Sunday, October 17, 2010

Packing away 1994

I'm nearly done sorting and dealing with the things on the living room shelves.  My dad and Buzz Kill worked together to build this unit years ago, when Velvet was three or four.  We needed storage and a cabinet for the TV.   I still have the big old Sony.  It still works great and now that Velvet took his Xbox to his own apartment, that TV is rarely on at all.

Buzz Kill and I easily decided who would keep which wedding presents that have been living on those shelves longer than we were married.  I packed them all away early this morning in sturdy bankers boxes that he left here last week.  He's off running a mini-triathalon in Austin, Texas of all places.  Maybe his girlfriend went with him; maybe not.   They've been together about 2 1/2 years now, so she wasn't a factor in the divorce at all.  Maybe she's helped him re-orient himself.  I hope so.

I'm going through the photos from when Velvet was a baby and we were all happy.  In the yard of the Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite, in the hills outside Lake Tahoe when we were on the way to see Granny the Ho.  An autumn weekend in the Berkshires with Velvet peering Into the Woods which has become the leitmotif of our mother/child dyad.  Memorial Day with Buzz Kill's family at their ancestral beach house in Wrightsville Beach, NC.

The beach must have been the following year since I'd cut my hair short.  There are some pictures of Buzz Kill and Velvet, but I didn't scan them into the computer.  Velvet still has a father, but there is no husband anymore.  I get a check every month and very few arguments which is more than many women can say.

These photos were in little albums on the book case.  They are packed away with Buzz Kill's stuff now, and I have to go through several photo boxes that have been stored safely on the shelves in my little office for years and years.   This little office used to be a very large hall closet, and the shelves are overhead.   From a feng shui perspective, it's bad to have those shelves up there because all that stuff supposedly weighs down my thoughts.  Maybe so.  But it's only photographs and Christmas decorations.

One more Christmas here and I'll be gone.


Gail said...

Hi Trish-
wonderful memories. I enjoyed this very much.

Love Gail

Vancouver Voyeur said...

That's a lot to sort through. I would end up looking through everything and then the whole day would be gone and nothing done. I admire your ability to look through and still pack. :-)

mac said...

I remember it being pretty hard to separate my emotions from those inamimate objects when we were dividing who got what.

Seems neither one of us can get rid of the boy ;-)

PENolan said...

I put off the office shelves for another day, and I still have to figure out where to put all the liquor that is stored in the living room cabinet. The shelf unit must come down before we paint, but I'm not moving until the end of the school year. I may need that liquor.

mac - that's the thing about kids. Underfoot until they've ditched YOU ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Trish, very nice memories. The ages between three-seven were my favorite years will all of my children, they still adored their parents. And the look could make them behave. Ha, A real cutie he is. My husband of 31 years this Wedneday, and I most likely never got divorced, because we would have had to fight over who would get the middle child. Neither of us could have handled him by ourselves, and then the great sadness, we needed each other. Time passes so quickly sometimes.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and pic. I love photo's of all kinds.

Jaliya said...

... Beautiful pics ... What gorgeous places to imprint on your boy when he was wee ...

I don't dare go through my photos right now ... I am staying as tough as a tank until my unhusband departs ...

*Then* I can fall apart for a while. Looking forward to getting it done and over with!!


P.S. -- HAH! --> word verification = "quest" !!

PENolan said...

Pat - It's one of life's little ironies that years fly by when days can seem interminable.

Jaliya, we've been divorced over four years now. I get hit with a bout of tears every hour or so during these projects.

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