Saturday, July 23, 2011

Planet of the Apes and The Power Grid

Apparently America has been stuck under a heat dome.  I'm not sure because I haven't watched the news at all. Haven't turned on the TV, in fact, in several days.  I don't need some weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing, or not.

I'm just sitting here wondering if there's going to be another black out.  I doubt it would be as peaceful as the Black Out of 2003.  That made me wonder exactly what it would take for some motivated rebels to knock out the power grid to prove any number of points.  If the Koch Brothers are making money off all these polluting utility companies, it might be a good idea to knock out the power grid.

Now that I've become convinced that the logical consequence of all the corruption/foolishness in our Corporate State is a rotting infrastructure that no one can afford to maintain and/or repair, I figure we may as well get used to the idea of living on Planet of the Apes.  I just wish somebody would kick the process into high gear.  I don't want to see any more DC Kabuki or listen to any more speeches from Versailles.  Might as well let Bachman be president and get on with it since in a Democracy we're supposed to get the government we deserve.

The trouble is that none of us deserve this bullshit.  We can practically count the motherfuckers who do deserve this shit on one hand - that 2% with all the breaks.

I'm not hostile about it (much).  But it's hard to focus on the work of making the world a better place when the Owners endlessly fuck with the world.


jadedj said...

We are a plutocracy, no doubt about it.

Mr. Charleston said...

The natural order of things. When we, who pay for everything, no longer have anything left with which to pay for everything, everything will stop. Then, those who have everything will have to figure out a way to share some of it in order to get everything going again.

Mr. Charleston said...

Hey, that gives me an idea for a post.

Susan Tiner said...

That movie scared me to death when I was little!

Jennifer said...

Funny, I was just going to sit down and write a post about not seeing/hearing any news yesterday, and when I did emerge back into world-with-news, what a smack in the face it was.

I should have just stuck with the Twitter feed that alerted me to the events in Norway. We've got a provincial election going on. Ugh. Extreme conservatives are playing the ugly card in that realm. And your political scene got into our news, not unusual, but I do try to avoid it (we have enough problems of our own, thanks)... And today, as much as I'm saddened about Amy Winehouse and the loss of her and her great big talent to an insidious sickness, but how it will, in all its sensationalness take our attention from places like Norway and east Africa.

And I keep wondering what the world would look like if broadcast "news" was never invented.

Makropoulos said...

Not hostile much, eh? Too bad we don't feel we are the Owners.

I absolutely agree about the blackout contemplation. I've been thinking about it too. Wrote my own wacky post about it.

Stay still. Stay cool

Lisa said...

I live down the road from a hugeass power plant. One quick way to interrupt that bit if filthy business would be to do away with the coal that fires it.

If I can get over the electrified fence with my wagon.....

PENolan said...

Lisa - that's where all those hunky young environmentalists come in . . . Since I've been striking out on Match, I've been initiating contact with Hunky Activists. Sadly I haven't found one over 35 yet, and I'd prefer to find one of their 50+ year-old mentors BUT for now, it's nice to imagine three or four of them staying at my place while they're on their way to commit brave, defiant acts of civil disobedience. All I have to do is make lemonade and give them gas money. Otherwise, I don't even get out of bed :)

Susan, Charlton Heston and Nuclear Apocalypse? And Dr. Zaius? It's terrifying.

Mr. Charleston, I'm looking forward to reading it. I love your blog.

Your blog, too, Jaded.

Jennifer, the last few days have been very troubling indeed. I don't have words for the famine in Africa yet. That the country sells the grain to oil companies for biofuels while the people are DYING - and those same corporations have taken over the US government (I don't know about Canada) Well, that's Conservative Christian Right Wing Republicans for you.

I'll be going back to bed now, to smoke weed, look out the window at the sky and imagine three hunky environmental activists.

Makropoulos, It's kind of spooky how often you and I find ourselves on the same page. Popping over to your blog now.

You know, it's pretty cool that none of us have ever met in real life, yet we have certainly established a supportive community - which in my mind is more evidence that it's human nature to connect as opposed to Compete with each other. It's not the way of the world to connect and collaborate, but sooner or later, that's going to change.

Every time I start thinking that way, a line from Amazing Grace runs through my head:
When we've been there TEN THOUSAND YEARS. That's because it's going to take ten thousand fucking years

Kulkuri said...

The trouble is that none of us deserve this bullshit.
No we don't, but we'll get it anyway. The sad part is how so many are voluntarily working to fuck themselves by doing the OWNER'S bidding!!

PENolan said...

Kulkuri, I wish I had a "like" button for that comment ;)

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