Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Of Painting and Pranksters

It's time to turn my attention to Hippies.
I've been gearing up to plunge into Hippiedom for some time now which may sound silly but declaring yourself to be a Hippie is a major commitment, if you ask me.  I won't declare myself to be a Democrat, for example, even though I almost always vote Democrat.  I certainly won't declare myself to be a Christian, even though I generally support everything Jesus allegedly had to say.

I will declare myself to be an Early Childhood Educator and a mother and a liberal.  In real life, I won't even declare myself to be a Stoner because in my mind, I don't smoke enough weed to be a stoner.  Some would argue, however, that when your kid has swiped your bong you better stop trying to pretend you're not a stoner.  Somehow saying you're a stoner is like saying you're a lush.  I can hear my mother saying, "If the shoe fits . . . " right this very minute.

The whole Hippie thing started about a month or so ago when I left a comment on a post over at World Wide Hippies.   They had just started the "Hippies May Be the Only Sane and Rational Force Left," series and Hunga Dunga Phil had this post up:  Come Out! Come Out, wherever you are!  In a way, leaving that comment was like walking into a recruiting office asking for information.  Just to clarify, Phil doesn't call himself Hunga Dunga Phil.  Part of the title of a book he wrote is Hunga Dunga, and I just like the sound of it.

Anyway, we corresponded briefly and he gave my phone number to Joe, one of the founders of World Wide Hippies. I'm not sure when they started the website, but they put up a Facebook fan page this year and have over 5400 fans (http://www.facebook.com/#!/worldwidehippies).

Joe is supposed to call me again this afternoon to talk about what I feel like writing for World Wide Hippies.  I feel kind of goofy about needing to be hand-held through this process since WWH makes it very clear that anyone can send them anything anytime and they will seriously consider publishing it - but from the beginning, WWH has seemed like a commitment to me.  I like posting over at Black Magpie Theory - especially since my latest post over there feels more like my own self instead of me being Political.  It's just me talking about Velvet who - news flash - broke up with Cupcake and I wandered into fairy tales, feminism and wound up calling Ginni Thomas a teabagging pimp who is paying a bunch of whores to cock block a happy ending (Happy Endings, BMT 10.25.10)  My mother is proud of my writing at Black Magpie and we all know I live to make my mother proud.

That's no lie - I really do live to make my mother proud which may partially explain how I spent 15 years in therapy.   Another partial explanation is my Uncle Jenifer.  Here's my Uncle Jenifer's facebook photo.  S/he has 1,641 facebook friends, but nobody from his/her family will speak to him/her.  That's another story all together.

Now that I think about it, though, maybe Uncle Jenifer does illustrate why I've become an adult who likes to stick my toe into the lake before I take the plunge.  You really should check the water before you wind up over your head.

I've always liked the concept behind World Wide Hippies because it's got the potential to grow into something beyond Facebook Activism.  In this TED talk, Derek Silvers discusses how to make a movement. He says:  the first followers are what transforms a lone nut into a leader.  When a leader embraces the first followers as equals, then everything is about The Movement, not about feeding the leader's ego.  Joe and Phil and Dre are like that, and it's cool.

I've always been a bit of a Romantic, but it seems to me that the spirit of the Merry Pranksters is alive and well over at World Wide Hippies.  It's just beginning to grow - as if they've finally scraped together enough cash for the bus but haven't started painting yet.   I think I'm ready to pick up a paint brush and get dirty - but I'm hesitating, trying to figure out what I feel like painting.

I can already imagine Joe on the phone this afternoon saying, "Relax, Sister! Just paint."


Joseph McEvoy said...

Oh yes Sister, just paint!

Joseph McEvoy said...

Worldwide Hippies welcomes Tricia to our family of writers, poets,artists and really cool people! WWH is your most trusted network of independent news and views on the web.

Our goal is to create a dialogue between as diverse a group of people as possible to promote peace, civility and understanding. Our enemies are ignorance and intolerance. Our weapon is information.

We want to expose the tomfoolery of human civilization for what it is, and celebrate the individuals who make the world a better place.

We encourage positive activism. We do not condone any illegal activity.

We retain the right to call foul whenever we want. And have some fun along the way. Dig?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I declare you to be 'Hubba hubba!'

PENolan said...

Thanks Joe. I hope to become one of your most enthusiastic first followers - even though there's already 5400 on facebook.

Dr VM, I can always count on you. Actually, before you know it, I'll be practically a porn star in your graphic novel, Hip Deep Mountain High

Lisa said...

I think this a another great opportunity for you to spread your message in your unique style. I know you're going to have fun with it!

Susan Tiner said...

Okay, now I see I should read BMT to get the Velvet update. I can't wait to read about your adventures with World Wide Hippies.

dissed said...

Good advice. I'm almost prepared to start thinking about getting ready to paint.

PENolan said...

Susan - I'm scattered all over the place these days. He seems to be doing well overall - reporting B's and C's for grades and tons of fun at Hookah House. If all goes according to plan, three of the brothers will visit on the weekend after Thanksgiving because they are all going to some concert together.
Thanks for asking.
And I love your Gray Kitty project.

Lisa, you're very kind. I think Joe is going to lift this very post and put it up over there in the morning. So far, no set writing schedule.

dissed, sounds like a great idea.
I love seeing you here - more than a year ago you left a comment on a post where I was so sad I felt like I was drowning. Just a few words about spreading Grace, and they nudged my life forward in the perfect way.

Jennifer said...

When I was a little girl I thought the hippies were beautiful, and wanted to be one when I grew up. Certain friends and family will say that I did.

Just paint sister - it's exceedingly liberating!

Jennifer said...

Oh - and write. I know they'll be honoured to have you, and more people need to read you!

PENolan said...

Jennifer - you're very kind. I'm interested to see how it's different writing when I know that the bulk of the readers are 18 - 40.

It's a good thing I developed some Moral Authority when I was dating that married preacher ;)

Jaliya said...

Ah, civility. What a rare gem that is. Just the other day, while I was in a car with my friend PurePisces in a jammed parking lot, we watched two drivers get into a fracas. One of them was yakking on a cell phone while pulling backwards out of a space. His SUV clipped the bumper of another car. Well, both drivers roared at each other and the final word, from the guy who was still yakking on his phone, was 'ASSHOLE!' Then he tore off ... for about five feet, until another car got in his way. Then he had to stop and the driver whose car he clipped ran right up to his window and they roared some more.

Humans, sheesh! Now, a 21st-century Hippie ... there's a person I could be ;-)

YOU GO, WRITER WOMAN! I'm so proud of you ...


P.S. I hope you find lots of menopausal stoners and worldwise hippies in Austin!

PENolan said...

Jaliya - I'm sure I will find lots and lots of both. I'm pretty sure we see humanity at its worst in parking lots. I hate the people who sit in front of the door with the car running waiting for somebody inside - especially if it's an SUV blocking traffic.

Entitled turds.

And I think you already are a 21st Century Hippie.

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