Friday, October 3, 2008

That Damn Man in the Yellow Hat

It has come to my attention that a number of people find their way to this blog because they have searched the keywords "Man in the Yellow Hat." So far, I suppose they have been directed to the posts from months and months ago.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have immediately hollered "Egoiste!"
Does anyone remember that old commercial for the men's cologne Egoiste by Chanel?

Imagine if a plump, aging female spat out "Egoiste!" instead of several beautifully gowned and coiffed women. You can also imagine the old broad throwing a plate while you're at it.

One thing about both Leos and Narcissists - and I have come to believe that if you multiplied the typical Leo personality traits by a thousand, you'd get a narcissist (Leo x 1,000 = Narcissist) - is that they quickly assume they deserve to be in the control.

In Reality, however, the Man in the Yellow Hat is such a lackadaisical parent that it's all his fault George ever gets in trouble. If the Man in the Yellow Hat would stop leaving a monkey to his own devices, ice cream stores, circuses and movie theatres throughout time would be perfectly safe from George's antics. What's a young monkey to do?

Back in 2002, when I first started teaching the class of two year-olds, one of the Moms said that anyone can see that the Man in the Yellow Hat is obviously gay. Could be. Interesting to think about, anyway. This mother based her claim on his swishy walk and his outfit. On the Upper West Side of New York City, speculating on each other's sexuality is a time honored way to pass the time -- and no one is exempt. Not even the fictional characters from classic children's literature like The Man in the Yellow Hat. That particular year, we had one male same-sex family and two female same-sex families between the two classes of 12 kids. The next year, one of the dads in a same-sex family made up a verse to The Wheels on the Bus that went, "The daddies on the bus go swish, swish, swish."

These are the things that can happen when a two year old dominates your life. As it happened, that fellow had been among the original employees of Google and made a staggering amount of money a couple of years ago.

No matter what anyone thinks of The Man in the Yellow Hat, we can be sure of one thing: If he had kept George out of trouble, there would be no story. And kids like these stories because they can relate to George. Little kids like to imagine what would happen if they were left to their own devices - and the Man in the Yellow Hat always comes back which is the behavior children expect from parents and care givers even when those care givers are grievously irresponsible.

What I have to wonder is:
Why are a number of people searching for The Man in the Yellow Hat and clicking on Menopausal Stoners? They stay here about a nanosecond, so it's clearly all a mistake.

Some people search for Crusty Panties and wind up here too because of Gayle's Panties (Stonerdate February 16, 2008). Those people tend to hang out for a while longer undoubtedly because Gayle's panties are a lot funnier than that old boyfriend and the Man in the Yellow Hat ever were.


dissed said...

People SEARCH for crusty panties. That never occurred to me.

Gail said...

Hi Trish

Thanks for the mention of me on your blog. "Gail's Blog" Cool. :-)

Great story - The Man In The Yellow Hat' and your associations with it - fascinating.

In a creepy way I get the "crusty underwear" image attracting the 'pervs'. I have a real aversion to the "P" word "P- - - ies". Long story, sigh...........


P. E. Nolan said...

It's worse when you think they may search for REAL crusty panties not just virtual ones . . .

Kitty said...

I had to laugh at your equation of Leos, for it is indeed traditionally said to be an egotistical sign. I wonder if HCW had a lot of planets in Leo? Or just his sun? For an astrologer it's interesting to muse.

I get loads of people looking for 'men's nipples' and 'snog' ... they must all be so dissapointed when they land at my blog.


Keri said...

Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but I can tell you why I clicked on Menopausal Stoners while searching for The Man in the Yellow Hat...clearly, whatever y'all have got going on here is way more interesting than TMITYH Halloween costumes for only marginally willing dads of 3-year-olds. (That would be my husband.) Egoiste! Awesome. I'd almost forgotten about that commercial and now you've gone and made my day. Thanks!

Patricia Nolan said...

Hey Keri
Thanks for solving a mystery!
Good luck with that costume and I hope you come back again.

Artschoolgrrl said...

I came for Granny the Ho! I love everything you've written about her, well except her passing. She's a loss to boozers, stoners and self-professed floozies everywhere!

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