Friday, September 5, 2008

Again, Not Surprisingly

I just responded to yet another message from the Wall Street Rock Star. He said that I was the one who started talking about sex. Here is what I said:

Your profile mentioned sex and I made a comment about that in my original correspondence. I don't have a problem with the way the conversation developed over the week. I have issues with some of the things you said, and not only in the sexy text. I was always skeptical because (1) it's entirely possible you got all the experience with women you referenced while you were married and (2) I have absolutely no reason to believe that you really closed your Plenty of Fish account because of me. You could easily have said the same thing to several women that very night.Everything I know about you I've learned via blackberry. It's an impersonal way to communicate, and can leave much room for misinterpretation. Nevertheless, I'm sticking with my instincts on this one.

It has occurred to me that he may be one of those Masters of the Universe who like to be told they are scum. I have a friend who used to make her living as a dominatrix and she made a nice bit of money off those guys. All she had to do was tell them their dicks were pathetic and stuff like that. My favorite thing she used to do involved one of those massage cushions you put behind your back in a chair:

When the guy had his pants around his ankles with a big old hard on, she'd toss one of these babies at him. I believe he had to lie down with this gadget on his wanker while she made ruthless comments about how worthless he was until he sprayed cum all over himself - which she also said was disgusting.

One night, when I was still married, she and I were having drinks and decided the only difference between a dominatrix and a pissed off, bitchy wife was the shoes. She said I'd make a great dominatrix with a little training. When I said I could never walk in those shoes, she replied, "You don't have to walk."

What if the Wall Street Rock Star, aka SensualKing (that was his name on Plenty of Fish - but his profile is gone now) is one of those guys? I always knew he was a jack ass. That's why I rattled his cage to begin with. But his profile said all this shit about how wicked smart he was and how his idea of a good time was drinks in Soho, dinner in Tribecca and a night cap in Little Italy that I couldn't resist sending a note saying that for all his big talk, it sounded like there was a hole in his soul.

Oh Well.


Here's his response:

too fucking weird

The font size in the actual message is larger. I suppose that's how your head explodes on a blackberry. Maybe he'll go onto my profile and say I'm a head case. Considering the source, I'd take it as a compliment. I'm glad I didn't go out with him.


Gail said...

Hi Trish -
Fascinating update! You were completely on target with the "King", hah! Barf on him.

I, meanwhile, am all over the place. The pot has been stirred and I have no idea what is lurking. Ominous and exciting too.

Your solid reviews are balancing, and even comforting, so thanks. :-)
And I love the reference to the dominatrix and the shoes thing. And your freedom with words has freed me some to be more daring on my blog, so thanks again. :-)


P. E. Nolan said...

Now I've effectively scared away the 38 year old Horn Dog - not to be confused with the 46 year old "Wall Street Rock Star" SensualKing.

I told the horn dog that after the week I've had, all his big talk made me feel like I had more work to do.

Ooops. Fortunately, we both agreed it was not meant to be and quietly deleted each other. Much nicer.

Anonymous said...

sensualking is 50yrs old, married, 2 kids and out of his mind

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