Friday, June 3, 2011

Cheney's Toy

James McMurtry strikes again.

Found this at Worldwide Hippies, of course.


Mr. Charleston said...

Well Trish. I'm so friggin weary of political skullduggery that it's hard for me to get really excited about things like WAR!! For God's sake, I've been fighting this fight all my life. Q: Will it ever end?

A: not as long as there is profit in it.

Mr. Charleston said...

Forgot to add. You go girl. Keep up the fight.

mac said...

I just read, today, that for the last two years soldier suicide rates have outnumbered combat deaths. Clearly, we are fucking up these KIDS heads.

It's good to see not everyone has forgotten these young men, or the assholes who profit from this shit.

tony said...

Thanks For The Video & Link.Regards ,Tony.

Punch said...

nice post

PENolan said...

Thanks, Punch.
You're Welcome, tony.

mac, I saw the numbers about military suicides last year, and between that and the 99ers, I became convinced that our system is literally killing us.

Mr C, like I always say:
Inch by Inch
Row by Row, Motherfuckers.

A gardener up in Maine wrote that song and Pete recorded it. We're singing it at school right now for the end of year assembly. I get teary every time when I think of all we do to nurture these children just to watch the Owners fuck up each and every one.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I'm a firm believer that the people who authorize war should be the ones fighting it, along with their kids.

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