Thursday, December 9, 2010

Swinging in the Breeze

Although Bernie Sanders' filibuster is heartwarming, I remain seriously bummed out about the government.  When I sat down on Wednesday to write for Worldwide Hippies, I intended to take the position that we should get legal weed if we have to pipe down and take the deal for Tax Cuts.  We're having to tolerate a lot of bullshit and deserve anesthesia.   Then I read about how our tax dollars went to a military contractor who has been pimping out pubescent boys to fat cats in Afghanistan in the article, Wikileaks: Texas Company Helped Pimp Little Boys to Stoned Afghan Cops.

Once I knew about the bacha bazi I couldn't write about Weed.  I wrote this post at Worldwide Hippies instead:  Swinging in the Breeze. Dre added a lovely illustration.

Later on that afternoon, I impulsively clicked "interested" on a Tea Pot Party meet up for next week, made facebook friends with some lawyer in Queens who says he's a political organizer with experience in introducing marijuana legislation in Alaska in 1986. I said they could have the meet up at Menopausal Stoners World Headquarter on Central Park West, but I wouldn't give him my address or put it on the internet.

Simultaneously, I called Worldwide Hippies Joe and asked if I could have a business card and say I'm a correspondent for Worldwide Hippies. He said "sure." So now if I want to I can have a cocktail party for the tea pot party at HQ. None of it may go anywhere, but I figure no matter what happens it would be a good idea to get involved with Willie before I head back to Texas.

Then I called my lawyer, The Man from San Antone, and asked if it's a good idea to have a party for Willie Nelson's Pot Party. I also asked what was up with Kinky Friedman since he and The Man have done business in the past.

The thing is that I don't really feel like going back to Texas at the moment.  I can't stand the idea of being so far away from Velvet.  Sooner or later, but not quite yet.


intelliwench said...

Wow, woman - when you have a good week, you have a GOOD week!

Lisa said...

Life is fluid. Always has been, always will be.

I like how you keep your eyes open for opportunities to do what you want about things that matter to you.

PENolan said...

Lisa, it's funny that you used the word "fluid."

The real estate agent showed the apartment this afternoon to a non-serious buyer. I've been thinking that if the apartment sells this spring, I should keep my assets liquid.

Of course I thought liquid sounded sexy.

Inelli - it was a great week, and now I'm pooped.

Beach Bum said...

Stumbled across Kinky Friedman's books in the library, they are some of the best reads.

dissed said...

Don't think anyone should go anyplace unless and until it feels right. Not even for Willie.

PENolan said...

Beach, The Kinkster would be glad you stumbled on him instead of simply finding him.

dissed, I'm glad you agree. You know,I really do pay attention to what you have to say about stuff.

Distributorcap said...

just think - it can only get better

Mr. Charleston said...

Go to a quiet spot. Take a toke or two. And then make your decision about Texas.

You won't find many people who think like you do in Texas. But then again. you probably don't in New York either.

dissed said...

But you know, if you need to, want to, WILL go to Texas? Then you should go, and not look back.

It's hard to turn a child loose, especially when you won't be right down the road anymore.

PENolan said...

dissed, it's impossible. I was in a rush to get down there on account of my parents - but it turns out there's no reason for concern after all. Whew!

And that being the case, there's no reason in the world to quit a job that I love to move half-way across the country with no job and no insurance.

Mr. C - Although most people in my neighborhood are almost as progressive as I am, just bring up Gaza and Israel on the Upper West Side of NYC and watch what happens. No wonder there's no peace in the middle east ;)

D-Cap, maybe; maybe not.

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