}

PENolan said...

Mr C, I'm convinced that any time any powerful politician gets a closer examination, s/he turns out to be an asshole.

rexvisigothis said...

"Not much of the billions of oil money ever reached the general populace." Cite? in point of fact, a good bit reached the poor of New England, via Joe Kennedy's heating oil charity. as for his people , the improvement in living standards speaks so much for itself that it became a point of criticism from stooges like Juan forrero, who would be heard to complain ( Romney redux?) that he was " buying popularity". For the rest, consider that during the US instigated coup attempt, notwithstanding he was in the plotters hands for days, he was unharmed ( cf Allende), from which I infer that even our bought agents feared the righteous wrath of the populace.

Anonymous said...

No, he was just another Dago strutting around in fatigues.
Sad that the Spanish and Portuguese got the the Americas. Think of how much better run South and Central America would be now if they were more like Connecticut or Minnesota.

Mr. Charleston said...

Rex... not hard to show a 100% improvement when you start from nothing.

PENolan said...

Excellent point, Mr. C. I have to confess I was surprised to see somebody asking for a citation here of all places. We're such an intimate little circle at Menopausal Stoners that I always figure we all know what we know. Rex hangs out at those big, fancy political blogs where folks like to argufy even when they agree with each other.
I dad to look up Dago, though, thinking it was WASP for Italian. There do seem to be a lot of little men strutting around in fatigues. I can't recall either of the Bushes in fatigues, though. American presidents seem to prefer Air Force jackets. Maybe the jackets come with the jet . . .

PENolan said...

@ALtoF, I always wonder how we got from the Red Scare to Red States too. Makes more sense to have Red on the far left.

Anonymous said...

Since when has sense had anything to do with, well, anything?

Conservatives, political ones, call themselves "Blue-Neck Tories" in the Canadas. We on the Centre-Left just assume they are cyanotic, you know, very little blood getting to their brain.
We think it's cute.

Post Scripta.
It is getting ever more difficult for me to "prove I am not a robot"
I hate that thing. It always takes me 5 tries to get it right.
I understand the need for it though. I will endure.

PENolan said...

Thank you for your patience and forbearance, ALtoF.
Google has been making those things trickier and trickier - they must know what's available to spammers and very likely came up with the systems themselves.

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