Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hippie Day

I'm over at Worldwide Hippies today, talking about active following:  Small Steps to a Better World
There's some cool stuff over there about Aliens and a compelling piece by Marie Gage, The 99ers and the Trickle Down Effect.  They've also been running an informative series about human trafficking in the US that will make you want to pay very close attention to the people your kid is talking to online (most recent: Who's Missing?)

Dre sorts through the daily news and links to items pertinent to Hippies.  Joe produces regular videos of Hippie News with occasional editorial comments. The joint is hopping.

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tnlib said...

Great site and I bookmarked it. Also enjoyed your article but hey, what's new?

PENolan said...

Thanks, Girl
I'm taking that as quite a compliment since you're a smart, articulate woman.

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