Friday, September 5, 2008

Not Surprisingly

The Wall Street Rock Star cannot believe a little fat woman has blown him off. I've heard from him three times today as he struggles to get his head around the fact that I won't go out with him.

All I said (or wrote since he's another one of those businessmen with a blackberry who texts like crazy) is that from a few things he said during a sexy text exchange the other morning, I concluded he was egocentric and unpleasant. Now he's trying to convince me he's a GOOD person.

I knew this would happen. I'm bored of the 38 year old horn dog and I haven't even met him. There's a fellow I haven't met yet who is also originally from Texas, but he has a ranch out by Bandera and goes back and forth all the time. He's some kind of PhD Engineer. Could be a possibility. Then there is a mysterious fellow who lives on a lake some miles west of the city. Cute, articulate. And the one I'm definitely going out with Sunday who seems very nice from the two telephone conversations we've had.

Velvet is having friends over tonight. I would say that I don't know how my place got to be the party house, but I'm pretty sure it's because I think anyone who has to register for the selective service should be allowed to drink beer. Not my beer, of course, but I can hear the cans being opened at this very moment. Then there's the fact that they hot box the bathroom once I've gone to sleep so I can maintain my stance of plausible deniability.

No vomiting allowed and absolutely no more forgetting drunk girls in the bathroom. Jeez.


Comrade Kevin said...

I've been a little too persistent at times but also frequently rewarded for my tenacity.

But I have also always known when to quit.

P. E. Nolan said...

He just sent another email that sounds a lot like he's blaming me for thinking he's a turd. It's not winning me over.

We'll see what he has to say next since I have complete confidence he's going to have to have the last word.

Gail said...

Hi Trish-
Your prospects sound fascinating. I agree, the 38 y/o blaming you is losing many points.
The PHd, hmmmmmmmmmm....... in engineering? - hopefully he is not too full of himself.
The lake guy? Cute? Give it a whirl.

Thanks for the reply about F A. I get it now why he likes you better. :-)

He was particularly sensitive, gracious and kind earlier. Took my breath away.


P. E. Nolan said...

The PhD engineer may be full of himself, but he's from Texas which means I won't be timid about kicking his ass. I seem to trip over my tonge with these Yankees and say everything wrong because you can't just say, "You Dumb Ass." They think that you're calling them names and get offended. Down home, when you say someone's a dumb ass - you're making an observation not calling anyone names.

Gail said...

Hi again -
I can't imagine putting timid and your name in the same sentence, Yankee or not. That's just an observation, albeit ever so limited via this forum. :-)

Peace and high five

dissed said...

You what? Blew him off? No. It can't be. Isn't he every woman's dream? Especially every woman who's not only single, but older than he. You must be mistaken. Surely you didn't read what he wrote. I mean, you could be SEEN with him. And stuff. Of course he's a good person, that's why he continues to insist upon I mean kindly offer you this incredible opportunity. Going . . . going . . . hopefully gone.


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