Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to School

Velvet has been readmitted to Tree Hugger.  The letter from the dean was delayed due to the address change - but it's here, reminding him that he needs a 2.0 to stay off academic probation.  I'm confident that it will be a successful semester for Velvet, largely because I've insisted that he arranges a cake walk for himself.  The whole focus must be on removing a couple of the Fs from his transcript so that it will be easier for him to transfer, if that's what he wants to do.  Or he could graduate.  Stranger things have happened.

With Velvet officially back in school, this August is shaping up much like the last two except that this time, he'll be a FIFTH semester freshman instead of first or third.  I'm not sure if Tree Hugger will take any of the credits Velvet earned during his Semester in the Rockies.  If he goes on another expedition - and I have promised Velvet that if he does well this year he can take a Semester in Patagonia, The Amazon or New Zealand - then Tree Hugger will count it as a semester abroad.

But we shall see what we shall see.  The first item on the agenda is getting registered for the fall.  Essentially, he'll be repeating his last semester, less one class so he can build up to the work load.  He also has to join one of the outdoor clubs so he can go climbing, floating, snowshoeing or whatever the hell they do because the Semester in the Rockies proved that as long as Velvet is using his body, his brain works fine.  It's sitting on the sofa in Hookah House drinking beer and playing video games that's the problem.

One of his brothers has a young female Doberman named Carob whom Velvet must take out for a run twice a day.  There's some kind of sports field next door to Hookah House, so Velvet and Carob can play frisbee or something over there as a substitute for one of the runs.  It'll be good for both of them. Carob's master, CT, is totally down with this idea.

That my son is now a Fifth Semester Freshman somehow seems to combine the Sublime and the Ridiculous and kick the situation beyond Absurdity.  But, that's the way we roll here at Menopausal Stoners World Headquarters.  The good news is that Velvet is doing very well at his summer job as a counselor at a day camp in the South Bronx.  It's tough duty because he's with kids 8 - 10 years old who come from a very underserved population.  Some privileged kids would be bitching and moaning when they come home from work at a job like that - outside all day in the hot sun with kids whose preferred recreation is beating on each other - but when Velvet gets home, he's as cheerful as when he left in the morning even though he's been on the subway an hour.

I'm very encouraged since Velvet came back from the Rockies thinking that he'd like to go into Outdoor Education.  And truly, the world would be a little better with Velvet in Outdoor Education.  Meanwhile, I've been settling in to the new home and fooling around with Worldwide Hippies on Facebook.  The Open Group has gotten to be a lot of fun lately with ongoing discussions about the Hippie Ethos and how it evolved, guys sharing their draft board experiences and the obligatory political ponderings.  Nobody has gotten pissed off yet, although that will surely come since a couple of folks have posted Ron Paul banners, and nothing gets Woody spitting bullets like people who think Ron Paul is liberal just because he'd legalize weed. Or at least he'd try - I'm pretty sure nobody can get a damn thing done with all the douchebags in Congress sucking up lobbyists' cash.

I haven't gone through my FB friends list and added people willy nilly.  Lots of people don't like Groups, and I hate to be that presumptuous.  But if you're on Facebook and like to shoot the shit with old geezers, I'd love to see you there.  This means you, Jaded J - and a bunch of other folks I won't single out because I'm much too shy.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

So good to hear how well Velvet is doing. It sounds like he's finding his bliss, um, in a productive way. :-) Junior has been working since returning home but has made no effort whatsoever to get enrolled in school for the Fall. He'll have to do 24 hrs. at a community college before any of the 4 yr colleges will welcome him back. *sigh*

Gail said...

Hi Trish - I ove that Velvet goes to the Camp with a good attitude and returns the same way. That speaks volumes about him, you, your and his passion for all life and serving those in need. Wonderful stuff. Really is. :-) Sixtrh semester huh? It takes what it takes. Right?
I am managing the challenges of summer - thank God we hve A/C.
Love to you my friend

Susan Tiner said...

Yay! It's great to know that Velvet has a good plan for the Fall.

PENolan said...

Thanks, Susan. It's a big relief. He goes back around Aug 22, and I'm sure we'll be seeing a LOT of Cupcake in the meantime. She's supposed to start a program at John Jay studying Forensics this fall.

Gail, to tell you the truth, I don't think he even sees them as kids in need. He's just having fun with some really great kids, but when he comes home, he talks about some of the things he's seen and heard - like how the kids get the belt at home, or they ask to take home the lunch leftovers because there may be no dinner. It's having an impact, for sure.

I'm glad to hear you're making it through the "dog days." Hang in there.

V.V. is Junior going to be staying with you when he goes to community college? *sigh* indeed.

PENolan said...

Gail - I had to correct myself because this semester will be Velvet's 5th. Not 6th.
I'm doing an inflammation detox diet for my arthritis and it's my third day without coffee. I'm kind of foggy

Cali said...

My son was a camp counselor for a few years and he LOVED it. I think the world would be a nicer place with Velvet becoming an outdoor teacher, too.

Jennifer said...

It seems to me Velvet has been taking this meandering, sometimes bumpy road and coming around to finding out the kind of career that will suit him (and the world, as you say).

For the record, it took me about 20 years longer than it seems to be taking him.

PENolan said...

Jennifer, I'm going to take that as a compliment.

Cali, your mouth to God's ears, as they say. How're things on the West Coast?

Jessica said...

Ohhhh, please tell me I'm Jaded J!

PENolan said...

You're a J for sure, but only you know if you're Jaded. I'll be happy to post a link on the FB wall of the Jessica I think this is, though.
The thing is that with FB these days, you can't send folks an invitation to join a group that they can accept or decline to suit their preferences. You add friends whether they like it or not - which is impolite, if you ask me.

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