Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Current Events in Real Life

The thing I like best about not paying much attention to current political events is that I often get completely confused about who people are which often makes the story much more interesting. Take, for example, the recent announcement that Caroline Kennedy wants Hillary Clinton's senate seat.

I had Caroline Kennedy confused with Maria Shriver. Since residency in NY State isn't a big deal to our Senators, it seemed entirely plausible to me that The Governator's wife in California would think it was a fine idea to be a senator from New York. She is a Kennedy, after all, and as I recall Bobby Kennedy launched himself onto the national stage with the very same senate seat even though he lived in Massachusetts.

No doubt I have details wrong - but what the hell? Some people were bent out of shape when Hillary Clinton came to New York to be senator. Admittedly, her running was unfair to whomever the loyal Democrats in The Empire State believed should be the candidate - but that's life in the big city. Besides, everyone knows Hillary Clinton is a brilliant opportunist. Frankly, I never saw an issue except that in my view, there's no logic to allowing a person who hasn't lived in a state to be elected to public office. When you think about it, though, so many public officials are self-interested bastards who don't care about their constituents that it makes no difference where they grew up.

Which brings me to the flap about that governor in Illinois. Apparently, lots of people are outraged at the blatant corruption displayed about selling Obama's senate seat. I think it's a big "Ho Hum." What's funny is that he hired the lawyer who defended R. Kelly for filming himself peeing on a teen-aged girl. There is a distinct parallel between a rapper peeing on a minor and a Governor pissing on every law in the book.

That's about as much energy as I ever have for current events - especially when there's corruption on Wall Street too. It makes me wonder exactly who will be the mindless jerks with their backs against the wall when the revolution comes. I first read that phrase in The Hitchhikers' Guide describing the Sirius Cybernetic Corporation.

Talk about weird: I was trying to find an exact quote for the Hitchhikers' reference above and one of the first things that popped up on Google was me. Jesus H. Christ - no wonder this country is on the way to Hell in a Handbasket. Menopausal Stoners is becoming some sort of authority on Bastards with their backs against the wall when the revolution comes, Bokonism and Panties.


dissed said...

Put 'em up against the wall some more. I like it.

I haven't been able to sit through a television show, any of them, for several years. My news comes from NPR or the 'net. I figure I'm getting most of the important stuff, and I'm probably better off not knowing the rest of it.

Comrade Kevin said...

Use your bizarre google search references to enhance your hits. That's what I say!

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