Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World Aids Day

It's World Aids Day.
I learned about it from blogs I read.
Here's one from Frank H. Jump:

There's something profoundly disturbing about today being both the day to raise awareness about this disease - which brings to mind other diseases as well as the issues surrounding health care in this country - on the very same day that the president is going to tell the world we're sending more soldiers to Afghanistan which is, to me, pretty much like saying we're going to simultaneously throw bazillions of dollars down the toilet and kill a bunch of people on purpose.

Meanwhile, legions of TV "journalists" are camped out at Tiger Woods' house. Last night, a sports writer named David Zirin made a some pertinent points on Rachel Maddow:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

So we see that Tiger Woods thinks it's okay to use civil rights imagery to sell sneakers and profits from all kinds of obscene excess, illegal sex trade and shameful labor violations in Dubai. Apparently he needed hitting with a golf club.

Here at HQ, I'm still pondering my over-reaction to Velvet's comments about Moneypenny and Smurfette (Moneypenny and the Patriarchy, Stonerdate 11.28.09). I've let the Moneypenny thing slide because (1)it all started because of something some other kid said and (2)he took it back gracefully and sincerely when he saw what I meant about the support staff. The Smurfette thing continues to percolate but not because of anything Velvet said.

Aside from my concerns about the double standard perpetuated by the patriarchy that restricts women's sexuality and my extreme resentment that all those "whores" in Congress who have been bought by corporate interests thereby ruining the good name of prostitutes everywhere - I'm pretty sure that whole episode goes back to my own struggles with sexuality. Specifically, I would hate for Velvet to think I was a Ho, and under the terms of that patriarchal double standard, we must all acknowledge that I would be considered a slut from a family of sluts. Granny the Ho was a Ho, after all. It's just that back in those days, getting married was the most lucrative career choice open to most women so she got married a lot.

Any way you look at it, we come back to the world going to hell in a hand basket. I'd be more worried about it, except for all of recorded history shows the world going to hell in a hand basket and yet we're still here shaking our heads over everything from global warming to The C Street Family who are currently working to have gays in Uganda executed.

The good thing about hanging out with two year olds all morning is that they completely pull you out of your own adult head and into their own world order. It's a small, self-contained little world. Bad things happen, of course, but it nearly all comes from the adults. In the preschooler world, all you do is try to make sense of things as they effect you personally.

I guess that's all any of us are trying to do in the adult world too - it's just that the world extends beyond the corner and includes so many awful, awful people that you never seem to be able to make sense of anything.

No wonder I stayed late today straightening out the books in our classroom library. It's safe in there.


Gail said...


And I just heard, well, a few hours ago that the COBRA health insurance option offered to folks who leave and or lose their jobs has gone up in premium from about $500 to $1100 per month. So much for health care reform helping the poor slobs who become unemployed. As you know, I believe myself to be quite inept at writing about or discussing political issues - I have my views and opinions but I pale in comparison to being able to write about such things as you and Kevin do so well.

I did watch the President speak this evening. I think this is going to cost a shit-load of money -

I will await your written interpretations and views. This is my CNN. As is Kevin's blog.

Peace and love

PENolan said...

Heavens to Betsy, Girl - If I'm your CNN you're in big trouble, although I can totally understand why a person would want to avoid looking at the news on TV.

I fully believe that so much goes on behind closed doors that very few people ever have a clue what's really going on - a Bonkonist perspective.

I heard somewhere, though, that the insurance companies are pulling all kinds of shit lately so that when reform finally passes and they have to adapt, they'll still come out ahead.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Wow, I love coming here. I always find things I didn't know about. Didn't know about Tiger, Dubai or the sex slave trade, will have to investigate further. And I've never heard of the C Street Family and their attacks on gays in Uganda.

PENolan said...

I get nearly all my information from Rachel Maddow.

Hope you're fully recuperated from the "turkey trot"

Randal Graves said...

Libraries aren't completely safe. We've had a couple of monkey spankers over the years.

I remember watching the Smurfs when I was a wee lad and wondering myself why there was only one chick in a village of dudes. Of course, virtually every cartoon back then (now? don't know) seemed to have a bunch of guys and the token female.

I blame Reagan.

Word verification, I shit you not: rantspit

PENolan said...

Ronald Regan was so awful he even makes google rant and spit.

Holte Ender said...

Perhaps you should call your blog PNN.

Those SOBs of C-Street are the most obnoxious creeps running around D.C. They are all guilty of moral lapses yet they present themselves as a beacon of light in a dark world, and they call their whore house a church?

Lou said...

Pop over to The Quiet Life when you get a sec - there's something there for you. Sorry in advance.

PENolan said...

Oh Lord - it sounds like a meme ;)

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