Thursday, September 4, 2008

Amazing at it may seem

I have just declined to go out with the Wall Streeter. My heart is not in it.

Maybe I'm wrong, but the little contact I've had with him suggests he's entirely too impressed with himself. I'm also positive he fooled around on his wife. People can have their reasons for doing that, and maybe those reasons made sense at the time - but for me, there's a big fat red flag flying before I even get my nails done for the date.

I don't feel like fencing with some asshole over expensive appetizers at a trendy Tribeca restaurant. I feel like having burgers with one of my best girlfriends here in the neighborhood and not getting my nails done at all

There is a new guy anyway. We talked on the phone last night for a while; made each other laugh. He seems down to earth, as normal as anyone and has a good sense of humor. He was seeing someone for three years and their relationship fizzled out a couple of months ago, so he and I are similarly situated. We may do something simple on Sunday evening if he doesn't have his 16 year old daughter that day. His son just started college.

There's a big hole in my life because I'm sorely missing that old boyfried. I'm not sure I miss him nearly as much as I miss the man I wished he were. Either way though, I can't think about it without getting teary. I just don't feel like going out with some fool in a Rolex - unless he wears Lucchese boots.

When Velvet and I were touring Rice University in Houston, there was a kid from Austin in our group with his dad. Handsome fellow (the dad - the kid just looked like another scruffy high school guy), in a yellow button down and jeans. I didn't notice his watch, and I think he had on loafers. The point, though, is that he held open every single door for me. Actually, he not only held open the doors, he stood aside so I could get a bit ahead of him for the specific purpose of holding the door for me. After the third or fourth time, I blushed a little and said that up in New York City, men don't do that - which is why I'm moving back to Texas. He gently touched the small of my back and said something nice. He had the manners of a gentleman which is something you rarely see up here.

I want to go out with someone who isn't convinced that it's a foregone conclusion I'm going to jump into bed with him. Someone besides this Wall Street Rock Star - whatever that is.


dissed said...

Yep, you're ready to go home where they open doors, stand for introductions, and generally act like gentlemen even when they aren't. Which is a whole 'nother story with any number of possible endings.

P. E. Nolan said...

And I do love a story with any number of possible endings. *sigh*

Comrade Kevin said...

It's good that acknowledge the red flags instead of deliberately ignoring them and proceeding anyway.

That has been my downfall more than once.

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