Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'm still not sure exactly how I'm going to manage October 6th, but every time I watch one of the videos from Dennis Trainor, Jr about the occupation of Freedom Plaza, I become more convinced that as many people as possible need to be there. It's tricky for lots of people because of family responsibilities, health issues, travel expenses and stuff like that, so it's important for those of us who can manage the arrangements to get ourselves to DC.

It's been a shitty week or two. The bull shit over the deficit ceiling reinforced the fact that Corporate Money is the problem with our government. Some people still cling to the notion that Obama is Mr. Spock playing three dimensional chess. I don't know what he's playing at. To me, he's still just like Tiger Woods - a corporate spokesperson (stonerdate 04.16.11) which puts Obamafiles in a position not unlike a cocktail waitress who has been seduced into a one night stand by a smooth talking salesman who creates the impression that he'll leave his wife.

Obama seduced voters with all that speechifying.  He's as good a speechifying as Tiger is at golf.  To extend this metaphor, though, Obama's wife is not Michelle.  He owes his allegiance to the Corporate Sponsors who paid for his campaign in 2008 and are paying again for 2012.  Some Democrats cling to the illusion that Barack will forsake the money he requires for reelection, and do the right thing for the people - just like a delusional "other woman" remains convinced a man will leave his wife someday so that their love can flower.  Meanwhile he's going through the motions occasionally, tossing a trinket now and then, just so he can fuck her at his convenience.

Diehard Democrats say Barack needs our support, and that Progressives shouldn't play "hard to get" as if he's our boyfriend while they're acting like he's going to leave his Corporate wife for We the People.

As if.

All I have to say to that is remember how he said he thought single payer healthcare was the way to go, then compromised the hell out of everything in back room deals in the name of bipartisanship?  And how is it that those Bush Tax Breaks for the wealthy never expired? The list of Obama's return on investment for his corporate sponsors is lengthy, and nuclear power is simply the latest.  All but a handful of State and National elected officials are Corporatists.  The difference between Republicans and Democrats are as insignificant as the difference between Skippy Peanut Butter and Jif, and we don't even have a Peter Pan  alternative.

In my view, there is no reason to talk about the upcoming presidential elections because a lot can happen between now and November 2012.  We have troubles TODAY.  Our population is every bit as volatile as that of England, and all we need is a trigger of our own for the violent class war to erupt over here.

It's bugging me that the military is sending tanks to California in preparation for civil unrest. They're probably sending them other places too, I just saw the ones on their way to California on Worldwide Hippies News & Stuff this week. The turrets on the tanks have been modified for non-lethal weapons. I can see the need for police support if riots break out, but it makes you wonder what the government already knows if they are making these kind of preparations.  Apparently Survivalist types, including Glenn Beck, have been making noise about Unified Quest for several months, but these trains full of tanks suggest the Pentagon isn't just playing out scenarios for the class war at home.

Maybe there will be some tanks in DC on October 6th, when we'll be standing for Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed.


Gail said...


why you don't have your own news talk show is mind boggling! The wife/girlfriend analogy is perfect. I get it. Thanks.

Love ya Texas

PENolan said...

Thanks, Gail.
Years ago another friend thought I should do a public access show called, "I Just Know." He was a wonderful fellow. A big, black man who described himself as Gay as a Christmas Picnic. He'd had one called, "I Don't Want Your Purse," that addressed racial issues.

Actually, for my next trick, I'm going to write The Menopausal Stoners Guide to Parenting. I'll be taking an advanced non-fiction class in the fall so I have a weekly deadline. We all know I don't do shit without a deadline.

Hope your muscles are handling the heat and you're enjoying your gorgeous garden.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

It is like walking in through the back door midmorning and sitting down at the kitchen table to listen and talk with the neighborhood wise woman.
The clear grasp of the situation is pretty great. Brings it home to folks who often him and haw over things too long... your directness, is soft on hearing ... a direct hit to the mental breadbasket, tho. The bulb lights up.

Deadline? Did you say DEADLINE? o shit.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I had a very wise history prof in college many years ago who was teaching a class on Latin America. He spoke about the various revolutions, revolts, and uprisings. He said back in the 1990s that if the U.S. didn't prevent the corporate takeover of America, and didn't stop the death of the middle-class, we very well could have popular uprisings like they have in other countries.

Mr. Charleston said...


Makropoulos said...

Wow. Why does it have to be a Wednesday? It is pretty provocative and powerful to see this in the U.S. of A. Thanks for sharing. I may have to write about this, but I'm trying to figure out what to say!

Cali said...

October 6th is a Thursday. Why is it not on a weekend so that it would probably get more media attention? I don't get the Thursday thing at all.

PENolan said...

Cali, It has to do with the anniversary of our war with Afghanistan - but who knows? They may have had to go for Thurs because of permits or something. Plus Yom Kippur is Thurs night? Anyway, I believe the organizers have things planned for the whole Columbus Day weekend since they're not planning to leave. They intend to stay just like the Egyptians did.
It's an occupation of Freedom Plaza.

It would be great if you felt like sharing the news, Mak

GHB, that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in weeks. Except the Molly Ivens thing, and you share credit for that because it was in your thread.

V.V. And here we are, just like your professor said.

Mr C? You said something?

Jaliya said...

You are taking an 'advanced non-fiction class' in the fall?! Where? With whom? YES! :-D

Who named the place "Freedom Plaza"? Forgive me, but the name is Orwellian to my ear ... and you are so right about this: "It's tricky for lots of people because of family responsibilities, health issues, travel expenses and stuff like that ..." --> People who really do *work* (and not solely for $) every day, Sundays included, who can't just pop away to the island when the whimsy strikes. Of course, they won't be at Freedom Plaza that day. I'll be there in spirit.

I really don't know what to say about the political Gong Show ... except that I'm grateful for people like you, and as a Canadian, I'm holding my breath for my American neighbours to (re-?)elect a *sane* person as president!

PENolan said...

Hey Jaliya - yep, the class is at the JCC with Charles Salzberg

And I put a link on your facebook wall for your convenience.

No politics for me today, though, Velvet, Buzz Kill and I are having a family meeting about College Money.

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