Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Existentialism and Gay Jesus

When you need a distraction, very few activities are as effective as inviting the cast and crew from the Gay Jesus play, roughly 18 total strangers, into your home on a Friday night along with 10 or 20 of our common acquaintances. My friend who is a playwright is managing everything because she and her life partner met these folks when they were in Dublin this past Spring. Any further details could compromise the playwright's secret identity and superpowers.

Add budgetary constraints and the whole situation is a creative challenge. Not much of one these days since I've been throwing parties as an antidepressant since my college days engaged to The Man from San Antone. It is my mother's great lament that all I care about is: Where I'm going, Who I'm going with and What am I going to wear? Ergo: Cheap parties and festive outfits go with the territory.
My life is in turmoil no matter what - so I may as well pass the time pleasantly.Therein lies the essence of Menopausal Stoners Existentialism.

When Corpus Christi (current NYT review) was first in previews about ten years ago, it received bomb threats from people just like Sarah Palin. I hate Sarah Palin because she represents the core values of Conservatives Christian Right Wing Republican Straight White American Males (Todd Snider). Since she has captured America's attention and focused it on complete bullshit just the way Karl Rove planned it when she was nominated in the first place, I think it's fair to institute a Sarah Palin free zone at the party.

When we are among like minded individuals, we can leave that ancient topic alone and think about what has to be done once we get a new president no matter who he is or she, if McCain keels over on the podium.

Imagine: Maybe Sarah Palin is all part of some Manchurian Candidate plan and we're being taken over by the Russians! Bristol can be the shooter or Todd - either one is fine for this adaptation of art to to Real Life.

The presidential choices for Nov 4 are clear. Once we all go vote, someone will be president whether or not we voted for him/her. Even if Obama gets elected, plenty of important issues that have remained in the background this presidential go-round will still need to be addressed - not the least of which is Gay Rights. We can talk all night about a million things without ever mentioning Sarah Palin.

We can toast a brighter future where people are accepting of each other - not Tolerant. Tolerance implies you are putting up with the inferiority of Other People. We tolerate the noise from the neighbors next door or the heat. That's putting up with something we don't like. Acceptance, on the other hand, says we are totally cool with each other. Big difference. Conservative Christian Right Wing Republican Straight White American Males, for example, tolerate the fact Sarah Palin is a woman much the same way they will tolerate certain blacks and gays. That she is a Bible Thumping, flirtatious, bright but ignorant white woman makes it easy for them to put up with her gender.

I don't want to hear her name at this party. I think I'll make a poster designating the Sarah Palin Free Zone where anyone who says her name out loud will have to be punished (Oo La La).

Somebody needs to make sure Sarah Palin knows there was a gathering of Oddwads, Queers and Weirdos at Menopausal Stoners temporary headquarters on Central Park West and we made it our mission to punish anyone who said her name. Most likely tequila or vodka shots will be the punishment of choice, but with the correct party mix, things party could get silly. Maybe that dominatrix who came at New Years can come. She makes her sub bring hors d'oeuvres and everything.
I love parties.


Blogger Gail said...

Hi Trish-

I am SO excited bout every detail of your party. I would give anything to go....even being punished by the dominatrix. (I think) :-)

Really, I am anticipating it as if I were going.

I will be home, thinking of you and the cast drinking vodka and tequilla and "accepting" each other.

This event is too good for words.

Throw a few back for me.

party on..........

October 22, 2008 at 5:33 PM  
Blogger PENolan said...

and Be Excellent to Each Other

October 22, 2008 at 10:20 PM  
Blogger Kitty said...

Can't wait for the blog of the party.

Can't wait for Sarah Palin to disappear back into obscurity.


October 23, 2008 at 1:51 PM  

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