Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Sorting Hat

I've got my sorting hat on
It's a pretend hat, but the attitude is the same.  Into which pile should I place this object?

I just chucked a cut glass candy dish off the terrace.  It could have been an ashtray; I used it for loose change.  The Narcissist gave it to me when he came back from a business trip.  Some "leave behind" from a conference.  If I'm remembering correctly it had been filled with chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil.
It was inferior chocolate, but it was free.  He pretended it was a present.
Maybe it was.

In any case it's gone now.  I tossed it into a shrubbery garden six floors below.  Last night I burned a tiny piece of fabric I cut from the mattress and released the ashes into the wind.

Velvet tells people I'm a witch, but I really don't think so.  Burning stuff and tossing ashes to the wind is just a ritual, and lots of people do rituals.  Generations ago, the Celts did rituals all the time.  Then the Romans invaded and drove our ancestors into the woods.

At the moment, I'm feeling a bit annoyed at Velvet because I was trying to get some serious sorting done - things from the office area into their appropriate boxes.  Important papers and such.  He was watching a Clint Eastwood movie with Cup Cake, all stretched out and smooching on the sofa.  I had to tell him I couldn't focus on my work with him smooching right there on the sofa, and they went in his room and shut the door. Maybe they cleaned his closet.  Maybe they didn't.  The worst part is that he's 20 years old and has a beautiful girl friend who is, in real life, going to Swedish Massage school.  I can't believe that's his real life.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh gawd, yeah. Celts were always throwing cut glass candy dishes off their balconies. It must be in your blood!

P.S. He sounds like a cheap bastard.

Jerry Critter said...

Sometimes we need to add physical objects to our symbolic shedding of historic burdens.

Well done!

PENolan said...

Jerry, Exactly! And it can be so much fun watching them fly through the air. Shazam!

Debra, I have learned that Narcissists can be remarkably cheap. Why spend money on anyone but yourself? Dang narcissists are taking over the world.

mac said...

The Hibernians were, indeed, fierce people. You can do well by channeling that heritage.

I understand the Pagan signifigance of burning things and throwing the ashes to the wind. And, the symbolism of it all feels pretty fucking good. It's saying, "That part is done, let it go" .

Poor Velvet. He's got a hard life there with his personal masseuse. We should all be so misfortunate ;-)

Cali said...

I think a Swedish massage student hanging about the house could be very beneficial during the big move. I say take advantage of it and get the moving box knots worked out!

I totally get it about not quite believing Velvet's life. My son has himself a bisexual, exhibitionist, borderline sex addict, Suicide Girl wannabe. She wants to send in photos of herself sprawled across the hood of my boyfriend's classic Camaro wearing stripey socks and not much else. He's game, they just haven't had the photo shoot yet. She'll probably make it onto the website, too. I'm just trying not to be mortified by it all.

Too weird-- my verification word is: "orkishfun" *snicker!*

PENolan said...

orkishfun? Too bad the Orcs are so yucky in Lord of the Rings. We could all use a little orcish fun.

Never heard of Suicide Girls until this very minute and had to be a member to view certain photos. Whew! As long as she doesn't steal the silver . . .

mac, it can make you cry too - but either way, what's done is done. Feel it, bless it, let it go.
I don't see what's so Witchy about that. I expect it's got something to do with how so many "Christians" hang on to Ego foolishness that encourages isolation through anger, guilt, hate and despair. Got to stoke the fear to keep the dollars filling the collection plate. History shows us how effective it's been to Roman Imperialism with Catholicism.

Gail said...

HEY TRISH - I so getit. We had our sorting and tossing hats on for a while. We have down-sized. And as luck would have it there was a dumpster down the road for folks to use for bulk trash - we used it plenty! We closed chapters here - ready for new ones now and so are you girl -so are you.
Love to you

dissed said...

Flinging candy dishes to the wind is the way to go. Ashes, I don't know. I've danced on their graves, but out is out. Throw it out!

Velvet will remember the sweet life. Good memories.

Lisa said...

I was thinking about how rituals provide structure and trying to come up with some kind of cogent comment, but then I got distracted by the smooching.

I burn things, too. It helps.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I'm all in favor of smashing and burning and sending things up to the heavens. I'm also all for sorting. I have more than my fair share of organizing genes. Are you finding this sorting and tossing cathartic in any way? I'm moving toward a purging moment in my life, I can just feel it out on the periphery. All the "stuff" I've gathered over the years, now feels smothering. I need to downsize and quit taking people's crap. On another note, one weekend in September M and I will be in NYC. I don't know the date yet, but I'd love to meet up with you while we're there. We're supposed to meet up with some of my law school classmates in Manhattan somewhere. I'll know the details in the coming months.

Mr. Charleston said...

I misread the title as "Snorting Hat". Freudian slip?

Jerry Critter said...

...or a misprint?

Susan Tiner said...

I would also be annoyed about the smooching.

There needs to be some boundaries, if for nothing else then out of respect for you, since they're smooching in your personal space.

The transition from "bring up the kids" to adult expectations, all around, is a difficult one.

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