Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Songs in my Head

This song has been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks. No brain surgery needed to figure out why. Another man with nice boots is corresponding with me on Match. I know about his boots because he posted a picture of his feet kicked back in red dirt somewhere out west.

Listening to the song, it's easy to understand why people in my demographic often want to avoid relationships.  Having babies is behind us, but certain expectations and patterns linger no matter how evolved we may have become.

Fortunately, I've finally reached a place where it's much easier to appreciate someone else's perspective.  Or maybe it's that I've quit interpreting neutral situations as evidence that there's something wrong with me.  And I sure don't think that if I were better somehow I'd have a boyfriend.

It's just that getting involved with another person when you're perfectly content on your own is a tricky proposition. I like having my time, space and resources entirely at my own discretion, and I need a lot of time and space to rest after interacting with other people even when I've been having nothing but fun.  I'm not even sure I want somebody completely involved in my life, and I am especially skeptical about living with someone in the same house full time ever again as long as I live, unless it's a very big house.

Or two little houses on a very big property.

Ventura Highway has been stuck in my head too.

No telling what to make of that - but it could have something to do with a free wind blowing through my hair.


Makropoulos said...

Fabulous combination of songs -- with an interesting tension between a desire for a partner, and a desire to be free. Wishing you luck and love (if not love, at least some kindness and respect) in your dating ventures -- wish me some, too. Something's happing for me, too, and I didn't find it on Match.com

PENolan said...

Intriguing and stimulating. I'll pop over to your blog and look for clues.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

There was either a female writer or female actress back in the 20s-30s who said: "a man in my life, just not in my house." Today all sorts of current comediennes are credited with saying it. I know the feeling. For me, independence was so hard won, that I can't see giving it up for any man. In my experience, men have a way of coming in and taking over, next thing you know, your life revolves around them. This is neither good, nor bad, it's just not my personal choice. Love your music choices. I saw Paula Cole at a Lilith Fair in Houston one year. Great concert. I've always loved America's music too.

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