Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Long Dong Silver and Turkish Delight

I'm supposed to be cleaning the house and getting ready for curriculum night, but I don't feel like it.

An investor is allegedly coming to see the apartment over the weekend.  If I knew for sure that he and the real estate broker were really coming, I'd be more motivated to scrub every surface.  Sadly, this whole concept could be a figment of the broker's imagination.  I could do it all on Friday after work except that I may be driving up to Connecticut with VeryMissMary.  She's got a temperature, however, which may nix that trip.

I'd clean tomorrow except that it's curriculum night at my school followed by a parent pot-luck.  Typically, these events are pretty good at my school since the parents often get competitive, and the food is always good.  This year should be better than last year since the parents agreed that we all need more wine.  The format of the evening is:  One hour in the classrooms then everyone meets in a large, lovely room for dinner.  I'm fully prepared to hit the bottle - but the classroom is not where it needs to be by this stage of the game.  I should be putting together a couple of hand outs this very minute.

I don't feel like doing that either.  All the headlines about a GOP Victory are harshing my mellow.

I keep trying to be all Namaste about this shit and accept that if the teabaggers win, that's the direction we need to go in order to break the Republican vice grip around our collective necks.  Maybe so - but I can't stop the feeling that dark days are ahead.

The news that Ginni Thomas called Anita Hill to say she'd love it if Anita apologized for stirring up that trouble with Clarence just shows how delusional and ballsy these teabaggers can be.  Nina Totenberg, in this NPR article, discusses how Ginni's fundraising for Teabaggers across the nation compromises the Supreme Court because she's relying on the anonymous donations her husband authorized with the Citizens United decision.

It would be poetic justice if that voice mail to Anita Hill brought down Ginni and Clarence Thomas.   Some of us still remember that gave testimony at Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearings about his sexual harassment, but I had forgotten all about Long Dong Silver until Ginni put this story on the front page again.

Even thought Dick Armey just endorsed John Boehner as Speaker, I still have to get up and go to work in the morning, sell my apartment and move home to Texas. One bright spot in the political arena these days is that there are so many stupid, hateful teabaggers making noise around the country that Texas is no longer the epicenter of right wing bull shit.  There's loud mouthed stupid, hateful bull shit spread from Coast to Coast these days.  It feels like Flying monkeys are running for every office in Oz.  Fear crazed Munchins are determined to shove us all on the Yellow Brick Road, leading to a money filled capital city where a charlatan has been enshrined.  These mental Munchins are convinced Sarah Palin is the Good Witch of the North when she's really the White Witch of Narnia, rushing everywhere in her flashy sleigh, covered in furs and spreading poison with her Turkish Delight.

If SCOTUS & Turkish Delight were stars in a political porn movie, Orgasmo could vanquish them all.


Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

It'd be kind of hard for Boehner to lead the senate when he's Speaker of the House my dear. ;o)

Beach Bum said...

The news that Ginni Thomas called Anita Hill...

Now that was just weird, its been 19 years(?) and Ginni has to dredge this stuff up again? I understand Ginni is really big into the Teabagger stuff and all I can think of is she wanted to reopen an old wound hoping to boost her turnout.

At least Anita blasted her with both barrels.

PENolan said...

Thank you, Doctor. I get Iraq and Iran confused all the time too- even when I'm not smoking weed.

Beach, I have to wonder if Ginni was drunk and wearing a Liberty crown when she did it.

Mr. Charleston said...

Rachel Maddow has been doing a great series lately on the tea bag strategy built off of the old Republican "southern strategy" of deliberately offending minority voters so as to cement the white vote. Two years ago the word "macacca" destroyed a political career. Today it doesn't even raise an eyebrow. I'm afraid you're right about grim times ahead. Weed may be the only refuge.

PENolan said...

I know. You'd think that they'd toss us a bone and legalize weed just so we'd be too stoned to get off the couch and go out to vote.

MRMacrum said...

At this point I just want it to be over.

Mauigirl said...

I forgot about Long Dong Silver too. You'd think Clarence wouldn't want us to be reminded of that either. I don't get the strategy. Maybe alcohol was involved, indeed.

Gail said...

HI Trish-

I am interested to know what food the parents prepare for the 'pot-luck; supper. I love 'pot-luck' meals,
Love you

intelliwench said...

Vis-a-vis the "Republican vice grip" -- was that intentional? If not, it's a very apt typo!

Sometimes I think, "we survived Reagan, we survived the Bushes...we can survive whatever schlock they throw in our way next." But then I think, "Why the hell haven't we learned after Reagan, the Bushes, etc...?"

Here's hoping that the potluck we get served on election day isn't totally unpalatable :-)

(great word verification, by the way: "unchi" As in, "Thinkin about the election makes me very unchi.")

PENolan said...

More typos, Intelli.
I was having a hard night. But I think I'll leave it ;)

Gail, nothing spectacular at the pot luck, but the desserts were good and curriculum night went well. I love being a preschool teacher.

MRMacrum, exactly.

Mauigirl, If Ginni's phone call was a strategy, she must be trying to distract us from something that staggers the imagination. Sheesh.

Jennifer said...

If your country wasn't so important, it would all be kinda funny.

Lisa said...

I just laughed so hard at Jennifer's comment that I forgot what I was going to say.

Oh, wait. About Ginni Thomas - I follow the novelist Ayelet Waldman on Twitter and I think she may have hit the nail on the head when she tweeted "Is Ginni Thomas bipolar because that phone call was CLASSIC."

PENolan said...

That's the worst of it - our country can be this absurd and is still important. I expect it's the billions of dollars we're happy to spend on killing people.

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