Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PMS: Pre Midterm Syndrome

A couple of days ago, I was optimistic about all kinds of stuff.
Not today.
Early this morning, I was feeling touchy about some comment over at Black Magpie thinking that when some men see tits, they can't hear and automatically miss your point and/or think you're dumb because you have tits.  Not all men, of course.  Maybe only 25%.   I was fixing to get agitated when I realized I was probably PMSing.

The time is right for personal PMS, but I have to wonder if there's something like PMS that goes along with elections - like Pre Midterm Syndrome.  Reading that Sharon Angle raised 14 million dollars at the same time as she said Detroit, Michigan was under Sharia Law illustrates the whole syndrome this cycle.  She's a well funded moron - but where is the money coming from?   According to Think Progress, the US Chamber of Commerce has launched "an unprecedented $75 million partisan attack ad campaign against Democrats."  A bunch of this money comes from overseas, and there's more from the Koch brothers.   The thing is, though, that people have been buying elections for generations, so this news is old news - which is why it sucks so hard.

I guess it's worse now that the Supreme Court institutionalized this bullshit with Citizens United - and it's even worse when you consider that Clarence Thomas' wife is a notorious Teabagging fundraiser.  So it's the same old shit only deeper which is probably why everybody is so grumpy.  We can't all have PMS.  Men don't even get PMS.

The trouble comes when the world is grumpy - for very good reasons - and you add PMS to the mix.  For a little while this afternoon I was excited on account of I got to talk with Joe McEvoy who is one of the founders of World Wide Hippies.  I'm fixing to be the correspondent from New York for World Wide Hippies.  I'll get press credentials and everything.  All I have to do now is figure out something to write about.  I have confidence something will come to me, and talking with Joe is fun.  But before you know it, I was feeling a little hopeless.  Who can help it? Everywhere you look, there is news of the impending Republican victories and the election is three weeks away.  If 9-11 proved one thing it's that people on TV jabber away for hours and hours without having the slightest clue of what is going on, but they generate self-fulfilling prophecies all the time.

Maybe I caught the PMS from Distributor Cap, who had this video up at his own blog and some compelling observations about the Right posted over at Black Magpie in Mother, Jugs and Speedos.  I believe he made the video himself which makes him the lovely and talented D-Cap.

It all goes back to that old saying: In a democracy, people get the government they deserve.  The trouble with that idea - true as it may be - is that even if these candidates all get elected either because Teabaggers turn out on November 2 in droves or because Democrats don't get out and vote at all, I don't see how we deserve their bullshit.

Deserve it or not - we're stuck.  Especially on account of that endless war that has trashed our country.
What's a poor girl to do?  Drink a glass of Pinot Noir and go to bed, secure in the knowledge that for what it's worth, Tomorrow is Another Day.



makes me wish I could still drink.

Liberality said...

That self fulfilling prophecy shit is why the MSM goes on and on about Republicans winning this coming Nov.

The way to fight back is to talk loudly and constantly right back at them with FACTS. I like blogging because it's one way I can push back at the MSM and the money changers who want to control everything :)

YES, we get the government we get because people refuse to educate themselves. They only want to hear what will reinforce their world view. How can we get people to look at facts rather than their convenient talking points is something I'm not too sure of yet but I try in my own small way to do what I can.

Which is another reason why republicans don't like science. Science teaches us to form a question and then look for the answer by examining reality rather than just believing what you want to believe. That doesn't dovetail with talking points either does it?

Okay, sorry I'm leaving a mini post in your comments. I am done and going home where I don't have internet access but I'm done with my homework tonight and the library wants me to leave :)

Lisa said...

I'm numb from feeling so angry and despairing. I don't know what to think about November except that having John Boehner as Speaker of the House should give anyone pause.

Not that it will.

On a somewhat related note, I chatted with a French friend of mine yesterday. He tells me that the French flirtation with conservative politics has been a failed experiment. People hate Sarkozy and his policies that are trying to undo their social safety nets.

I wonder if the French will vote them out when they have a chance. Unlike Americans who don't get that it's those Republican/Corporate policies that got us into this mess, it will be interesting to see if the French are as dumb as we are.

PENolan said...

I was down in the dumps, and now you've fired me up again.
Whew! Thanks. I needed that.

It's supportive little community we have here. YDG, just don't drink the Kool Aid

Lisa, I still think a bouncing breast brigade saying Make Love Not War is the way to go - if not for the progressive agenda then to make a few bucks for ourselves. Something's got to give.

jadedj said...

Yep...Pinot Noir. An un-Amurican word, but damned re-assuring.

Personally, I am in major fart-out with the whole system. I am pissed, but I am not a tea bagger. I want to kick someone's ass, but who? As a liberal democrat, in order to counter the crazies who could get in office, plus the criminals who got us here in the first place, I have to vote for the same douche bags who have let me down...refuckingpeatedly!

Symmetry sucks, and there ain't no justice, Josephine.

It may sound trite, and hackneyed, but I truly fear for the future of my minor daughters...what the hell kind of country are they going to inherit...a piss poor one I think.

I am not giving up...but I do not see a whole lot of light ahead. Just saying.


Midlife Jobhunter said...

"that people on TV jabber away for hours and hours without having the slightest clue of what is going on"

Indeed - hours and hours of garbage spewed. Opinions. Please give me news, somewhere. (Just heard mention of the Chamber of Commerce today.)

Yes, tomorrow is another day. And, yes, this is a great post.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

It must be in the water. I attended a local political meeting tonight. I try to avoid them, because if I show my face, I wind up as a target for the hate bloggers who are the mouth piece for the status quo. Anyway, I showed up and had to stay at the back of the room to avoid getting my picture plastered on the blogs and I had to stand there and listen to people spout stupid BS because they either believe it and are too stupid to check the facts, or they're trying to convince others to buy into their delusions so that nothing changes and they can stay rich and powerful at the expense of this community and most of the people in it. I was so stressed and angry when I got home that M suggested we go for a walk to let it all go. I am so sick to death of ignorant asses at the local and national levels. Since I don't drink wine, I'm ranting on the blogs to relieve the stress. Thank you for your patience. :-)

Beach Bum said...

I guess it's worse now that the Supreme Court institutionalized this bullshit with Citizens United...

That’s the game changer for me, with this secret and unrestricted money flowing the tables have been altered to the point that democracy in this country is officially a joke. Don't get me wrong I'm still going to vote for the best person but paraphrasing the old saying money corrupts and endless money corrupts everyone.

MRMacrum said...

I didn't catch anything after you mentioned tits. :)

Forget the money, forget the parties. America has been programmed to expect instant gratification. That we have now been disappointed consistently for the last, oh say 10 years, it is no wonder we are all suffering a kind of PMS.

The rise of the Tea Party is a logical result. Their influence has already been profound in that it highlights just how confused and angry many of us are. It will be after all those loose dogs who make up their ranks have exhausted themselves throwing tantrums that this country will settle into whatever track it is going to be on for the forseeable future.

Out of chaos comes stability. What kind of stability is anyone's guess.

But because I am at the least an average Murican, I won't settle back with no furrin spirits with names like peanut noyer. It's good ole sour mash or nothin for this good ole boy. Likker with names like Rebel Yell, Jim Beam, and yeah even Jack Daniels would do even though the folks that distill Jack seem to think their whiskey should be priced like it came from a single malt distillery in Scotland.

Excuse me now. I have to put on my speedo and head down to Loew's for some home improvement Bump 'n Grind.

PENolan said...

I feel better already.
If I start talking about it, I'll get teary because I am PMSing after all. But it's nice to know there are a few people who will be great to know if we need to get off the grid.

Susan Tiner said...

I vote for the bouncing breast brigade.

Jennifer said...

Maybe there's one thing to hope for - maybe all these teabaggers who get elected will fuck everything up so badly and look so ridiculous doing it they'll ruin the chances of their queen making it to the White House.

Anonymous said...

Fool them all just get out and vote, and remind everyone you know. At work, everyone I work around is a card caring republican. And most of the folks that I fellowship with, also kind of makes me nuts. What is wrong with people? We put a Black Man in the highest office, which in itself is great; now need to support him to see some of the changes that have been started, followed thru. Change is a work in progress.

Bungy32 said...

I am SOOO tired of the "let them have the helm and fuck it up" logic. Didn't we just come out of 8 years of that?

A wise sage once told me the GOP plan: Get in. Make a mess (but also a profit while doing so). Get kicked out. Leave the Dems holding the mess. Blame them for the mess. Get back in. Rinse. Repeat.

It's the cycle that's killing me -- and one that seems to be accelerating to, um, monthly. We've been sold on "freedom" definitionally as something that doesn't involve responsibility. We want our happiness (property, commodity, etc.) now and we want it fully financed, devil may care about the interest rate. And if you won't give it to me, I'll find someone who will. Who cares if he dresses up as a Nazi on weekends or hates the Humane Society (!!) or thinks all abortion is wrong, even when the woman's health is at stake. Gimme gimme gimme.

I could continue this rant. I think I'm PMS-ing. Oh, c'mon! You didn't think that was only a gender-based cycle, did you???

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