Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Having Company

I have a million things to do but not directly because of the move.  I have a million things to do because I want the house to look nice for company.  If it were just me, I'd probably get high and putter around the place - inside and outside in the neighborhood.  In my view, that's time well spent because of all the insight I gain from the process - although some of those insights/observations are distinctly silly and rarely bear repeating.

I should never have gotten high and gone to Macy's the other day, for example, because I wound up having to return a few key items that seemed absolutely necessary at the time but were, in fact, all together ridiculous.  The print on the silk Ralph Lauren peasant blouse was always questionable, but it was so comfortable and designed so perfectly for my figure that it might have been fabulous.  Sadly, Velvet rejected the blouse so quickly that no questions remained about the print.  I had a feeling when I bought it that I might wind up returning it, and once I had to make the return trip down to Macy's, I decided to take back another RL top that was too expensive for what is was, as well as two handbags that seemed like a good idea at the time but were not good values.  I kept the Jockey underwear, however, and the deliciously soft, damask stripe sheet set in a dusty plum which Macy's calls Rose.  The sheets are not nearly pink enough to be Rose.  They're dusty plum for sure and look divine against all that patina on the copper roof outside the window.

Normally, I don't give in to impulse purchases as a result of the mantra my mother repeated frequently during my formative years:  "Patricia, you have to discipline your random wants."  Random wants have no place in a sensible budget no matter how high you are.  Somebody needs to remind the Pentagon and Congress and the President of that.  I'm not sure what needs to happen regarding the Supreme Court since they are apparently handing over the country to Corporations.  I haven't been paying much attention because they make me nauseous, and from where I sit, it seems like the whole issue can be filed under the topic Peak Oil Has Passed because, as a society, we've passed the point of No Return.

It would be different, I suppose, if an unruly mob with torches and pitchforks stormed Washington DC like they stormed the Bastille back in the day - but given the bovine dullness and/or exhaustion and isolation of the general public, nobody's storming anything.  Worldwide Hippies Joe says that big demonstrations won't work these days like they did back in the sixties on account of Corporate Media has perfected their ability to prevent news of demonstrations like the ones in Wisconsin from ever getting on the air.  To be successful, any sort of resistance has to be organized more like a web so that actions happen simultaneously across the country and garner media attention in local markets.  Block access to the Walmart in 20 or 30 tertiary markets such as Des Moines, Lubbock, Sacramento, Kansas City so that consumers can't use their credit cards to buy plastic shit they don't need from China - and you'll be able to stop the country for an instant.  Next week, block the Home Depot.  I always figured that Osama bin Laden ought to send suicide bombers to Home Depots in tertiary markets.

I would never, ever recommend bombing anything because, as the Weather Underground showed us, people accidentally get killed.  God knows there are plenty of reasons why it looks like blowing blow up stuff is the best thing to do right now - and if it comes to that, the way the Weathermen alerted folks to pending explosions was a good system.  It's just that accidents happen.  Woody says that a few good marksmen could take out strategic communication towers which would slow down the propaganda mill.  Maybe then, we'd have true access to news, but the issue today is not The Revolution.

The issue today is Company.

I have already informed Velvet that we will be hanging the pictures when he gets home from work today.  He is such a cheerful, motivated, energetic summer camp counselor for the Parks & Recreation department's Junior Park Ranger program that it warms my motherly heart.  Since I am determined to see this project through completion, I have told him to include Cup Cake in this picture hanging fiesta.  He and Cup Cake are getting along marvelously, if the Astroglide warming lubricant and dainty little handcuffs, splashed with black marabou that were carelessly tossed into the corner behind his Xbox are any indication.

You would think that somebody would put those things in the nightstand drawer instead of leaving them casually tossed into the bedroom corner - but not Velvet.  I figure a little light bondage never hurt anybody, but the little runt accused me of snooping.  I informed him that  I was in no way snooping since (1) I legitimately wanted to discuss storage needs in his new environment when I (2) knocked on his door before entering, and (3) he was sitting right there when I noticed the marabou handcuffs and lube in plain sight there by the dang TV.  He didn't even try to argue.


Susan Tiner said...

My oh my. Those are some cute cuffs.

I like the scenic route you took back to the issue of company. I hope Velvet and CupCake will do a nice job hanging pictures.

Mostly I'm glad to hear shoulder surgery is delayed for the time being.

I managed to pinch a nerve in my back after weeks of poor posture sewing -- shoulders forward, head down. It's on the mend, but geez, change one thing in your routine and the next thing you know there's an injury!

PENolan said...

Susan, those kind of injuries have a way of lingering, but from the photos I've caught at your blog, you did some great sewing.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Funny you speak of insurrections and terror. I was watching the evening news the other night when a very successful manner of terrorism came to me. I won't even mention it here, lest I be guilty of what I accuse the news of doing. Whenever they show all the susceptible targets and then talk about how they can be targeted, I scream at the t.v., "why don't you just draw them a diagram and map! You morons!" If I don't mention it, maybe they'll never discover it. As for baby's toys. I too have innocently stumbled across them. Ugh!

PENolan said...

V.V. - I remember when there were some fumes from New Jersey floating across New York City and the newscasters were spread on corners around the city saying, "We can smell it here, Bill, over to you, Shirley . . ." as if the terrorists were researching air born toxins and we were handing them the test results. And there are police dressed practically like storm troopers in the subway stations as if they are doing something.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

I would run off to Montana or Idaho to hide from reality and this crazy world, but then I'd be among the survivalists, anarchists and other crazies who are already hiding out there. *sigh*

Lisa said...

From laughter to tears back to laughter. This post had it all. I've missed you.

Happy new home.

Mr. Charleston said...

I think you have the right idea Trish, get stoned. Just stay away from the mall. By any chance was the Ralph Lauren print paisley?

PENolan said...

Actually, I kept the paisley top but it's a small print of harmonious colors. The peasant blouse was black with hot pink and wild orange in a way that just said: MUMU

dissed said...

First: we're gone to hell in a handbasket, all right.
Second: hang the pictures, it's important.
Tied for Third: We Should All Have A Cooper Roof, and Marabou? Yow.

PENolan said...

dissed, I'm so glad that Abilene Steve can hang the pictures I can't even tell you. I swear: it's a miracle.

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