Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beer, Wine, Weed, etc.

Today I have to say that it is stupid that in the US, you can get your ass shot at in an unjust war, but you can't drink a beer.

I'm not much of a beer drinker myself because it shakes around uncomfortably in my tummy. Weed never gives me a stomach ache - or a hang over either, for that matter. And if those silly kids who left the drunk girl in my bathroom had not been shitfaced drunk, I'd have gotten a good night's sleep.

Last night Velvet and two buddies were hanging out in the living room, lap tops in hand, X-box on and talking about this girl from Georgia (in the former USSR not the American South) who actually told one of the boys that his parents were BAD for drinking wine in front of him. She also declared that the Jewish and Muslim religions were derivations of Christianity. Never mind that Jesus (who may well have been named Joshua) was a Jew himself and there was no Christianity at the time.

Plenty of people across America say just as many ridiculous things as that child from Georgia. They ignore obvious facts in order to support their own opinions and stuff like that.

Now, I must state once and for all that nobody needs to be driving under the influence of anything major since that's dangerous. But as long as you have a designated driver, or are hanging out at home, you should be able to do what ever the heck you want.

When we were in Texas looking at the convention on TV, Velvet saw someone with a big marijuana leaf banner that might have said Legalize It. Mother told Velvet marijuana would never be legalized because then you could buy it in the grocery store. Those folks must be talking about decriminalization, she said.

Now I ask you - what is so wrong about being able to buy good weed in the grocery store next to the beer? Why not have a variety of brands all adding money to a peaceful, green American economy?


Comrade Kevin said...

I admit, without apology, that I smoked far too much pot in my younger incarnation.

I had to cut it out because THC interacts badly with my medication. Not only that, the last time I smoked, I got the worst panic attack of my life. Though I appreciated the sensory experience, I'm already a bit of a schizoid, paranoid personality and the cons were about as numerous as the pros.

So that's why I stopped. But I don't think it should be criminalized and I never will.

P. E. Nolan said...

Yep - weed can make people paranoid, and when some people smoke, they don't feel like talking for hours. Everyone is different.

Beer makes me fart like a donkey - that's why I stopped drinking it. That was my choice, not the government's ;)

dissed said...

Last time I tried to smoke, about 15 years ago, I thought I was coming down with flu and had to go to bed. It's my loss. Green is good.

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