Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Full Circle

I have a moving date:  June the 14th which happens to be the anniversary of my first date with Buzz Kill in New York City in 1986 or 1987.  I'm pleased to say that the work on the terrace is finished so that Buster and I will be able to use the terrace gratefully between now and then.  So pleased that I've just scheduled another Gemini party with my dear friend, the lovely and talented Kathleen.  Just a small one.

I have to write reports - but I've decided that since the Owners have fucked up the world so completely that we can no longer hope to avoid climate change and a generally toxic environment - then I'll be noticing things of beauty and encourage the creation of more beauty. That's thing of beauty #11-101 (I think).

Throwing away the marital bed is going to be a thing of beauty, too.  I believe I'll do that on June 14th.  It's kind of like the Mandelbrot set.

Although the pattern of seasons and cycles repeats endlessly, your perspective changes as you move inward and outward within the set of variables.

On another note, I have begun to get bitchy with Buster regarding his lack of summer employment.  He has gone to websites on his own, but he has not been able to locate a button that says:  Click Here for Your Summer Job.  He figured he could click a button, fill out an application and get a job as if it's a meal card at the Housing Office.  I have therefore supervised the updating of his resume and showed him how to email it to the parks service with a cover letter attached.  Hopefully Santa Claus will bring him a job soon.  I want him around this summer for the move and in case I have surgery on the shoulder.

I went to my favorite doctor the other day.  I haven't seen her for several years because Buzz Kill and I both used to see her, but he got that doctor in the divorce.  The Center for Health and Healing includes nutrition counseling and acupuncture as well as MDs trained in alternative medicine by guys like Andrew Weill.  I like it there, and I'm in a situation that may or may not involve the spirit of Aleister Crowley.  He could be exactly what the world needs now to counteract the impact of Theocracy, especially when applied to Contemporary American Non-Thinkers.  I would like to think my shoulder is giving birth to the spirit of Aleister Crowley in order to nudge the world toward the light.

It's shadowed in Darkness for sure - what with Dick Cheney and the Koch Brothers and All. 
I figure that if that guy from the world bank who brutalized the hotel maid is an example of the kind of sex life these Owners have, we may start to consider that a Summer of Love is necessary to restore the balance of hormones in the atmosphere or something.  Back in the day, The Summer of Love drove Conservatives crazy. Not because of all the fucking, but because Love is the antidote to Fear.

Chanel Z (1989)

All I know---we've got to change what's happening
Something good could happen
I feel light has got to come through---and I need it
Something big and lovely
I want the world to change for me-gotta get away, away from Z
Living on the edge of Z


mac said...

If we only knew then what we know now?

But, then again, I might not have done all the fun things either.

Susan Tiner said...

Totally relate re: summer employment.

You wrote "Buzz Kill got her practice in the divorce" and I thought huh? What happened?

Well I presume the date still hasn't checked in, but I wouldn't worry yet, based on experience.

PENolan said...

Thank you, Susan. I meant that Buzz Kill got that doctor in the divorce. I went to a different one who is fine but just an HMO generic internist.

Gail said...


I am around, busy but around. Moving? Where? Huh. Life goes on,
Love you

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Jr. has an interview today. He's been home since the 18th and it's been a daily struggle to get him to apply for anything. I've given him 30 days to get a job and then he gets the boot. We're hoping like crazy he gets a job today. As for the state of the world and the owners, a friend and I had just discussed this. We decided we wanted to get off the ride now, but really couldn't decide if that would be for the best, for us, for our children, for our fellow human beings. Maybe if we could just slow it down a little, stop the pushing and fighting and quit soiling the bed we have to sleep in.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Jr. got a job! Woo-hoo! Happy Dance!

PENolan said...

Cha Cha Cha!

But as far as the world in general goes, I'm back to the idea creating the Hippie Haven. Not quite like the Havens in The Lord of the Rings, but a retreat for recharge and renewal.

Gail, On June 14 I will be moving somewhere uptown, to the 'Hood as it were. Don't have an apartment yet, but that's not such a big deal. Actually, I'm pretty sure I've gone through all the "big deal" stuff emotionally and am just working on the Pain in the Ass logistical stuff now.

Susan - I'm taking your advice and not worrying, so once the requisite three day interval officially passed, I emailed him and asked him to lunch. I doubt he'll turn me down - but you never know. If he does, so what. It's not like he's a scientist or environmentalist anyway.

RE: Environmentalists
Buster has a job interview on Saturday with an environmentally oriented summer day camp. I'm pretty sure he'll get the job. Could be some scientists there.

mac, I'm pretty sure we'd have done all the fun stuff anyway. I'm great with Rationalizations . . .

Jaliya said...

Oh my -- 'Contemporary American Non-Thinkers' = CANT = CAN'T !! aka WON'T --> Witless, Ossified Non-Thinkers ...

Good God -- you don't have an apartment to move to and you're not in a panic? This does not compute ...

About the Owners et al. -- I find myself turning away from what most people call 'news' ... As the saying goes, same sh*t, different smell ...

You're so right about love being the antidote to fear ...

Fingers crossed for Buster (I still think of him as Velvet) ...


PENolan said...

Jaliya, we better all start thinking of him as "Bill" because that's how he's starting to introduce himself.

His friends can still call him Velvet, though.

Sheesh! Kids.

Nope, not panicked. I'm trusting in the universe and the fact that you can always get what you need in New York, it's just going to cost you. Plus, my dad gets here on the 12th. Who can panic when Dad is on the way?

Liberality said...

well said! love is the antidote to fear! :)

dissed said...

The marital bed HAS TO go. You'll never regret that one.

It's impressive that you remember the date of your first date with Buzzkill. I don't remember the date of my first date with anyone, ever.

PENolan said...

Well, dissed, June 14 is Flag Day so it's easy to remember. Besides, I was so excited to be flying up to New York for a date that I got my teeth cleaned. It was like The Match Game.

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